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    Triple H by StashMan

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/08/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Triple H bio and move list
    for WWF Wrestlemania 2000
    By StashMan
    Version 1.0
    Last Updated on December 8, 1999
    Table of Contents
    1.Triple H Bio and Move List
    2.Triple H's Moves
    3.Thanks Section
    4.Copyright Info
    1.Triple H Bio
    Real name: Paul LeVesque   Height: 6'4"  Weight: 246 Pounds     
    Other Identities: Hunter Hearst Helmsley
    Titles Held:WWF Title(2), Intercontinental(2), European(2)
    2.Triple H's Moves
    Striking Moves
    B- Chop
    B+D-Pad- Elbow Strike
    B- Front Kick
    B+D-Pad- Step Up Front Kick
    C-Down+B- Running Shoulder Block
    C-Down,A+B- Running Back Elbow Smash
    B- Overhand Punch
    B+D-Pad- Snap Jab
    A+B- Diving Clothesline
    C-Down,D-Pad+B- HHH Jumping Knee Attack
    C-Down,D-Pad+A+B- Running Clothesline
    Grapple Moves
      Front Weak
    A- Overhand Punch
    A+Left or Right- Snapmare
    A+Up- Elbow to Back of Head
    A+Down- Scoop Slam
    B- Arm Wrench Elbow Smash
    B+Left or Right- Spinning Neckbreaker
    B+Up- Suplex
    B+Down- Knee Strikes
      Front Strong
    A- Headlock with Punch
    A+Left or Right- Double Underhook Suplex
    A+Up- Snake Eyes
    A+Down- Small Package
    B- Manhattan Drop
    B+Left or Right- Reverse Suplex
    B+Up- Stall Suplex
    B+Down- Powerbomb Pin
    !SPECIAL!  Tap Stick- Pedigree
      Back Weak
    A- Back Drop
    A+D-Pad- Back Drop
    B- Shin Breaker
    B+D-Pad- Shin Breaker
      Back Strong
    A- School Boy Pin
    A+D-Pad- School Boy Pin
    B- Spinning Back Drop
    B- Spinning Back Drop
    !SPECIAL!  Tap Stick- Reverse Suplex
    Top Rope Moves
    Opponent Standing- Knee Strike
    Opponent Standing Outside- Knee Strike
    Opponent Down- Knee Drop
    Opponent Down Outside- Knee Drop
    Ground Attacks
      Opponent Facing Up
    B- Jumping Elbow Drop
    C-Down+B- Running Elbow Drop
    A- Mounted Punches  (done at upper body)
    A- Knee Smash  (done at lower body)
      Opponent Facing Down
    B- Jumping Double Knee Drop
    C-Down+B- Running Stomp
    A- Sitting Reverse Armbar  (done at upper body)
    A- Knee Stomp  (done at lower body)
      Opponent Sitting
    B- Hammer Blow  (opponent sitting all the way down)
    B- Knee Drop  (opponent on hands and knees)
    A- Sleeper Hold  (opponent sitting all the way down)
    A- Camel Clutch  (opponent on hands and knees)
    Turnbuckle Attacks
    B- Back Elbow Strike
    B+D-Pad- Front Kick
    C-Down+B- Running Clothesline
    C-Down,A+B- HHH Jumping Knee Attack
    Turnbuckle Grapple Moves
         Front Weak
    A- Shoulder Thrusts
    B- 10 Punch
        Front Strong
    A- Foot Choke
    B- Knee Strikes
        Back Weak
    A or B- Forearm Smash
       Back Strong
    A or B- Super Back Drop
    3.Thanks Section
    THQ, AKI, Asmik ACE, and Jakks: for making the best wrestling game ever.
    The World Wrestling Federation: for being the best Wrestling 
    organization out there today.
    4.Copyright Info
    This FAQ/Movelist Copyright "StashMan" Josh Naughton 1999
    No one shall reproduce this FAQ/Movelist without written consent from 

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