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"The Start of a Great Series!!!"

Turok was a smash hit when it came out on the N64. Two sequels followed it....The gameplay for this game might be hard for younger players, but for those that can play it, it is truly awesome! The weapon shots in this game are some of the best IMO (in my opinion)....I can never stop ranting about how great the Fusion Cannon in this game is!!!! The only bad thing is that the only way to save your game is with a controller pak, which IMO, is stupid. I think it should save it both on a pak and the controller pak, allowing you on the game pak, the controller pak, or both.

Lots of enemies to shoot and several different guns, Turok:Dinosaur Hunter provides lots of fun! The bosses are gigantic and mean, and will stop at nothing to get you! And the game is just truly fun to play!!!

The graphics on some of the enemies are not that great (the Raptor in Turok 2 looks better) But some of the enemies are just really cool! I would tell you some of my favorite enemies, but I would rather you find out for yourself!! And again, I can't stop ranting about how great the Fusion Cannon is!! a nice lovely shot spits out of the gun, and explodes into a cool bright explosion, which then sends a fiery shockwave over your head, that makes sounds to make it a totally neat experience! Turok himself is nicely done in total 3D. His weapons are also nicely done, so that you can somewhat feel like you are shooting a real gun.

The music is very fitting for a jungle environment at the start, very very well fitting, the music is awesome everywhere! (especially levels 7 and 8!) The shotguns and pistols do not sound realistic though...the pistol sounds like a capgun and the shotgun doesn't sound like a shotgun at all, the minigun is better, the pulse rifle is great, and the Fusion Cannon is just awesome sounding! Nice!

Only one setting that involves the Analog Control Stick to aim and the C buttons to move...I only like the stick to move and the C buttons to aim and stuff. No custom controls, just the one. You can get used to them pretty easily, but another bad part is I go back to a game with the stick for movement and the C buttons for aiming and I confuse it with Turok controls for awhile and I end up looking straight down and not moving forward, which messes me up!!! You can press down on the d-pad to walk or run (I always have it on Run)

The control takes a bit of time to get used to, and you cannot save your game unless you have a controller pak, and this isn't one of those games you can just beat in one sitting easily. Minimum time for a player that knows the entire way start to finish alone is probably at least 5 hours, those that don't know will take longer. The game might freeze, but it isn't very likely. The controller pak is risk for corruption though, use a Nintendo brand Game pak, forget those off brand ones.......And I suggest not using the pak for other games that you can't get back, any data you hold valuable, I would only keep Turok games on one pak only , and not on a pak with my prized data on it.

Replay Value-8
No multiplayer and just one type of game and a training mode, but with a game this good, once is NEVER enough! You will want to play it again and again and again and again and.........and the weapons shots and fighting in the game are just too cool!!!!!!

Buy? Borrow? Rent? Burn?
A rent first might be better, but I say BUY THE GAME!! BUY THE GAME!!!!! THIS GAME ROCKS!!!!!

You need a controller pak to save your game, otherwise you will have to start from scratch everytime. It saves your options and stuff that you use for the game, like sound volume and stuff

You need a controller pak to save the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/18/01, Updated 07/18/01

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