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"I am Turok!, Hear me Roar!"

I am Turok!, Hear me Roar!

Turok was one of the first games on Nintendo 64, and was one of the first that I did play. It was to me something like Quake with a better engine, crossed with something out of my worst nightmare. It was Turok.

Turok is not just another 3D game, it is the leader of them all. With stunning graphics and great gameplay it gives out a feel that not many other games give. Turok have more atmosphere to it that it's sequal Turok 2. It is designed to be playable and exciting, with also a dash of trickiness, and when I say that, I mean when they were brewing this game up, and they were using the tricky salt and pepper shackers the lids came off both of them spilling all the tricks they had into this game. It was the game that showed the world that Nintendo 64 was not just a kiddie system, and that it did have an adult games base, well at the time and for a while longer Turo, was still the only pre-adult game on the N64, but that makes it even more of a good game, signifying that it was to be quite a time before something of it's calibure was to come up and take it's position on the N64 Heirachy.

The graphics in this game almost look life-like, well in a game type of way. You will be amazed at how reall everything looks and as a friend of mine found out when they turned around to find a raptor right in their face, you will scream out in terror, when you worst nightmares come true.
TOTAL: *********/10 (9)

The sound effects of this game are brilliant, and the music it nearly as good. It definatly was a mile ahead of the rest.
TOTAL: ********/10 (8)

This is another whopper of a game that will take you a while to finish, but surprisingly, you will not get bored with this game, as it changes everywhere you go.
TOTAL: **********/10 (10)

A MUST! You have to go and get this,as it should be still quite cheap and it is still a very good game. All Nintendo Cabinets should have at least one copy of it in their stock.
OVERALL TOTAL: *********/10 (9)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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