"Bloody Dinosaur Killing Fun!"

This game was the first in several fields. It was one of the first Fisrt Person Shooters on the Nintendo 64,and it was also the first game where you could shoot a man (or dinosaur) in the neck and blood exits his (it‘s) throat in a seven foot stream, getting the game its M rating. Basically in this game you are an Indian named Turok, and you have been picked by your tribe to seek out and destroy the “Campaigner”, an evil man who is corrupting the lost land with his soldiers and minions.

The game is fairly moderate in difficulty level. It is easy in some segments, and more difficult in others, but I do not recommend it to new gamers. The controls are of the best configuration that I've ever seen. Your hands are placed on the far right and middle grips, and you look with the control stick, and strafe and move with the four C buttons. It is also easy to change guns on the fly, using the A and B buttons. You can be shooting a man with the pistol, then change to the shotgun to take out a raptor. But one thing I didn't like was that unless you manually go into the options menu and fix it, the camera moves very slow on the X and Y axis, but besides that the controls are fine. The way that you progress through the eight levels is by collecting level keys, and if you just rush through the level and don't find the correct number of keys, then you must replay that or any previous level until u collect them all.

The game starts with your chief telling you that you have been selected to seek out and kill the evil dictator that is taking over your peaceful home, the lost land. You then are then told about a legendary weapon known only as “The Chronoscepter” that will aid you greatly in your quest, but because of its awesome power, the ancients broke the weapon into eight pieces and scattered them into the wind. So not only do you have to worry about finding the level keys, but also about finding the eight pieces of The Chronoscepter .But while finding the level keys you have to do in order to complete the game, you do not have to find the Chronoscepter ,though in the final fight, it is a big help.

The games sound is what sets the mood, since the game is set mostly in jungle areas, you can hear birds chirping and tigers and other animals roaring, and the sound can be set in stereo or mono. The graphics are excellent and are the best that the Nintendo 64 can produce, the grass waves in the wind and not two clouds are the same.

Playing the game from start to finish straight through takes about five hours to do, but it varies on your skill level. It is hard to play the game just once, because after you see the incredible ending, you will want to try and get a better game time, or collect all of The Chronoscepter pieces, or play it with or with out cheats for a different experience.

But all in all this is a very enjoyable game, but it does have a M rating ,for blood and gore, meaning it is for the older players. I recommend this game if you like First Person Shooters and if you want an enjoyable gaming experience.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/24/04

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