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Reviewed: 07/07/01 | Updated: 07/15/03

Blasting Dinosaurs was never this much fun!

I got a game named Turok: Dinosaur Hunter in March of 1997. It looked cool in pictures of magazines so I wanted it. I got it and I was happy with the results.

The graphics are kind of dark. However, there are no extremely dark places in this game so you won't get a lot of very cheap hits(ie getting hit by hard to see enemies). But to top that off, the graphics are beautiful. Dinosaurs and enemy humans look very real and really fat monsters and other strange creatures look cool as well. You look good, too.(Even if you thought your character looks bad in this game, it's not a problem; this game is a first person shooter).

The joystick on the controller is used to move for most games. This game was an exception. You have to use the C-buttons to move or strafe and the control stick to look up, down, and make turns while your moving. Also, you have to press R to jump, which is pretty easy to learn becuase its on an easy location of the controller. The button that's used to fire weopons is what started it all. It balances the quality of the control making this score an 8.

Of 10 being the hardest, you need to have lots skill in this game to get far and beat it. Levels are long(thankfully not too tedious) and all 8 levels have infinite guys( They just appear out of no where). Later enemies are very difficult to kill. All levels have some sort of puzzle, too. The harder it is to figure it out, the least likely chance you'll get done with the level quickly. Scattered on the levels are keys. They are hard to find and finding all of them gets you to the next level. With this in mind, your in for a big challenge.

Music/Sound-8(Two seperate categories average this score)
Music overall is great in this game. Most of the time it goes perfectly with the levels and bosses. The downside is how they repeat different types of instruments. For example, the piano or something like that was overused becuase low notes were used for lots of levels. You might not notice it, though.
Now, the sound! It's great! The weopons sound cool when you are firing them, enemies and you make real sounds, and other stuff, like jumping in the water and getting hit, is good as well. One of the weird, if not, funny, phrases in the game is when after you die. Turok says, ''I am Turok!''. I just thought it was cool and funny. The sound bring the score up a bit.

Some guy is collecting stuff to make the ultimate weopon to destroy stuff. You must stop him while hunting other things. It's innovative enough so it's also good.

This is the juicy part of the game and it's gameplay is quite good. There are 8 levels of dino-killing, man-hunting, and monster-blasting. The weopons is one factor that makes the game good. One weopon kills all guys in one place, another one makes a cool, machine gun noise, and early weopons have power-ups like explosive shells. There are 4 bosses in this game and all are unique in some way. A problem was having no multiplayer. That brought this score to a 9. Also, you might want to put cheats in to make the game even better! Some are funny, some are dumb, and some are cool! This gameplay rocks!

Weopons to find, keys to collect, 8 levels of killing, and more! There is no multiplayer, but it's very fun and enjoyable. You won't stop playing this game!

This game JUST made it to a 9 and very well deserves it. Rent or Buy? I'd buy. Even if you don't like it, someone else will. If you think it's too hard, put in some cheats for more fun and excitement. FPS fans will certainly want to get this game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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