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"Great game with some HUGE dinos!"

This is one of the best first-person shooters ever. As you can see on it's box, Turok was a million seller! I am not suprised! I borrowed this game from a friend a year or two ago, and after the two weeks I had it in my possesion, I was counting raptors in my sleep instead of sheep! Let's go on to review.

WOW! This game was created and released very soon after the nintendo sixty-four's release, and the graphics are incredible for such an early game! Isn't it funny how so many of the early games like Turok, Mario, and Starfox have much better graphics than the ones we see today? The worlds that you explore through are huge! Most of the levels take over an hour to beat at first! There are many levels, too! It's not one of those games that makes about four huge levels and then calls it quits. There are plenty to explore. The enemies are very well done, too. There is a wide variety of them to encounter. You'll fight enemies ranging from zombie priests too a massive T-rex! The game received a 'M' rating from the ESRB because of blood in the game. The blood can be turned completely off, though, so if you are a squemish or younger player, you can turn it off and have a first-person shooter that would be rated 'T' for teen. Overall, the visuals of Turok deserve, and recieve a ten from me, DrDoak2001. Let's move on to sound, my dear readers.

Creepy.... very, very creepy. WARNING: Do not play this game at three in the morning... unless you want the living crap to be scared out of you. The ambient is very well done and will send ghastly shivers up your spine. If you are in a jungle level, it's like your mind is instantly boarded onto a plane headed for the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. You'll hear tropical birds screeching, water gently flowing, trees rustling in the wind and more! The music is somewhat primitive in nature, and it too is scary! The sound of enemy dinosaurs roaring will make you jump out of your seat and hit the wall if you are deeply absorbed in the game while playing. The sound of gunshots is also clear, so there's nothing to fear in that category, either. Let's go on to play control.

The play control in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter became famous and earned the nickname, 'Turok style'. You use the C buttons to move, the anolog control stick to look around, Z to fire your currently selected weapon, and all that sort of good stuff, if you know what I mean. The play control runs very smoothly and is not sluggish. Let's go on to the pros and cons section.

PROS: :)
1. Great graphics, great sound, very good play control, intriuging story line, huge levels, many weapons, and more.

2. Rumble pack compatibility.

3. Lots of cool cheats that you can use.

CONS: :(
1. Requires controller pack to save game data.

2. No multiplayer mode. In other words, you may feel yourself getting lonely and thinking, 'I'm playing no-friendo sixty-four.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/31/01, Updated 03/31/01

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