Review by Psycho Penguin

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 07/16/01

Good, although stick it next to Revenge and it looks outdated

For wrestling fans (like me), there has not been a lack of wrestling games to choose from. While some have sucked (WCW Thunder and WWF In your House, anyone?) Most have been pretty solid, even World Tour, which was one of the first releases on a system still struggling to release quality games (the Nintendo 64!!) While not as good as Revenge, World Tour is good.

GRAPHICS (8/10): The qualty of the graphics are noticeable from the getgo, as the wrestlers look mostly just like their real like selves. However, there is some polygon clipping (like in Revenge) Although it is not noticeable that much, it is still kinda visible while wrestling. The graphics are good, but overall the graphics in Revenge are far better.

CONTROL (6/10): The control is good, the only problem is that tou have to use one of the Yellow C buttons to pin (the same button also has a different function), so it gets kinda hard to pin after a while.

GAMEPLAY (9/10): It's a wrestling game, and its a good one. You get a nice selection of charcaters to choose from including Kevin Nash (can't wait till you come back, man!), Hollywood Hogan (now he's Hulk, cool beans), and Sting (my all time fave WCW wrestler). The gameplay within the game is good, although it is difficult to win because of the control placement to pin an opponent. Otherwise, the gameplay is good.

FUN FACTOR (8/10): Good game overall.

And thats the bottom line, because SMcFadden said so..... If you smell what SMcFadden is cooking..... Have a nice day! (courtesy of Mankind)

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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