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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 08/07/01

Surprisingly fun game

Long ago, Nintendo released a game for the Game Boy called Wave Race. the game went virtually unnoticed though. It was fun, but nobody really noticed it. Nintendo fixed this when it released Wave Race 64.

When the Nintendo came out, it released Wave Race 64 very soon. This game was a game where you picked your jet ski rider, and raced against the other riders. It didn't sound like too much fun, but it was. The waves all acted like real waves, and it controlled very well. With the analog stick, you could turn as sharp or as little as you wanted. You could run over ramps and perform tricks in this game too. There was a two player mode, a grand prix mode, a time trial mode and a trick mode. The first three modes worked exactly like like other games of the genre, but the trick mode was all new. You had to go through a course as fast as you could and you got points by doing tricks on the ramps. The game saved all your highest scores and times, and there was even a trick that let you ride a dolphin!

The graphics of this game are great and all the characters look good...considering that this was a first generation N64 game. The sound isn't bad, but the announcer will absolutely drive you nuts. You might want to mute the game just to avoid the announcer.

The game is great, and is one of the early classics that the N64 released. There isn't much variety though, as there are only four racers, and only a few courses. The game is really fun though, and two player mode is a blast, although a four player mode should have been implemented. The game is worth a rent at least, especially if you've never played it. If you can find it in a pawn shop somewhere it'd probably be worth buying, but there are better racing games out there.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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