Review by Jdude84

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 08/07/01

Great Racing Fun On A Jet-Ski!

This is a really fun game to play, simple as that. Racing on a jet-ski at high speeds hasn't been this fun since Wave Race for the gameboy! Now it's back, and better than ever! The graphics are sharp and clear, and the little extras they added into the levels are cool. The music goes along great with the levels, a few of them could even be considered catchy. The 1 player is really good, challenging, and replayable, unlike many other racing games. And let's not forget this was a 1st generation game too! The only game in this category that could be posibbly better would be Wave Race never know...

Graphics - 10
The graphics are great for any game, not just racing, i would compare the graphics to that of Super Mario 64. The courses look great, especially Port Blue, the helicopter is very cool looking. The ramps actually LOOK like ramps, the racers look HUMAN, and the water is CLEAR! This is the best water-racing game graphically wise on the N64!

MusicSound - 10
The music is nice, and goes well with the courses. The Jet Ski sounds are great, the music is really cool, and the announcer...well he's a whole different story. The announcer can be a pain in the butt! Especially in Stunt Mode, he will criticize you over and over again for wiping out or losing, but if your good and you win every time he will say cheesy cheering lines. This isn't a problem though, if your like me, you'll just choose the option which lets you turn the announcer off! Haha...loser! This game is very pleasing to the ears which adds to the racing excitement.

Gameplay - 10
This game has tons of features, Championship Mode, 2 player, time trials, Stunt Mode, and plenty of options! Championship mode is really fun, especially the first time, there are 4 levels of difficulty, and you race 3 other computer players for the highest score. The computer is good enough to make it challenging, and the levels are fun! 2 player is also fun, although 4 player wouldn't of been so bad. Time trials isn't that much fun, who wants to get a fast time on a jet ski? Not me! I'd rather play stunt mode! This mode is the BEST, you can do a variety of stunts, both in the air, and on the water! This is perhaps the best mode in the game!

Replay Value - 9
The replay value is good, with stunt mode being an option. After beating the game entirely on championship mode you won't find yourself playing it as much anymore, even though you'll give it and occasional run. The most replayable mode has to be Stunt Mode, where you can compete with yourself, and your friends for the highest score! The 2 player feature is nice too, as with any game!

Overall - 10
Great Graphics, Great Sound, Great Challenge, Great Game! Buy it today if you don't have it allready, it's only $40 since it's a players choice!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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