Review by napster

"In A Word:Fun"

I got this game way back when it first came out. This game is still fun even in 2004. I don't know I just like this game alot. The water looks so real and it makes me want to go swimming even though I don't know how to swim.

Story: You race on different difficulty settings in hopes of becoming the best of the best in all the races and besting the incredibly easy computer players. Okay, so I guess that isn't much of a story huh?

Gameplay: You can do tricks and stuff but that is about it. You race and you can change the laps and the way the waves are and I always choose calm so I can lap the computer players because they are really easy. The best guy in the game would have to be the fat guy (sorry gamefaqs I forgot his name) and he kind of sucks at turning but he is still pretty good in straightaways. All in all tricks are kind of useless because they slow you down and you don't get any bonuses from them.

Challenge: Hardly any I just like to beat the computer players by 60 seconds every time I play this game.

Graphics: Stunning. Okay the character models aren't that good but who cares about them! My focus would have to be on the water because it looks so real it makes you want to go swimming. I simply love Twilight City because the water is dark and it looks so magical.

Sound: ....There's sound? Oh yeah that background music on Twilight City is pretty good I guess but I hardly noticed any of the other stuff. The sound of the waves that are hitting the jet skis are pretty good but other than that you hardly notice a thing.

Replay Value: This is the kind of game that you only play for a short period and that's about it. I started playing this game 2 days ago so I won't be playing this game on the weekend probably. So I guess the replay value is average.

Final Verdict: The game is pretty boring when you think about it besides the water. The water is the only thing amazing. But I think that this game is good enough that everyone should have this game in their Nintendo 64 game library. Enough said and I hope everyone takes my advice. This has been a review by Napster.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/06/04

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