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Reviewed: 06/09/02 | Updated: 06/09/02

An excellent game!

This is one of the bloodiest N64 games to date and quite possibly one of the best first person shooters on the N64 too. With over-the-top weapons, lots of suspense, and a lot of violence, and some action thrown in too you have got Turok.

This game has some really good graphics and effects. When it was released it probably had the best graphics in a N64 game but now when you look at the fogging, you'll just laugh. But apart from that it's great. The Dinosaurs are huge and can really scare you because they come out of nowhere. The effects from the weapons(the mini gun in particular) are great. The levels are HUGE. Think golden eye 007 but 100 times bigger. Overall Good visuals but massive fogging that can sometimes spoil the game.

Very Good! The Gunshots are clear, you can hear birds screeching, the water running and the dinosaurs screeching too! The music suits the game. Like when your running through the jungles you can hear some fast paced jungle music. The sound of a raptor running right for you will make you jump out of your seat(not really) So Overall Some very good sound effects but music can get repetitive.

Also Very Good! There are loads of different weapons to find. You start out with a pretty useless knife but then you find bigger and better weapons. There are also heaps of enemies to kill as well. There is a training mode to get you started off. Lack of a multi-player is a letdown. Overall the gameplay is excellent but no multi-player is a bummer.

Very easy to control. 'Feel' is the most important part in a first person shooter and acclaim have done it very well. The c buttons control which way you go, The control stick is used to look around, A and B buttons are used to cycle through your weapons and the Z trigger is to fire. Overall the control is excellent.

After you have found everything you probably wont play it much more because of a lack of multi player. It is quite fun to complete it again though.

A very hard game when you start out but when your used to it and get some of the later weapons the game can be quite simple. You might find yourself getting lost in some of the later levels because they really are massive. Overall this is a very hard game.

1. Great graphics and sound plus huge levels

2. Great Story line

3. Feels like your really there

1. No Multi player

2. The cheats can really spoil the game.

3. Massive Fogging


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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