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Reviewed: 11/11/00 | Updated: 07/18/01

AVERAGE: a common or usual standard

One word can describe this game: Average. So can, all right, OK, mediocre, right in the middle, adequate, and medium. Webster's should take a screen shot of this game and put it as their definitions for all of these words and phrases in their above average 2001 dictionary. It would be more correct than what they have now. Most of their definitions are about math. I took me five minutes to find the one that was not a math average.

The developers at Acclaim came up with a concept for a shooter that was far from average. Unfortunately, the concept did not pan out, and the result is quite average and uninspired gameplay. There is an average amount of dinosaurs to seek and destroy, but I certainly would have preferred more.

Another average point about the gameplay, is that it is overly redundant. This is a problem in most average games, and it most certainly is here.

The environments are beautiful, and above average. The plants and the rest of the terrain look extremely realistic with beautiful textures. The characters and dinosaurs are pixelized and choppy. The lighting is only average, but there is absolutely no slowdown. So it all evens out (9+1+5+6) to 21/4 which averages to 5.25, but I bumped it up to a slightly above average 6 for the textures, which are at nearly Banjo-Kazooie levels before the very above average Banjo-Kazooie was even released.


The music is so annoying at times it does not even deserve to be talked about. But, I will talk about them for the sake of the fact that this is a review, and an average one at that. The music does not really do a good job fitting in with the tropical dinosaur hunting theme. Some of the songs made me feel like I was in the Arctic.

The sound is average, a little bit better than the music, which was below average. For every good point, there is a bad point that brings the rating down to average. The gunfire sounds nice, but the excessive echoing brings the rating down to average. A mixed bag if there ever was one.

As you can see, the graphics and the music averaged out to an average five. How very average! So (7+1) added, and then averaged equals 8 divided by 2 equals and average 4. Here is the equation: 7+1=8/2=4. Slightly below today's subject: average.

Why would anyone, even an average programmer, make us use the Control Pad, which does a below average job, when the Control Stick would have done such an above average job, to make it average out differently. If they had given us the option 7+3 would have added, then averaged out to an average 5. But they did not give us the average option so they do not get an average 5. Or especially not an above average 7. They get a below average 3. Because the Control Pad was above average in the average years of the 80s, like 1985, but now in the not-so-average year of 2000, the Control Pad is something we wish those average-aged teens, those 15 year olds, had not brought back to the not average now. Just like bellbottoms. Whose width was not average, unlike this average game.

How fun! The control and fun sections average out, when added and averaged, to an average 5. Despite all of its average flaws, Turok still delivers an above average, enjoyable expierence. If only it just had better than below average control. It would have amounted to something more than average. Acclaim should have learned something from it's average days on the now below the technical average systems, such as the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis. After years of only making average, and below average games for the most part, couldn't they make something un-average for once. But I guess for Acclaim, that wouldn't be average. Now, in 2000, Acclaim has gotten over that average hump, and has come out with some above average games, like NHL Breakaway, All-Star Baseball, and the above average sequel to this tour in averageness Turok 2. It surpasses this game's staple averageness, with it's own above averageness.

Not surprisingly, the challenge rates about average. Some missions are next to impossible, most rate about an average difficulty, and some are way too easy. This can lull you into a false sense of security before the really tough ones hit.

Why no multiplayer capabilities, even average ones, were not included is beyond me. Multiplayer modes could have raised Turok over the heap of averageness. Since there are no Multiplayer Modes, and there is no incentive to replay the Single Player Mode, the replay value falls to below average.

Yes, I know my overuse of the word average was not even averagely funny, I felt it was important to get across my point: This game is average.

OVERALL--5 (Average)

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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