Nintendo 64 DexDrive Save (North America)

Save Game File05/02/01DSieli36K
48 medals, all mini-game icons, all cheats, all weapon upgrades and all extra game modes.

Nintendo 64 DexDrive Save (Europe)

Save Game File11/28/05KeeperBvK36K
01: Only Tal'Set left for Turok to beat (finished 0 paths)
Save Game File11/28/05KeeperBvK36K
02: Only Tal'Set left for Adon to beat (finished 1 path)
Save Game File11/28/05KeeperBvK36K
03: Only Tal'Set left for Elite Guard to beat (finished 2 paths)
Save Game File11/29/05KeeperBvK36K
04: Only Tal'Set left for Raptor to beat (finished 3 paths)
Save Game File11/29/05KeeperBvK36K
05: Only Tal'Set left for Mantid Drone to beat (finished 4 paths)
Save Game File11/30/05KeeperBvK36K
06: Only Tal'Set left for Guardian to beat (finished 5 paths)
Save Game File12/06/05KeeperBvK36K
07: Only Tal'Set left for Campaigner to beat (finished 6 paths)
Save Game File12/07/05KeeperBvK36K
08: Only Tal'Set left for Lord of the Dead to beat (finished 7 paths)
Save Game File12/09/05KeeperBvK36K
09: Only Tal'Set left for Juggernaut to beat (finished 8 paths)
Save Game File12/12/05KeeperBvK36K
10: Only Tal'Set left for Fireborn to beat (finished 9 paths)
Save Game File12/12/05KeeperBvK36K
11: Only Tal'Set left for Mantid Mites to beat (finished 10 paths)
Save Game File12/13/05KeeperBvK36K
12: Only Tal'Set left for Oblivion Spawn to beat (finished 11 paths)
Save Game File12/14/05KeeperBvK36K
13: Only Tal'Set left for Mantid Soldier to beat (finished 12 paths)
Save Game File12/14/05KeeperBvK36K
14: Finished all 13 single player trial campaigns, with every talisman, weapon, weapon upgrade and minigame icon
Save Game File12/15/05KeeperBvK36K
15: Just like 14, but with every Frag Fest level unlocked
Save Game File12/16/05KeeperBvK36K
16: 100% in Singleplayer, including all minigame icons, all talismans, all trials finished, all weapons, all weapon updates, Time Trial and Frag Fest finished

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