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"The best race on the Nintendo 64"

Wipeout was the playstations pinnacle title in its early days, and as the playstation grew, so did the wipeout series. It was an absurd suggestion that the playstations best racing games would be ported to the nintendo, the systems arch enemy, but Psygnosis have done it well, and it is at least as good as the sony equivalent.

The main charm of the original wipeout was the coolness factor, mainly due to the awesome music by leading techno bands, the prodigy, chemical brothers etc, and this is the part that i was was most skeptical about being ported to compreesed cartrige form. usually cart music is bad (looking at my F-Zero cart) but psygnosis have made the music (masterfully done by their in house bands and fluke and the propellerheads), sharp and clear. the sounds are also exceptional with the grating sound of the ship scraping the wall, and the blast of the quake disruptor and other missiles sounding crisp.

The graphics are as good, if not better than Wipeout PSX, the nintendo 64s power stands out well, with the only flaw being minor clipping in the background, but your too busy looking at the smooth scrolling road to care. All the people who thought F-Zeros graphics were the best and smoothest hadn't played Wipeout 64. After playing this, then F-zero, the graphics in F-zero look sparse and horrible.

The games one main fault is that it may not last as long as most other Nintendo games, which are usually notorious in this aspect. After you have completed all the challenges, unlocked everything, and played a few multiplayer games, you will be looking for another game. We're looking at about two monthes tops of fun.

In my opinion, Wipeout has never looked and played better than wipeout 64, the sony still has better music, but you cant expect that a cart can be better aurally than a CD.
Still, this is a marvellous effort and is still the best race on the nintendo 64, and judging by the future games, it always will be. im suprised there are not more reviews for this excellent, excellent game!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/20/00, Updated 09/20/00

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