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"Original racing game with jet skis, just lacks in replay."

Wave Race 64 was one of the first games for the Nintendo 64. The game was definitely very original and was also fun, but I think there just isn’t that much replay to this game.


In a world of way too many racing games that are crap, this is actually one that stands out. The concept of a jet ski racing game had not been touched yet. One of the best things about the game is that waves and differences in weight distribution definitely contribute to the racers abilities. These all play a factor in the four modes of play this game has to offer. The first is circuit. You pick your character and the circuit you want to race in. You race against the computer, which becomes tricky on the harder circuits because the computer usually flies through the course flawlessly. Trick contest is another mode in this game. You pick the level you want to play, and you have a certain amount of time to rack up as many points as you can. What’s great about it is you can save your high scores and have your friends try to beat them. And of course two player. Like most racing games, it’s a face paced race to see who can cross the finish line first. The trick contest is my favorite because you are required to do as many tricks as you can and the more you do, the higher your score gets. The tricks are pretty easy to do once you get use to the controls, and they are usually plenty of jumps to go off of in the courses. Racing your friends is always fun too. But after you play it for a while it just loses its fun factor, you’ll still play it, just not as often as some of the classics with higher replay. There's also a cool trick to the game, you can ride a dolphin!


The music and sound effects are not bad, nice splash sounds and different music for each track. And the dolphin in the practice level sounds cool. The graphics aren't bad, pretty good for an early Nintendo 64 game. Good detail on the characters and especially the reflection of the sun off the water and the glare on the screen. Makes it feel somewhat more realistic.


The game is fun for a few weeks as you get better and better and set new high scores and it becomes easier and easier to beat your friends. But then it just becomes boring because there's not much variety. Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty good racing game, just feels like it needs something a little extra to give it some replay. This is why the game doesn't get any higher than a seven.

Buy or rent?

I suggest you rent it, and if you really, really like it you can buy it. If not, it's just fun to rent every once and a while when you get the urge to race around on jet skies.


So the gameplay isn't bad and the game graphics and sound aren't bad either but it lacks in replayability, decide for yourself whether you want the game or not after you rent it or play it at a friends house.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/17/00, Updated 11/17/00

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