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Reviewed: 08/11/00 | Updated: 08/11/00

This game is great and is a must have for Jetski fans

Well here goes.

The graphics are amazing. The water looks just like water, the racers look real (and really chubby), the swells and waves are amazing and the wipeouts are great! The levels are very well done and the one I think looks the best (graphically) is probably Port Blue.

The controls are easy but tricks take awhile to learn. The turning pretty much is responsive but don't push to far down on the control stick. They are realistic though because just like real swells and waves you can't turn in the air (well a little but not really). The tricks are pretty well done also but some of them look impossible to me. Then again you never know...

The sound is also very well done. The anouncer's voice can be heard clearly the sound affects can be heard clearly and everything can. The music is cool eventhough I hardly ever hear cause I'm too concentrated on winning the race = ).
Also the engine affects when you start your engines are amazing and the sound when you wipeout or hit someone are really neat.

The challenge is extremely hard, the controls are realistic, and the levels are awesome. I also like how most of the shortcuts are pretty hard to navigate. The racers are pretty fast (at least on expert, which really annoys me), and the air is amazing. There is a wide array of stunts, which only some can be performed by a certian character. I like how some tricks seem impossible to do but probably really can be done by pros although I've never seen anyone flip on a Jetski. Hmmm... I wonder.

The thing I think gave it a 9 was the controls. It might just be me though. the levels are awesome. I think the whole game seems realistic I fell like I'm racing in the cool water at high speed and I can almost feel the riders pain when they wipeout. I'm crazy aren't I?

There's review #2. Expect more soon.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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