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Reviewed: 03/07/00 | Updated: 03/07/00

What a great water racing game.

Not long after the Nintendo 64 came out, Wave Race 64, the first racing game for the Nintendo 64, hit the shelves. The game which was racing on the water, was apparently called one of the best racing games ever by IGN64.

Gameplay - Wave Race 64 has the Kawasaki license to back up all that it has, and it has four water racers for you to choose from, plus nine fully realistic tracks. The game also allows you to change the name of your player. The defaults are fine, though. The game doesn't really have an objective, except for you wanting to win the jetski championship. This game is racing - pure and simple - but this time it's on the water. Plus, you can even customize how rough the waters are, and etcetera. Be warned: To win the race, you have to go through the gates the correct way.

Graphics - The graphics in this game are amazing. It's almost as if you are right there. The reflections off the water are absolutely amazing, you can see a sunset in full detail, and it you're pretty much racing on a jetski in the comfort of your own home. Plus, the framerate always runs at an excellent pace and you won't have to worry about clipping.

Sounds - You never actually hear your character talking in the game, but you do hear your racer going quickly and you also hear an awesome-sounding announcer who will give you the good (or bad) news to what's going on in the race. You can also hear other players' machines, and there's an "ambient" sound for the audience looking on at the race. The music is also really good, and sets the stage really well.

Multiplayer - There is a two-player mode, but unfortunately it doesn't have any other computer players in it. The two-player mode is not that fun to me. It's good if you want to challenge a friend, but after a while it is going to get a little boring.

Lasting Appeal - Wave Race 64 also has a "stunt mode" where go through any course of your choice, but you have to go through rings and, when you go off the jumps, try to do stunts. These include flips through the air, barrel rolls, etc. It's a good way to preserve the fun.

Overall Scores

Gameplay - A new twist to racing. 10.0
Graphics - Wow! 10.0
Sounds - Music: sets the stage, and so do sounds. 10.0
Multiplayer - Boring. 4.0
Lasting Appeal - The stunt mode helps. 9.0

Final score (average) - 8.6
What I would say about it - 9.1
Overall score - 8.9

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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