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"Water load of rubbish!"

Around a month after Nintendo released the Nintendo 64 in England a few years ago, Wave Race 64 came on to the shelves, along with a few friends like Turok : Dinosaur Hunter and Mario Kart 64. I got both of them games, but not Wave Race 64, as a year later I bought it off a friend for £5. Bargain or what? No!

You see, Wave Race 64 is a fun game for the first twenty times you play it, as You want to spend more time in the Dolphin Park rather then on the race course. What I mean is, When you enter yourself in to the championships ion the game, you go to a Warm Up round, which you can quit at any time by using the START button. The warm up park, called Dolphin Park is quite fun, as there is a dolphin to play with, and some ramps, and best of all, unlike any other course in the game, You have free roaming, go anywhere, but you can only go out of the boundries for 10 seconds.

That is where the fun ends, You then decide to mmove on to the real thing, racing. You race against the other players and race across high waves, over massive ramps and through a pack of dolphins. Seems fun doesn't it? Well, The Championships is over within 10 minutes, And you will most probaly go through them once again, but it gets very boring, And you'll find yourself only turning the game on to be at Dolphin Park.

The game does have some nice extra's though, There are a lot of stunts to master, especially in Dolphin Park. If you go on a ramp at full speed, and press a combination of buttons, your character will do stunts on his or hers jet ski, like a twist or loop the loop.

The Jet Ski's themselves are quite easy to handle, The game does take advantage of the 3D stick because it does feel very good to surf along rapids in the sea.

The graphics also get as boring as the game. When you have played a few times, you will relise that the ''awesome'' wave effects are done cheap with the right software at Nintendo, and becomes very unimpressive. The skie's are good to loock at, especially the Sunset course, and adds a whole lot of atmosphere to the game. The graphics on the characters aren't too good as well, you can motice some of the flat polygons on them, becoming blocky and crap.

After you have completed the first course, you will be reaching for the mute button on your remote controller, not because of the rocking music, but because of the commentry. If the comentry and sound effects were editted out, This could have perfect marks for sound and music.

Wave Baby!

- A little entertaining.
- Dolphin Park is fun.
- Good Control

Water load of rubbish!

- Horrible graphics and sound when you finally notice.
- Boring


Graphics - 4/10
Sound - 3/10
Music - 7/10
Gameplay - 7/10
Challenge - 4/10
Enjoyment - 3/10
Overall - 4/10

Alternatives : Aero Gauge, Mario Kart 64 and Diddy Kong Racing.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 10/31/01, Updated 10/31/01

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