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    Shawn Michaels by EMcClung

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    WWF: WrestleMania 2000 Character FAQ	        *
    Character FAQ - Shawn Michaels v1.2		*
    Author - EMcClung <darth_faygo@hotmail.com>     *
    ***Table of Contents***
    1- Stats
    2- Move List
    3- In Closing...
    4- Update History
    Name     - Shawn Michaels
    Height   - 6'1"
    Weight   - 227 lbs
    Finisher - Sweet Chin Music (Front)
    To unlock Shawn Michaels finish the Road to WrestleMania, after you win the 
    title at
    WrestleMania 2000 HBK will come out and give himself a title shot, defeat 
    him and he
    will be a selectable wrestler!
    *2*Move List*************
    A short             - weak grapple
    A long              - strong grapple
     > Weak Arm Striking
    B (short)	    - Chop
    B + direction       - Elbow strike
     > Weak Leg Striking
    B (short)           - Front kick
    B + direction       - Spinning Crescent kick
     > Stong Arm Striking
    B (long)            - Snap jab
    B + direction       - Quick jab
    A + B               - Cheap shot to throat
     > Weak Running Attacks
    B   - Running shoulder block
    A+B - Running back elbow smash
     > Stong Running Attacks
    B   - Running back elbow smash
    A+B - Jumping back elbow smash
    *Opponent on Mat*
    B (face up)             - elbow drop
    B (face down)           - angry stomp
    Running (face up)       - running elbow drop
    Running (face down)     - running stomp
    A (face up near head)   - mounted punchs
    A (face up near feet)   - Figure 4 leg lock
    A (face down near head) - Sitting reverse armbar
    A (face down near feet) - Single crab
    *Front Grapple*
     > Front Weak Grapple
    A        - Overhand punch
    A+< or > - Snapmare
    A+up     - Double axe handle
    A+down   - Scoop slam
    B        - Headlock takedown
    B+< or > - Arm wrench and elbow smash
    B+up     - Snap suplex
    B+down   - Jawbreaker
     > Front Strong Grapple
    A        - Headlock with punch
    A+< or > - Swinging neckbreaker
    A+up     - Snake eyes
    A+down   - Small package
    B        - DDT
    B+< or > - Manhattan drop
    B+up     - Stall suplex
    B+down   - Jumping piledriver
     > Front Special Move
    Tap Control Stick - Sweet Chin Music
    *Back Grapple*
     > Back Weak Grapple
    A - Back drop
    B - Forearm smash
     > Back Strong Grapple
    A - School boy
    B - Sleeper hold
     > Back Special Move
    Tap Control Stick - Rolling clutch pin
    *Whip Grapple*
     > Weak Grapple
    A (short) - Back toss
    A (long)  - Monkey toss
     > Strong Grapple
    A (short) - Hurracanrana pin
    A (long)  - Sleeper hold
    *Turnbuckle Grapple*
     > Weak Grapple
    A - Shoulder thrusts
    B - 10 punch
     > Strong Grapple
    A - Superplex
    B - High kick
    *Top Rope*
    Opponent standing           - Missile dropkick
    Opponent standing (Special) - Diving moon sault
    Opponent down               - Body splash
    Opponent down (Special)     - Elbow drop
    *Special Attacks*
    when your Spirit Meter is flashing, tap the Control Stick. It will now be 
    "Special", then tie-up with a strong grapple:
    Front                        - Sweet Chin Music
    Rear                         - Rolling clutch pin
    Top Rope (Opponent up)       - Diving moon sault
    Top Rope (Opponent down)     - Elbow drop
    *3*In Closing************
    It really doesn't matter to me if you right off my format, but just don't 
    steal the FAQ
    content itself. If you want to post the content, please inform me and I'll 
    give you an
    OK. Just as long as I know.
    This FAQ is copyrighted by Eric McClung (C)
    Any corrections, comments, or questions go to: darth_faygo@hotmail.com
    *4*Update History******
    Last updated: September 3, 2000
    - E-Mail address changed
    version 1.2

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