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"I can almost feel the spray!"

Well, I guess I'm kind of late submitting a review for a game this old, but I'm in the middle of transferring my old reviews from a little-known site to a well-known site, so expect a lot of oldies.

Story: N/A race jet skis, and uh...try to win. Yeah! That's it!

Graphics: 22/25% - A
Man, these graphics blew me away! The water is some of the most amazing graphical technology I've ever seen! Some parts though, were a little too see-through, like in the swamp when the water should be murkier. Otherwise, it's great! I really liked the dolphins and whales riding along beside your jet ski.

Sound: 10/15% - B+
The sound was pretty top-notch too. The jet skis sounded pretty spot-on, but the riders' grunts and squeals when they fell were a little to corny for me, however, that didn't make me like the game any less.

Gameplay: 25/30% - A-
Well, basically you, as one of four riders, race in either stunt, championship, or time trial modes. In stunt, you do stunts over ramps and through rings, and try to get the highest score possible before time runs out.
In championship, you compete with other racers to win the cup and unlock more difficulty levels and courses.
In time trial, well, that's kind of self-explanatory.
The only complaint I have is the control. It's kind of slippery, and that's not a good thing when you have to navigate between buoys.

Replay: 20/30% B-
Unfortunately, this game doesn't have as much replay as it seems, with only four riders, and not even twenty tracks, this game gets old kind of quick, but it's always fun to come back after awhile and see the great water!

Overall: 77/100%
Well, I hope my new percentage rating system helps you decide more accurately if you'd like the game, and it also tells you what categories I feel are the most important.

FINAL GRADE (not based on %): A-
Comment: I think anyone that likes racing games would enjoy this, unless you're looking for Gran Turismo. With an arcadey feel, this might be situated to the more casual gamer, but don't let me necessarily make your decision.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/28/01, Updated 10/28/01

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