• Unlock Extra Skins

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Adon 2Get 4 Medals
    Adon 3Get 30 Medals
    Campaigner 2Get 10 Medals
    Campaigner 3Get 36 Medals
    Elite Guard 2Get 20 Medals
    Elite Guard 3Get 46 Medals
    Fireborn 2Get 12 Medals
    Fireborn 3Get 38 Medals
    Guardian 2Get 25 Medals
    Guardian 3Get 48 Medals
    Juggernaut 2Get 8 Medals
    Juggernaut 3Get 34 Medals
    Lord of the Dead 2Get 16 Medals
    Mantid Drone 2Get 6 Medals
    Mantid Drone 3Get 32 Medals
    Mantid Soldier 2Get 22 Medals
    Mantid Soldier 3Get 44 Medals
    Mites 2Get 25 Medals
    Mites 3Get 50 Medals
    Oblivion Spawn 2Get 14 Medals
    Oblivion Spawn 3Get 40 Medals
    Turok 2Get 2 Medals
    Turok 3Get 28 Medals
    Velociraptor 2Get 18 Medals
    Velociraptor 3Get 42 Medals

    Contributed By: KeeperBvK.

  • Unlock New Ranks

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    01: NewcomerGet 2 Medals
    02: GruntGet 4 Medals
    03: ScoutGet 6 Medals
    04: BraveGet 8 Medals
    05: TrackerGet 10 Medals
    06: HunterGet 12 Medals
    07: WarriorGet 14 Medals
    08: DarklingGet 16 Medals
    09: SeekerGet 18 Medals
    10: AssassinGet 20 Medals
    11: BaneGet 22 Medals
    12: WarlordGet 24 Medals
    13: DeathwindGet 27 Medals
    14: ConquerorGet 31 Medals
    15: MasterGet 34 Medals
    16: TyrantGet 37 Medals
    17: WarslaveGet 40 Medals
    18: GodhandGet 45 Medals
    19: ChieftainGet 50 Medals

    Contributed By: KeeperBvK.

  • Unlock Secret Characters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    CampaignerBeat 1 Player trial with Raptor.
    FirebornBeat 1 Player trial with Campaigner.
    GuardianBeat 1 Player trial with Elite soldier.
    JuggernautBeat 1 Player trial with Guardian.
    Lord of the deadBeat 1 Player trial with Mantid drone.
    Mantid droneBeat 1 Player trial with Adon.
    Mantid mitesBeat 1 Player trial with Lord of the Dead.
    Mantid SoldierBeat 1 Player trial with Fireborn.
    Oblivian spawnBeat 1 Player trial with Juggernaut.
    RaptorBeat 1 Player trial with Turok

    Contributed By: SS3 Grown Trunks and KeeperBvK.

  • Unlock Talismans

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bear Talisman #1Beat Warehouse as Raptor
    Bear Talisman #2Beat Defcon 5 as Juggernaut
    Bear Talisman #3Beat Defcon 5 as Mantid Mites
    Coyote Talisman #1Beat Hopeless as Guardian
    Coyote Talisman #2Beat Mystic as Fireborn
    Coyote Talisman #3Beat Defcon 5 as Oblivion Spawn
    Gougar Talisman #1Beat Defcon 5 as Mantid Drone
    Gougar Talisman #2Beat Warehouse as Campaigner
    Gougar Talisman #3Beat Defcon 5 as Lord of the Dead
    Viper Talisman #1Beat Defcon 5 as Elite Guard
    Viper Talisman #2Beat Wicked Dance as Fireborn
    Viper Talisman #3Beat Cathedral as Mantid Mites

    Contributed By: KeeperBvK.

  • Unlock the bosses for multiplayer

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    BastilleBeat the trials of Turok, Adon and Elite Guard
    SymbiontBeat the trials of Campaigner, Lord of the Dead and Juggernaut
    SyraBeat the trials of Raptor, Mantid Drone and Guardian
    Tal'SetBeat the trials of Mantid Mites, Oblivion Spawn, Fireborn and Mantid Soldier

    Contributed By: KeeperBvK.

  • Unlock Weapon Upgrades

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Acid Spit Attack (Mantid Mites)Beat Crossroads as Mantid Mites
    Assault Rifle Rapid Fire UpgradeBeat Warehouse as Mantid Drone
    Boomerang UpgradeBeat Warehouse as Lord of the Dead
    Emaciator UpgradeBeat Wicked Dance as Oblivion Spawn
    Freeze Gun UpgradeBeat Wicked Dance as Juggernaut
    Grenade Launcher UpgradeBeat Warehouse as Juggernaut
    Inflator UpgradeBeat Crossroads as Juggernaut
    Jump Claw Attack (Raptor)Beat Crossroads as Raptor
    Mag 60 Laser Sight UpgradeBeat Warehouse as Guardian
    Minigun Personal Shield UpgradeBeat Crossroads as Fireborn
    Plasma Rifle UpgradeBeat Hopeless as Mantid Drone
    Radioactive Flare Gun UpgradeBeat Warehouse as Oblivion Spawn
    Scorpion Launcher Magnet UpgradeBeat Crossroads as Oblivion Spawn
    Shotgun Street Sweeper UpgradeBeat Wicked Dance as Lord of the Dead
    Tek Crossbow Sniper ScopeBeat Crossroads as Campaigner
    Warhammer Rocket UpgradeBeat Defcon 5 as Raptor

    Contributed By: KeeperBvK and JelloHulk.

  • Unlock Weapons

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Assault RifleBeat Crossroads as Mantid Drone
    BoomerangBeat Defcon 5 as Adon
    ChestbursterBeat Warehouse as Mantid Soldier
    EmaciatorBeat Wicked Dance as Campaigner
    Freeze GunBeat Crossroads as Guardian
    Grenade LauncherBeat Crossroads as Lord of the Dead
    InflatorBeat Warehouse as Fireborn
    MinigunBeat Defcon 5 as Guardian
    Napalm GelBeat Warehouse as Adon
    Plasma RifleBeat Crossroads as Adon
    Radioactive Flare GunBeat Crossroads as Elite Guard
    Scorpion LauncherBeat Crossroads as Turok

    Contributed By: KeeperBvK.


  • Cheat Menu

    Create a character and save it. Get over 500 career kills with that character. Make sure to save that character when he is over 500 kills. Copy that character to the other three slots on the controller pak. Then you will oad all four of the cloned characters, and the total kills should be over 2000. All the cheats will be available in the cheat menu. Hit Z at the main menu to turn on the cheats.

    Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.

  • Faster swimming

    Instead of holding C-up when swimming, press and hold it until the stroke has nearly ended (i.e. until you become slower), then let the button go for about half a second and repeat. This way you will swim way faster than usually.

    Contributed By: KeeperBvK.

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