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"Fun game for when you have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do!"

Now I see that this game has gotten a lot of high reviews. Mostly in the 7's and 8's. Though everyone who rated that game must of rated it in the 1990's. This is the year 2006 and yes, my review is going to be a lot different then if I were writing this in the year 1995-1996 when the game first came out. There is one thing to do in this game. Race jet-skis. WOOOO wow man that just sounds like fun...NOT! Well maybe for some but come on people in the 1990's the N64 was all about Mario, Zelda, and 007 Goldeneye. There's a few other titles that stand out but that's not the point I'm getting at. I did not know one person when I was at my friend's house playing N64 that wanted to play this game! It just isn't fun. The concept is to race you Jet Ski and or do stunt mode and try to get a high score. The game was just a waste of time. Let me break it down for ya.

Graphics- 3
O.K maybe this game doesn't have the worst graphics I've ever seen but they defiantly aren't even close to "good." The graphics are lame. The water is mixture of blue and white. I don't get the feel I'm in the ocean at all. Maybe the company who made the game wasn't going for the feel of the game but still at least make an effort!
Sound- 2
The sound is really bad. I mean it gets annoying about 2 seconds after you play it. Wow what a coincidence the sound is a 2 and it gets annoying after 2 seconds! Well to explain the music isn't good at all. They couldn't put any nice music in it, which just made it bad. I specifically like rap. Obviously they're not going to put rap in a jet ski racing game but I mean even classic music is better then the crap that is on the game.

Game play/Controls- 3
The game play is horrible. Over half the time you cant even hit a jump accurately! I steer directly towards the jump and the waves push me away. I mean there are waves everywhere. Then the N64 joystick your using to move is getting pushed up as hard as you can because your getting frustrated that he wont hit the damn jump! By the way people that's how your controllers get broken...BY PLAYING THIS GAME! The only tricks you can do are back flips, barrel rolls, 360's, and I think front flips but I'm not sure. As of writing this review I just played the game. I stopped playing after about 10 min. but I have played it before as well.

Final break down- 3
This may be giving the game more credit then it deserves. It just plain old isn't fun at all. After 5 min. you'll be shutting you console off and switching to another game. And if you play this game for more than 5. min. like I did I really think you would like this game for N64 called Superman (LOL!) By the way that was a joke. That was a horrible game that should of never have been made, but lets stay on topic here. I purchased a lot off my friends containing this game and about 10 others with a system and a controller. Plus a few other things but the point is that I won't ever really be playing this game at all. More then anything I'm going to put it up on ebay and see if someone who like me was stupid enough to buy the game! I mean when I went over my friends house when he had his N64 we NEVER played this game. It always sat under his bed or where ever he put it. But it sure wasn't in the console that's for sure! Bottom line if you have a chance to play this game and have nothing to do at all then sure why not, play it. There's no harm in trying a game, even after reading my bad review of the game I can understand how you want to experience the game for yourself. Though just do me one favor and don't buy this game! I mean maybe for $2 or something but no more! And the only reason why I say only $2 is because they stopped making N64 games. Consoles. Etc. And the price may go up in the future! Haha. So take my advice and don't play this game, or play this game and experience the crappy game play, graphics, controls, it's up to you!

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 11/27/06

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