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Reviewed: 08/06/01 | Updated: 08/06/01

This game is great!

Rushing through the bushes, knife in hand, and a dude through the mist...forget the knife, grab your shotgun! Explosive shells in....explosive shells out! He's dead! He's gone! You just blew his head open! Congrats!
This game, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, could quite possibly one of the best shooters of all time for the N64. With suspense, non-stop action, and of course, violence, this game is one of the best for those who feel like going on a blatant game of frag-tag.

Graphics: Nothing bad here, with all of the guns shiny and smooth, the faces recognizable, (how ever unchanging...) blood spurts on the wall, it's all here, and all good.
Let's start with the weapons, my fave part. You have 14 weapons, which range from lowly knife, short range and next to not damaging at all, all of the way to the almighty devastating Chronosceptor, capable of wiping out Central Park and leaving no debris. Everything you, Tal Set, (alias Turok) carries is nice and shiny. Shiny is good. Shiny is your master.
The knife's glinting shine and trail of blood of leaves as you swipe at your opponent are perfectly synchronized, and that guy behind the knife in the process of dying just pulls it all together.
The guns in this game range from standard earth-made all of the way to out-of-this-world weaponry created by a race other than even alien...
The blood comes in many shapes and quantities, from the aforementioned streak coming from your knife's swipe, to blood-rain flying everywhere from several shots of your Minigun. The blood has three settings, one for red blood, one for green blood, and for you, uhm, not so violent people, (why on earth you playing this game if it's so violent? o_O) the no blood setting.
The levels range too, but I'm sick of saying ''From here all of the way to here'' so I won't. But every level is different, and the textures, waterfalls, just all of the graphical objects in general never leave me anything but amazed.

Sound: Sound can't be left out. Music is smooth and and the sound-effects go nicely with it.
The music has a lot of different sounds, but it all revolves around a tribal beat. I like it.
Sound is nice, all of the guns sound like they should, and I never get tired of hearing somebody choke to death on their own blood while hearing their body scuttling around on the ground, spurting out a fountain of blood, until they finally give up, flip over and lie on their backs, dead, accompanied by ''Agh ugh......uuughhh.....'' I'm so sick... :P

Gameplay: If I haven't already said all there is to say, I guess I'l put it here.
Everything runs like fluid. Turok's movements are fast, silent, and smooth. Turok has a high jumping capability, higher than Joshua Fireseed's from Turok 2.
The controls also make Turok easy to navigate and become a silent, or not-so-silent, hunter. Good controls make up for a lot of the game.
Bosses are dispersed here and there, and they are never easy to kill. Even the LongHunter, the first boss Turok will ever face, is a very challenging man with close and long range attacks. Always be on your toes in this game, you never know what's going to be around the next corner. The common bad-dudes in this game can be challenging or easy, but it depends. And with 22+ different enemies, there's a lot to be discovered difficulty-wise. Of course, if you get too tired out, there is a difficulty setting.
There are also lots of different death scenes, one of my favorites is when......I'll let you determine which is your favorite, I don't want to dish out any spoilers here.
Sick of losing? Can't get enough ammo? Not enough playing of your favorite gun? The cheats handle that quite well also, and you don't even need a GameShark, though it is a plus. ;)
You can also choose for Turok to be right or left handed, as personal preference rules all in this game.

Lasting Value:Though it depends on the person, I'd give the lasting value a 4. Even with all of the guns, bad-guys, bosses, levels, it lacks something, perhaps a multi-player. When you beat it, there's just not much else to do. The cheats give this more replay value, as you can enter the big cheat and get level selections, big-headed enemies, (literally), all guns, infinite ammo, etc., but even WITH all of this, the game doesn't have that much left to offer.

All in all, I'd give Turok: Dinosaur Hunter an 8, because of things I've already mentioned. (you DID read the review, right!?)

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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