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    Hardcore Holly by Gruel

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    Hardcore Holly movelist 
    for WWF Wrestlemania 2000
    by Gruel
    Version 1.0
    Latest Update: December 3, 1999
    FAQ Contents:
    I. Intro
    II. Mini-Hardcore Holly Bio and Tidbits
    III. Other US wrestling games that Hardcore Holly appeared in
    IV. The Moves
    V. Credits/Copywright Info
    I. Intro
    	Hey, It's me Gruel. I'm here this time to deliver the movelist for 
    Hardcore Holly this time. Hope you enjoy the list and find it very 
    II. Mini-Hardcore Holly Bio & Tidbits
    	Real Name: 
    	Former identities, names, nicknames: Sparky Plugg(WWF, 1994),
    	Bob "Sparkplugg" Holly(WWF, 1994-1997), Bombastic Bob(WWF,
    	1998), Bob Holly(WWF, 1998-1999), Hardcore Holly(WWF, 
    	Former Ring Escorts: James E. Cornette(WWF, 1998)
    	Major Titles Held: WWF Intercontanental Title, NWA Tag Title
    	as Bombastic Bob with Bart Gunn(then known as Bodacious Bart),
    	WWF Tag Title(2) as Bob "Sparkplugg" Holly with 1-2-3 Kid, and
    	as Hardcore Holly with Crash Holly
    		Brought into the WWF in 1994 as Sparky Plugg. Had 
    	name changed to Bob "Sparkplugg" Holly later that year. In 
    	January 1995 at the Royal Rumble him and the 1-2-3 Kid
    	(X-Pac) won the vacant tag team titles in a tournament final
    	against Tatanka and Bam Bam Bigelow. However, the next day
    	on RAW they lost the straps to The Smoking Gunns(Billy Gunn
    	& Bart Gunn). 	
    		In an April episode of RAW Holly beat Jeff Jarrett in
    	a controversial match and was stripped of the title, they
    	had a rematch on the next RAW for the vacant belt, and Jarrett
    	won with help from the Roadie(Road Dogg).
    		Holly was basically a jobber and was getting teamed up
    	with other jobbers for most of '95, '96, and '97, like Alex
    	"The Pug" Porteau.
    		Holly the got a whole bunch of gimmick changes in '98
    	and '99. First came Bombastic Bob, as he was teamed with 
    	Bodacious Bart(Bart Gunn) and known as the New Midnight Express.
    	WWF had an NWA faction with Jim Cornette as it's head leader, and 
    	the NWA's Rock 'n' Roll Express just lost the belts to the 
    	Headbangers, after a couple failed rematches, the New Midnight 
    	Express appeared and beat the crap out of the Rock 'n' Roll
    		They were in the Wrestlemania 14 Tag Team Battle Royal to 
    	determine the #1 contenders for the WWF Tag Championship, the last
    	2 teams were the New Midnight Express and the newly reborn Legion
    	of Doom 2000, the Express finished second when they're both duped
    	over the ropes simultaneously. 
    		The next day on RAW they won the NWA tag belts from the 
    	Headbangers, and successfully defended them at the April '98
    	PPV, In Your House: Unforgiven against the Rock 'n' Roll Express.
    	They got a tag title match againt the New Age Outlaws(Road Dogg
    	& Billy Gunn) at the '98 King of the Ring and lost. They lost
    	the NWA tag straps to the Border Patrol that August, and the team
    	went there seperate ways after the lost.
    		Holly re-emerged on an October episode of Sunday Night Heat
    	where Al Snow debuted his new stable, The Job Sqauad, consisting
    	of Al Snow, Bob Holly, and Scorpio. Later on The Blue Meanie, and
    	Duane Gill would join the group. Holly was teaming with Scorpio
    	from October '98 until Februay 1999 when Scorpio was fired from
    	the WWF. 
    		On an February episode of RAW, Al Snow was beating himself
    	up in the ring, being a loyal Job Squad buddy, Holly went to help
    	out Snow, but they ended up beating the heck out of each other. 
    	Snow was suppose to have a Hardcore Title match at the February 
    	PPV: In Your House: St. Valentine's Day Massacre against champ,
    	Road Dogg, but just got injured days before the event and was 
    	stripped of the title. So Holly and Snow fought for the title at
    	Massacre in Memphis, Tennessee, and it ended up going into the
    	Mississippi River, where Bob Holly pinned Al Snow on the riverbank
    	becoming the new Hardcore Champ. Two days later at a RAW 
    	television taping, Bob Holly renames himself Hardcore Holly.
    		Holly lost the belt a month later in March to Billy Gunn
    	on RAW, but won it back at Wrestlemania 15 in a triple threat
    	Hardcore Title match between Billy Gunn, Holly, and Snow. He lost
    	the belt to Snow at the April PPV: In Your House: Backlash, and 
    	lost in a rematch with Snow at the May PPV: Over the Edge. 
    		Then Holly sorta went insane, he was teamed with the Big
    	Show on a Heat match, and mouthed off against Show by calling
    	himself the Big Shot, in there match, Show chokeslammed Holly 
    	and cost himself the loss. Holly would then challenge even
    	more bigger opponents like Kane and the Undertaker. He was
    	going around labeling himself a "superheavyweight," and finally
    	after so many losses Hardcore introduced the WWF to his "cousin,"
    	Crash Holly. In that interview they both had arguments, and
    	they ended up beating up each other, but would team up again
    	at the next tv taping, and end up beating each other up by night's
    	end. They kept on managin to get tag team victories and won
    	the tag team belts from The Rock and Mankind on an episode of RAW
    	and held onto the belts for about a half a month until losing them
    	to Mankind & Al Snow in November on an episode of Smackdown.
    		This "superheavyweights" angle for Hardcore Holly may seem
    	like his best one in the WWF so far, and hopefully he'll get more
    	WWF gold in the future.  		
    III. Other US wrestling games that Hardcore Holly appeared in
    WWF Games
    WWF Wrestlemania 2000(N64)
    Now we can finally get on to the moves!
    • Standing
    	Slap - B (Tap)
    	Chop - D-Pad + B (Tap)
    (Short) Front Kick - B (Tap)
    (Long)  Front Kick - D-Pad + B (Tap)
    	  Flipping Dropkick - B (Hold)
    	  Overhead Punch - D-Pad + B (Hold)
    	  Dropkick to Knee - A + B
    • Front Grapple
    (Weak)   Overhead Grapple - A
             Snapmare - A + Left/Right
             Club to Neck - A + Up
             Scoop Slam - A + Down
             Headlock Takedown - B
             Arm Wrench & Elbow Smash - B + Left/Right
             Suplex - B + Up
             Piledriver - B + Down
    (Strong) Headlock with Punch - A
             Shoulder Thrusts - A + Left/Right
             Snake Eyes - A + Up
             Small Package - A + Down
             Manhatten Drop - B
             Powerslam - B + Left/Right
             Thrusting Shoulderbreaker - B + Up
             Double Underhook Suplex - B + Down
    (Special) Falcon Arrow/Hollycaust  - Analogue Stick (Tap)
    • Rear Grapple
    (Weak)    Back Drop - A
              Forearm Smash - B
    (Strong)  School Boy Rollup - A
              German Suplex Pin - B
    (Special) Pump Handle Slam - Analogue Stick (Tap)
    • Opponent On Mat
    (Face Up)   Mounted Position Punching - A (Near Head)
                Knee Smash - A (Near Feet)
                Stomp - B
    (Face Down) Sitting Reverse Armbar - A (Near Head)
                Knee Stomp - A (Near Feet)
                Knee Drop - B
    (Sitting)   Sleeper Hold - A
                Hammer Blow - B
    (Kneeling)  Camel Clutch - A
                Hammer Blow - B
    • Opponent In Turnbuckle
    Chop - B
    Front Kick - D-Pad + B
    Running Clothesline - D-Pad + C Down + B
    High Flipping Dropkick - D-Pad + C Down + A + B
    (Front, Weak)   Eye Rake on Ropes - A
                    10 Punch - B
    (Front, Strong) Foot Choke - A
                    Superplex - B
    (Back, Weak)    Forearm Smash - A/B
    (Back, Strong)  Super Back Drop - A/B
    • After Irish Whip On Opponent
    High Flipping Dropkick - B
    (Weak)    Shoulder Backtoss - A
              Monkey Toss - D-Pad + A
    (Strong)  Manhattan Drop - A
              Spinebuster - D-Pad + A
    (Special) Special Irish Grapple - Analogue Stick (Tap)
    • Running At Opponent
    Running Shoulder Block - C Down + B
    Running Back Elbow Smash - C Down + A + B
    Running Clothesline - C Down + D-Pad + B
    High Flipping Dropkick - C Down + A + B + D-Pad
    • On Turnbuckle (High Risk Manoeuvres)
    (Standing) Double Axe Handle - A/B
               Double Axe Handle - A/B (Special)
    (On Mat)   Back Elbow Drop - A/B
    • Defensive Pose Strike (hold R as you rise from the mat)
    Mini Spinning Heel Kick - R (hold), B
    Evasive Roll - R (hold), L
    V. Credits/Copywright Info
    THQ/Jakks/AKI/Asmik - For making another helluva game!
    This movelist copywright by "Gruel" Dale Kulas, 1999
    Not one soul shall use this movelist unless with written permission
    sent to dkulas@hotmail.com

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