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"Best Jet-Ski game on the's the *only* Jet Ski game on the N64"

-Visuals 8/10-

Clean and clear, there isn't anything that you can pick out while playing that would come across as shoddy work on the part of the programmers. Flowing water, well designed stages, and bright, detailed jet-skis is what await you in Wave Race. Even the water has true to life texture and movement with waves and choppy parts that show during the race.

-Audio 8/10-

Upbeat racing music greets your ears, with something of a mood effect thrown in for good measure. Each stage has a music track that fits the weather and scene conditions while you race. While not the most outstanding music that has ever graced a video game, you're still treated to a pretty good music selection.

Sound effects range from the voice of the announcer calling off where you are in the race, what you may be missing, and if you're missing race regulations. Other sound effects include crashing waves, and the roar of your jet-ski engine as you power around curves. All in all, Wave Race offers up enough in the audio department to warrent listening to it.

-Control 9/10-

The best feature in Wave Race, is the control set-up. Utilizing the analog stick and the Z trigger, those are your two major buttons in the game, and the handling in game can be selected through a customization menu of your machine. While near perfect, gamers with smaller hands may find trouble using the analog and the Z trigger, so the control pad itself is a little stiff. Outside of that, there isn't anything that a little practice can't take care of.

-Gameplay 8/10-

Jet Ski racing at its finest. Pitting you as one of four different racers, you race in several different stages where the goal is to stay within the pylons, and finish the race in the top three position. When playing, you'll find that your jet ski may not be the way that you want it. The handling may be a little off, or maybe the top end speed isn't quite fast enough.

Solution: Customize it.

In game, you can customize your ski to your specifications, either with the way it runs, handles or what the grip is that your rider has on the ski. You'll find that it's basically a run of trial and error before you get the correct settings to the way that you may like to race. Other features in game, include a stunt race, where you score points by performing tricks which are rather simple on the analog stick.

-Overall 8/10-

Wave Race is one of the best water racing games out there, surpassing even the Jet Moto series in some aspects. Unfortunately, this game is placed on a system that is currently dying out. Worth at least a rental, it's a piece of a finer N64 showcase that is well worth the money spent on a purchase.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/27/00, Updated 12/27/00

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