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"A great game for the Nintendo 64."

Graphics: 9
A big improvement over Wipout XL on the Playstation. There is still pop up and draw in present which is disappointing, but overall the game is still very beautiful. It's too bad the expansion Pak wasn't used, but It was still new at the time and anyway the game is still very strong in the visuals without it.

Sound/Music: 7
A big step down in music from XL, but of course as the 64 is a cart system. Still it's better than most 64 games and almost sounds CD quality and the sound FX are great as always. I really like the female announcer to compliment the robot announcer. I really hate the fact that you cant change the music tracks in race. You can however keep restarting until you get the track you want. Here's the tracks in the game:
1. Chasing Radium by PC Music - An OK up tempo track, my favorite of the PC Music tracks.
2. Feel At Home by PC Music - Not the best not he worst.
3. Monolith Boy by PC Music - Nothing special just average.
4. Tomorrow Reborn by PC Music - A track like a lot of the PC Music tracks.
5. Sonic Trip by PC Music - A decent track but nothing special.
6. Absurd by Fluke - From the album Risoto. A mostly instrumental remix of a great track from Fluke.
7. Bang On by Propellerheads - Not one of my favorite tracks by the Propellerheads.
8. Goodnight Lover by Fluke - The grand finale of Risoto and my favorite track in the game.

Gameplay: 10
This is where this game really shines. The control is now analog and is a substantial improvement over XL. It's bizarre that this game still has load times being on cart, but they are very fast. 7 tracks is disappointing as I had hoped for more, but they are very cool tracks and take a long time to master. The 2 player split screen is a blast although I prefer the XL link option better, still split screen is a lot of fun.

Challenge: 10
It is very easy to unlock some cool features, but getting all golds in the challenges is insanely hard.

Replay: 10
I still play this game even with Wip3out being out there. I really love the control and the graphics though I pipe in my own music to the games sound effects. I have yet to get all golds in the 4 challenge groups, but I still play time trial.

Overall: 9
My second favorite Wipeout game behind Wip3out. I didn't play much XL after getting this game cause I just couldn't go back to the digital controls. The music is very bland with only 8 tracks and a lot of them being mediocre at best, but it really doesn't detrack as much as you might think. One of the best games on the 64 and my favorite racer on the system as well.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/21/00, Updated 09/21/00

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