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    FAQ/Walkthrough by marshmallow

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/15/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *** The Yoshi's Story Guide***
    Author: marshmallow 
    E-mail Address: m_mallow@hotmail.com
    - Mini Editorial -
    This guide is for the select few who can actually appreciate what 
    Nintendo did with Yoshi's Story for the N64. They made a game that 
    toddlers can enjoy AND a game that older gamers could enjoy. But for 
    some strange reason almost no one has caught on to this, they all say 
    it's too easy. HA! I say, have you collected all of the melons?! Have 
    you even tried? Do you EVEN know what I'm talking about? I didn't think 
    so, this guide is for showing all of the melons, hearts, heart fruit, 
    coins, and all of that other stuff, it's also a way to get a good High 
    Score! Well, let's cut to the chase...
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
    Version 1.1
    Revision History: 
    June 15th - Basically, I changed lots of mistakes, fixed a few sections, 
    and added a Code List, which has the locations of Black Yoshi, White 
    Yoshi, Purple Yoshi, and all of the White Shy Guys...plus a few other 
    March 21st - Well, I changed the font. Spellchecked everything...that's 
    God knows when - This is the first version so there aren't any!
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
    Table of Contents
    - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    1) Basics
    2) Tricks, Tips, and Secrets
    3) The Guide 
    4) Enemies
    5) Bosses
    6) Items
    7) Codes Lists *NEW*
    8) Credits
    9) Legal Stuff
    10) End
    An "*" will appear next to the sections that have been updated as of 
    June 15th, 1999.
    1) Basics
    -Story Mode-
    Story Mode is what you would call the 1 player part, well actually 
    everything is 1 player but that's beside the point. Each world is 
    represented by a page in a six page book, the book being the game of 
    course. Each page has 4 levels, regular 2D, side-scrolling fun. You can 
    only play 1 level per page in one game. So an entire game is six levels, 
    pretty short you must admit. 
    At the first page you can select any of the four levels, after that it 
    takes a Star Fox 64 like path. In each level there are hearts, if you 
    collect one you can pick one more stage in the next page. Collect all 
    three in a world and you can select from any of the four levels in the 
    next page. When you first buy YS (like I did) I would suggest going to 
    all of the levels because then you can play them all in Trial Mode 
    (we're getting to that soon). I try to avoid Story Mode because of the 
    terrible singing (you'll see)  and the fact you can only play six levels 
    per game. This is why I usually only play....
    -Trial Mode-
    In this mode you can play any levels you have completed in Story Mode. 
    Try playing them all in a row, whew! Doesn't seem so short now does it? 
    =) There are 24 levels in all, and that should be your goal. What the 
    creators intended this to be is a mode to get High Scores. You can do 
    that, but I usually play this all of the time because there's absolutely 
    NO singing, sucky endings, dumb level branching, or crazy pop up books! 
    Amazing, isn't it? :)
    -Practice Mode-
    This mode takes you to an "almost level level." It teaches the basic 
    techniques of the game. There are melons here, but I don't *think* you 
    can get 30 of them, who knows?
    Jump: A
    Flutter Jump: Hold 'A' while in the air, to make it even longer press 
    'A' after you hear his grunt
    Lick: 'B' - you can use the control stick to make it go diagonal, up, 
    down, or the default, sideways.
    Stomp: Press down on the control stick while in the air
    Sniff: 'R' - use this to look for hidden places in the ground and/or 
    Throwing Eggs: Press 'Z' to bring up the cursor and then press 'Z' again 
    to launch an egg, the egg will not go beyond the "X." Control the "X" 
    with the control stick, you can make it go as far or as close as you 
    Walking/Running: Use the control stick, there is really no need to walk 
    as far as I know.
    Ducking: Press down on the control stick and Yoshi will duck, good to 
    use in tight situations. You can walk while in this mode, ever so 
    -Throwing Eggs-
    When you throw an egg it will stop at the "X" so be sure to control the 
    "X" with the control stick. When an egg hits a wall or the "X" it will 
    explode and cause a small radius of fire, it looks like fireworks. This 
    explosion can defeat baddies, blow up blocks, and pop bubbles. Of 
    course, a direct hit with an egg will do the same. The radius of the 
    explosion is caused by how healthy you are, so if you're about to die it 
    is very small, while if you're 100% the radius will be large. Remember 
    -Sniffing for Secrets-
    Some levels have lots of secrets in the ground while others do not. 
    Press 'R' and the camera will zoom in and Yoshi will start sniffing, 
    walk around and when Yoshi starts to rapidly sniff you're getting close 
    to a spot. When an "!" appears over his/her head move VERY slowly until 
    Yoshi starts to hop up and down and wave at you, stomp there to find a 
    secret. It may be coins, a melon, fruit, a bubble, switches, or even 
    maybe a Heart.
    -Mini Games-
    In most levels, you will face a Mini Game. In all of them, if you win, 
    you get seven melons. 
    Track Meet:
    Run to the end to win, your path it usually full of things to hinder 
    your way. The chomp window above shows you the amount of melons you will 
    get at certain times...kinda.
    Special Delivery:
    Remember playing that old Charlie Brown game on the SNES where you had 
    to balance a bunch of pizza boxes? Same thing, just harder. For most of 
    the game. this is a piece o' cake! But the last few 
    levels...well...they're a @#$%^&!
    Long Jump: 
    This is REALLY hard if you haven't mastered the flutter jump, otherwise 
    it's pretty easy. 
    2) Tips, Tricks, and Secrets
    This is going to be a numbered list
    1. If you fall off a platform over a bottomless pit, flutter the best 
    you can and you might be able to get back on the platform or at least on 
    solid ground. I've saved myself a lot of lives this way.
    2. Conserve your eggs, Egg Blocks are spread far apart. Instead of using 
    an egg to defeat a baddie try a hop, or a stomp, or a lick, try 
    3. There are two different colored Yoshi's that are hidden in Story 
    Mode, Black and White. They like all fruit, all shy guys, their 
    explosions from eggs are really big, and last but not least, they like 
    4. While Super Happy be careful of where you pound the ground, you 
    wouldn't want to turn Shy Guys into fruit therefor losing the possible 
    points you couldn't got from them!
    5. Yoshis have their favorite fruit, although I only eat melons (cough, 
    cough! Take a hint people!). All Yoshi's love melons as well. 
    Green - Water Melons
    Yellow - Bananas
    Red - Apples
    Pink - Apples
    Blue - Grapes
    Light Blue - Grapes
    Black - Anything, including peppers
    White - Anything, including peppers
    All Yoshi's like melons too, plus you get a 100 point bonus
    6. If you find any White Shy Guys, take it to the end. It serves as a 
    1-up of sorts.
    7. You can use Bomb-ombs as eggs, plus they bounce off walls like the 
    eggs in Yoshi's Island. They explode on contact, just don't tow them too 
    long, or they'll "explode on contact" on you!
    8. Going for the best possible score in Trial Mode can be a difficult 
    task, especially because everything counts. Here is a table for your 
    Fruit...... The points you get here are from the fruit you get. This 
                score should always be around 1395 because of the melons.
    Enemies....This is the amount of points from enemies, there are many
               tricks for getting this high, mainly for Shy Guys.
    Coins......You get one point per coin, collect as many as possible. When
               you get a heart fruit you get coin letters.
    Hearts.....100 points per heart, three per stage. 300 points.
    Melons.....100 per melon, 3,000 points!
    Yoshis.....100 points for each Yoshi that is still alive, 600 points 
    9. Here is the Shy Guy trick I was talking about above. If you eat a Shy 
    Guy you  get 1 point, if you eat a Shy Guy that is your favorite you get 
    three points. If you hop on or egg a Shy Guy you get 2x as many points, 
    six points if it's a favorite. Destroy many Shy Guys with one egg and 
    you get tons of points!
    10. I forgot to mention, favorite Shy Guys are the same color as your 
    Yoshi (Red likes red, Blue likes blue, etc.). You can change the color 
    of a Shy Guy by pounding the ground near it, blue, green, yellow, and 
    red (not the order). Black and White Yoshi's like all Shy Guys, 
    including black.
    3) The Guide
    When you find a melon I will list it as (number goes here)
    When you find a Heart I will list it as (Heart # "number goes here")
    It's off to the guide now! Remember, all of this is melons, no grapes, 
    watermelons, bananas, apples, or peppers!
    NOTE: Some of the math doesn't add up right, but I played each level 
    while writing these and they all seem to add up in the game...weird!
    *Page 1*
    This page in just a training ground for the later levels, it focuses on 
    mini-games and pounding for melons, which includes sniffing. 
    Level 1-1: Treasure Hunt
    A very straightforward level, you'll meet Poochy for the first time too!
    Go forward and hop on the Shy Guy, stomp around here for two coins. Fill 
    up on eggs at the Egg Block and pop the bubble with a melon (1). Take 
    care of any offending Shy Guys and jump to the upper path, take care of 
    the two Shy Guys who are carrying melons - (2) and (3). 
    Go to the lower path when the straight path forks, defeat the Blue Shy 
    Guy who is carrying a melon (4). Go to the upper path and there is a 
    melon in the ground, sniff around (5). Wake up Warp 1 by jumping on her. 
    Stomp to get past the Pak. E Derm and then use the "!" balls to go up a 
    steep wall, a melon (6) will drop down. Since you ate six melons in a 
    row you will get a Heart Fruit. 
    Grab the coins around the Pak E. Derm and stomp on the upper path, there 
    is a melon (7) that will come out. Fall down, collecting the coins as 
    you go, and run past the "?" Block. Go to the lower path and collect the 
    two melons the Shy Guys are holding (8) and (9). Go back to the "?" 
    block and hit it. 
    Finish the race and you'll get 7 melons (10-17). Collect the heart fruit 
    and a giant "Y" of coins will appear, collect them and run ahead, don't 
    forget to wake up Warp 2. Grab the melon (18) the Blue Shy Guy is toting 
    and grab the next Heart Fruit, before the Message Block is a melon in 
    the ground (19).  Hop into the vase.
    If you want some major points go to the upper path after Poochy and 
    shoot an egg at all of those Shy Guys. If you're looking for fruit then 
    pound on Poochy's stake to release him. He will rocket off, follow him. 
    He will stop between two blue background things, sniff around and pound 
    for a melon (20). He will stop a short while later, before a Yellow Shy 
    Guy. Pound again (21). And again before the 'in front of your face 
    Heart' (22). Jump at the heart (Heart # 1) and run after Poochy. 
    Go to the upper path, where Poochy is going, and pound before the heart 
    to find two melons (23) and (24). Grab the Heart Fruit. Pound when 
    Poochy stops under the heart for a platform that lets you get to the 
    Heart better (Heart # 2) and some coins. You don't really need it, but 
    Poochy won't go on if you don't, ok, so he will *eventually.
    Follow him downhill and he will stop between two blue things again, 
    pound for yet another melon (25). Wake up Warp 3 if you want to. You 
    will see a Mystery Ball in a bubble, break it open to find a Heart 
    Fruit. Use the eggs to kill all of those Shy Guys for MAJOR points. 
    Stomp where Poochy stops to raise a platform that lets you get to the 
    "?" Block better. Hit it and five coins will come out, chase them down 
    and you get a melon (26).
    Follow him down the lower path to find two more melons, they are above 
    bushes, you'll know when you get there - (27) and (28). Before the path 
    goes up he will stop again, pound there for a platform. Jump on it and 
    shoot an egg at the blue block, grab the Heart (Heart # 3). When Poochy 
    stops between two blue things, again, stomp (29). Only one more to go. 
    Follow Poochy as fast as you can, when the path straightens a melon will 
    fall out of nowhere (30). There we go!
    High Score Tips: Sniff throughout this level, there are tons of coin 
    hordes, especially around Pak E. Derms and the paths Poochy ignores.
    Level 1-2: Surprise!!
    Another straightforward level, the only "surprise" are the balloon 
    baddies near the end of the stage. 
    Go forward and defeat the Wiggler by jumping on each section, you'll get 
    a melon (1). There is another floating above a yellow pipe not far from 
    here (2). Fill up on eggs at the egg station, and run past the spider. 
    Aim correctly and burst both bubbles, they both hold melons - (3) and 
    (4). Go forward to a tree with Shy Guys on it, pound the ground and when 
    they fall out egg 'em all for lots 'o points! Pound where there are 
    arrows pointing different directions for a melon (5).
    Pop the Mystery Ball in the bubble to reveal a switch. Trigger it and 
    hop up the clouds it creates, get the Heart (Heart # 1). When you jump 
    you'll probably hit the Wiggler, that means another melon (6). Grab the 
    Heart Fruit and collect the line of coins, wake up Warp 1. Pound the 
    ground right in the middle of the tree to get another melon (7). Beyond 
    the pipe is another wiggler which means another melon (8). 
    After a Message Block there are some blue blocks, bust them open and 
    then hit the Mystery Ball. Go down the vase. Complete the Special 
    Delivery game to get seven melons (8-15). Grab the Heart Fruit, collect 
    coins, and hop down the vase!
    Do a bit of backtracking and collect the melon above the wiggler, then 
    defeat him - (16) and (17). Go ahead now, collect the Heart Fruit in the 
    bubble and then go to the yellow pipe. Either wait for the effect to 
    wear off or don't get it at all! Get on the yellow pipe and stomp, a 
    Heart will appear (Heart # 2). When the Shy Guys come pouring down take 
    them out too. Keep running until the page flips.
    Now, run forward and push the Mystery Crate out of the way so you can 
    stomp it for a melon (18). Collect the Heart Fruit and run to the next 
    crate, egg it and defeat the Air Bag for a melon (19). It's useful to be 
    Super Happy because you don't lose any eggs. Stomp the next crate to 
    find another melon (20). Only 10 more to go! Hit the Mystery Ball in the 
    bubble to get a raising platform ghost thingie, press up and collect the 
    Heart (Heart # 3) and the coins.
    Get the Heart Fruit in the bubble and stomp so all of the Shy Guys and 
    bubbles get out of the way. When you see a crate jump to the ledge, push 
    the 2nd crate ontop of the 1st one for two melons - (21) and (22). Use 
    the blue platforms to get to the next section, hit the crate with an egg 
    and defeat the Air Bag (23). 
    Stomp the crate and get a melon (24). Get the Heart Fruit. The next part 
    is simple, hit the mystery ball in the bubble to get a platform guy. Go 
    up and collect the coins, two Fly Guys are above and they BOTH have 
    melons, grab them - (25) and (26). Go forward and collect the penguins, 
    they are handy for taking on the Air Bag in the next crate (27). Go to 
    the mystery ball in a bubble, knock it to the right side with your 
    tongue. Bust it open and collect the five coins, they will be easy to 
    get since they will all fall into the little aclove (28). Continue and 
    kill the Air Bag (29) and then the Mystery Ball behind the vase has a 
    melon (30). Good job!
    HighScore Tips: There are lots of coin hordes around here, sniff around!
    Level 1-3: Rail Lift
    This is the first stage with moving cloud platforms and large portions 
    of pits, be careful. The long switch chain at the end can be confusing, 
    at the first time, if you don't have this guide. 
    Go ahead and fill up on eggs, you'll need some. Make your way past the 
    Shy Guys on Stilts by using the "!" balls. You won't see any melons for 
    awhile, but the first one is carried by a Blue Shy Guy (1). The next one 
    is found in a mystery ball (2), don't worry, it has a parachute on it. 
    Pound on the "-->" sign to find another melon (3).
    Hit the melon in the bubble with your tongue over the ground and break 
    it with an egg, it drops without a 'chute (4). When you get to some "!" 
    balls by a steep wall look up using the control stick, you will see a 
    Mystery Ball high in the air. Break it to reveal a switch, hit it. Use 
    the "!" balls that appear to get to a bunch of clouds with a Bee (Bee 1) 
    and a Heart (Heart # 1). Hit the switch and follow the clouds to the 
    next part. A Fly Shy is carrying a melon (5). Go to the next page.
    Pound where Poochy is for a melon (6). Get the Heart fruit and hop on 
    the cloud and get the melon below it with your tongue (7). Drop down to 
    the ground and get on the cloud that is circling a line. Hit the red 
    switch with an egg to open the line. You'll get three melons along the 
    way: (8), (9), and (10). Go to the next section.
    Complete the almost too easy Special Delivery for 7 melons (11-18). Grab 
    the melon by the line (19). Hit the switch with an egg so the track 
    opens and the ball goes away, hit the bubble for a Heart (Heart # 2). 
    Another melon is in a bubble (20). If I were you I would just ignore the 
    next Mystery Ball, but don't forget about it. Hop on the clouds and take 
    a ride, if you fall it means death. There are four easy melons along the 
    way (20-24). At the end jump and get the Heart (Heart # 3).
    Put your "X" right on the switch and let the egg go, the cloud will come 
    to you. Along the way are another four melons, and the first one will 
    trigger a Heart Fruit (25-27). You can get them even easier, with that 
    long tongue and all. At the end is a melon in a bubble (28). Use Warp 4 
    to get back to Warp 3, go to the bubble I told you to ignore. 
    Hit it and trigger the switch, run over the clouds and get on the cloud. 
    Hit the switch and the second you think you can get to land, jump! Hit 
    the next switch and let the cloud come to you, when it gets at the high 
    point jump to land, quickly run to the red pipe, there are two melons 
    waiting for you - (29) and (30).
    Level 1-4: Tower Climb
    The first vertical stage, lots of cannons, platforms, clouds, and best 
    of all, melons.
    Run over to the right and fill your energy with the power flower. Hop 
    onto a helicopter pad and fly up to the ledge with the Egg Block, load 
    up your eggs. A ledge over it has a melon (1). Keep going up until you 
    see Ms. Warp, run to the right of her to trigger some melons for later. 
    Across from Ms. Warp is a tunnel with a melon at the end (2). At the top 
    collect the five coins from the "?" Block to get a melon (3).
    I usually try to avoid the umbrella, so jump over it. Flutter to a far 
    ledge for another melon (4). Jump to the left and you will land on a 
    ledge with an apple, stomp here for a melon (5). Drop down for the two 
    melons you activated earlier - (6) and (7). Fall and flutter to the 
    melon in a bubble blow the egg block ledge (8). Drop down, and past the 
    blue blocks is a place where there are two cannons and a lucky fruit, 
    pound here (9). 
    Fall and hold right, you will fall on a ledge. Pound here for a melon 
    (10). Enter the wooden door. There are three melons in this room (10-
    13). Follow the path until you get to a Mystery Crate, bust it open and 
    head down the pot. Complete the easy mini-game for 7 melons (14-21). 
    When you re-appear use the "!" balls to go up to a ledge with a coin on 
    it, there is a melon in the ground (22). At the top is a Heart (Heart # 
    Fall down to where Poochy is, there are two melons here. One on the 
    ledge with Poochy (23) and one on the Ledge above the Egg Block, with 
    the single coin. Use the "!" balls to reach the narrow exit above.
    Use the Tulip to go to the upper clouds, three melons and a Heart await 
    (Heart # 2)  (23-25). Fall down and land on the ledge with Ms. Warp # 3, 
    enter the door. Jump above a cloud and hold up while fluttering, you 
    will soar high. Along the way is a Heart (Heart # 3) and three melons on 
    clouds, one to the left, the right, and at the end (25-29). Then the 
    final one in a bubble before the pot (30).  
    *Page 2*
    The 2nd page's theme is underground stuff, lava, and pipes. Pretty 
    varied. The first stage is a cave, the 2nd a lava world, the 3rd a pipe 
    level, and the 4th a water pipe level.
    Level 2-1: Bone Dragon Pit
    Well, it's basically an underground cave stage. 
    When you see three nippers, pound on the white spot for a melon (1). 
    When you defeat the hordes of nipper spores and nipper you get a melon 
    (2). Go up the hill and defeat the Bone Dragon for loads of coins. When 
    you get to a melon on a spore be careful, jump and lash out the tongue 
    so it hits the melon and NOT a nipper spore, you don't want it going 
    down the brink (3)! Pound where Poochy is for a Heart (Heart # 1). 
    Before the blue blocks there is a white light on the ground, pound for 
    some platforms. Follow them to an Egg Block and a melon (4). Go forward 
    and get the Heart Fruit in a bubble, break open the next bubble for five 
    coins, when collected they yield a melon (5). After Warp 2 is a melon as 
    well (6), and a Bone Dragon that can be difficult to hit. After walking 
    a few feet Lakitu will drop in, reply with an egg and use his cloud to 
    reach a vase above.
    Enter it with full eggs, defeat the Sub Boss for three melons (6-9). 
    There is a tenth melon in the white space when you drop back down (10). 
    One of the rock creatures is guarding a melon in a bubble (11), and 
    another melon is in the ground before the vase. You guessed it, it's in 
    the white space (12). Hop into the vase.
    Fall down and destroy all of the blue blocks with eggs, in the next room 
    are two melons - (13) and (14). In the side is a room with two melons in 
    bubbles - (15) and (16). Go below the "platform makers" and follow the 
    path to a ledge with a bubble, hit it to reveal a switch. Hit it and 
    collect the Heart (Heart # 2). Use the platform makers to go to the very 
    top path, fall down the shaft and hold left. Enter the vase.
    Complete the easy special delivery mini game for seven melons (16-23). 
    Exit the mini game. You will see some coins and a white light, shoot an 
    egg into this to get a melon (24). The rest of the melons are in this 
    next room, either in the platforms with white lights on them or in 
    bubble above a platform (25-30). The 3rd Heart is won from a Sub Boss in 
    a room after this room (Heart # 3). 
    Level 2-2: Blargg's Boiler
    The first time for lava, if you fall in you die (who didn't know that?). 
    It can get kinda tricky because many bubble hold melons and if you miss 
    them when they fall out they fall into the lava...
    You can get past all of the Blargg's in this stage by hitting them with 
    an egg. After running for awhile you will come to a bubble with a melon 
    (1). After that there is a Heart below a bone, get on the bone and when 
    it sinks you will collect the Heart (Heart # 1). The 2nd melon is 
    carried by a Fly Shy (2). Shortly after that is a message block, pound 
    near it for another (3). Another Shy Fly is carrying a melon (4). If you 
    miss and eat him the melon will go into the lava!
    Jump and get the cursor so that it will hit the bubble and Blargg, while 
    fluttering in the air shoot it for a melon (5). The bone platform right 
    after that has a melon below the coin (6). Eat the Heart Fruit and 
    follow the trail of coins, two melons are floating in the air on the 
    long stretch - (7) and (8). The 9th one does NOT have a parachute, 
    better catch it (9)! I suggest getting below it and pushing up when you 
    Go to the end and warp through the pot. Hit the bubble and collect the 
    coins for a melon (10), if you don't get them in one smooth jump they'll 
    go into the lava and be lost. There's a melon in the ground below the 
    hovering coin (11).  Hop on the ball and ride it over the lava, you'll 
    get a melon at the end (12). Pound near the Egg Block for treasure (13). 
    This next melon can be difficult to get, it's right over the lava in a 
    bubble without a 'chute...just aim carefully (14). Behind the Blargg is 
    a Heart, when he goes down shoot an egg at it (Heart 2). Behind the bone 
    above the Heart is a melon in the ground, near the bananas (15). Another 
    melon here is difficult to get, it has a parachute but it is dangerously 
    close to the lava and you are on collapsing bones...(16).
    If you haven't guess it yet, there is ANOTHER MELON IN THE GROUND (17) 
    by the Egg Block...Nintendo went a little crazy with this melon in the 
    ground thing! The next part is the toughest part yet, there are three 
    Shy Flys carrying melons above the air while you are riding the ball. If 
    you miss the melon falls into the lava, aim VERY carefully. (18-20). 
    When you get to the end pound below the blue pipe (21). Enter the pipe 
    and complete the Mini-Game for seven melons, pretty easy really (22-28). 
    Go down the exit pot. Go to the left and be careful of the wandering 
    Blargg, get the melon he is guarding oh so well (29). Go back to the 
    right and get the Heart by standing on the collapsing bone (Heart # 3). 
    Pound near the exit for the final, easy melon (30). 
    Level 2-3: Jelly Pipe
    Very original, also very short. At the first part jelly hinders your 
    path, stomp and it will go down some.
    There are two ways of doing this, I think this way is more 
    straightforward and easy.
    Run forward and fill up on eggs and energy via the power flower. Hit the 
    "?" Block from underneath ten times (getting a coin for each time) for a 
    melon (1). Pound the ground on the jelly so you can get under the 
    spikes. Go down and push the Mystery Crate against the wall, jump on it 
    and flutter to the top. Get the Heart (Heart # 1) and the melon in the 
    ground near it (2). Go back down and stomp the crate (3). 
    Drop ALL the way down, take a right. When you see the blue slime that 
    you can't see through look at the section to the far left, stomp so you 
    can see a melon (4). Push the Mystery Crate into the slime and a melon 
    will pop out (5). Ignore the exit and look above the message block, 
    there is a "!" ball there, use it to get to the top. Shove the Mystery 
    Crate up there into the slime (6). Follow the path right for a melon (7) 
    and a pot, hop on in.
    Defeat the Sub Boss for a Heart (Heart # 2). Go back and exit through 
    the hole, or use Ms. Warp. Go back until you get to the place where you 
    fall forever, the first time hold left and flutter to the opening, fall 
    down this separate shaft and hold right for a melon (8). Drop down and 
    get into the tunnel. Go forward and collect the melon in the bubble (9) 
    and head downwards. Hit the mystery ball for five coins, collect them 
    for the 10th melon (10). 
    Head left but ignore Poochy, use the platforms to go up above the 
    mystery crate. Along the way is a melon (11). Push the mystery crate, 
    you will see some boos along the way. Hold down so they go up and above 
    you, collect their melon (12). Push the crate down the platforms and 
    when there is dead space push it all the way down, right into the goo 
    (13). Pay Poochy a visit and stomp where he is for some blue platforms, 
    follow them up. Before jumping up to where the Heart is, stomp for a 
    melon (14). 
    Jump and flutter up there for another melon in a bubble (15). Get the 
    Heart (Heart # 3), it requires an egg because of the blue blocks though. 
    Use the "!" ball and get up, go to the right, this place should look 
    familiar. Get the Boo's booty (16). Hit the blue blocks and get ready 
    for a load of melons. By following the path you will collect five 
    melons, from bubbles and boos (17-22). Get the Heart Fruit and run down 
    the platforms and hit the blue blocks to get to a room with three 
    bubbles, three melons (23-26). Go down and get the melon from the boos 
    (27) and go right to the dead end, pound here (28). Go left to find a 
    crate on a ledge, push it and fall down the shaft. Push it to the other 
    crate for two melons (29) and (30). 
    Level 2-4: Torrential Maze
    Currents of water will push you down tunnels and you must fight them to 
    collect the tricky melons. At first you won't get much, but at the end 
    you get bunches of them {melons}.
    Go forward and load up on eggs, hop up the blue platforms and turn 
    right. Push the two crates together to get two melons (1) and (2). Hop 
    on the copters and ride them up to collect a melon (3). Turn a sharp 
    left to avoid the spikes on the ceiling, go up there and collect the 
    Heart in the aclove (Heart # 1). Jump and flutter up to the tunnel above 
    it, go in.
    Wait for a ghost platform to appear where you are and when it does 
    QUICKLY climb up and jump over the wall. Below the platform makers is a 
    melon (4). Ride 'em up and then switch over, collect the two melons that 
    come floating down (5) and (6). When you get to the top jump over the 
    barrier and land on a ghost, aim your tongue down to lick a melon (7). 
    Before the ghost vanishes jump up and into the hole, now turn the page. 
    Here you must jump over gaps that lead to death, but the problem is the 
    water. Every few seconds water will come gushing out and try to knock 
    you over, time it right and don't mess around. Ignore the crate and jump 
    up the platforms to go to the upper level. Shoot all of the blue blocks, 
    the last one will hold a switch, trigger it. Push the crate across the 
    clouds and down the hole, it will land in front of the one you ignored. 
    Push 'em together - (8) and (9)! 
    Reload your eggs and continue, I would bust the melon in the bubble 
    because one time I bounced off of it and went "bye bye." At the end is a 
    tunnel, go into it and flip the page! Break open the blue blocks and 
    push the crate over the edge, it will fall into the goo (10). Push the 
    2nd one into it as well (11). Lots of melons from crates, huh? Fall down 
    the path and watch out for the purple things, water will be pushing you 
    along and the control is now somewhat erratic. At the end are two 
    bubbles, pop them and climb the "!" balls that appear. At the end is a 
    Heart (Heart # 2). 
    Now go back down and go to the end, get the melon in the goo (12). When 
    you appear push the crate over the edge and it will connect with another 
    one, the result is two melons - (13) and (14). Turn left and keep going, 
    go to the upper left hand corner of the screen. Fall down the shaft by 
    the "!" ball, hold right to enter a vine room. At the bottom is a melon 
    (15). Now go back down the shaft, follow the blue platforms and "!" 
    balls to a copter, use it to go up the shaft to find a melon (16). 
    Go back to where you got melons 13 and 14, turn right instead of left 
    now. Go down and follow the path to some brown platforms, look up and 
    jump on the ledge. The ledge with three coins has a melon in it, sniff 
    around (17). Fall down and hit the "?" Block, collect the coins that go 
    to the right so they don't get away. The others will bunch up to the 
    right. Collect them all for a melon (18). When sliding down hop on the 
    next ledge and pop the bubble (19). After falling down a tunnel hold 
    right to get to  room with some goo and a melon (20).
    Fall all the way down to come to a new room, a melon is in the red glop 
    (21). Hop onto the ghosts and get to the thin piece of wood, jump up to 
    get a Heart (Heart # 3). There is another aclove like that with a melon 
    in it (22) but it requires swift fluttering or a nice ghost. Use a ghost 
    (or a flutter) to scale the wall, throw an egg where Poochy is to reveal 
    a Tulip. Shoot yourself at the top and flip the page.
    Eat both Fly Shys so when you get a Heart Fruit and stomp you don't 
    accidentally eat the fruit they turn into. Shoot an egg, collect the 
    melons, get the Heart Fruit, do one big stomp and collect all eight 
    melons (23-30)!  
    *Page 3*
    Sky and snow levels
    Level 3-1: Cloud Cruising
    At the first part you will need to advance higher by using the snakes, 
    everytime you hop on them they change directions. For example, if you're 
    going up and you hop and land on them they will start going down.  
    This stage is sooo easy. Hop on the blue snake and collect the three 
    melons in a row (1-3). The 1st cloud (the one to the very left) has a 
    melon, stomp for it (4). Hop on and ride the pink snake, switch to next 
    one. When switching to the 3rd one collect the melon in the air (5). 
    Ride the 3rd snake up to collect two melons (6) and (7). Hit the bubble 
    for a Heart (Heart # 1). Hop on the next blue snake and ride it to the 
    very right (if you're having trouble avoiding the Shy Flys, try an egg), 
    fall down and enter the pot.  
    You'll get to a place where TONS of Shy Flys will charge in at you, 
    destroy them with eggs to get five melons (8-12). Don't worry if you 
    don't get them all in one pass, they'll be back shortly. Make sure none 
    of the fruit they're carrying falls into the middle, you wouldn't want 
    to accidentally eat them! If one does, go left or right and come back, 
    they should disappear. Head into the pot to turn the page again. 
    Hop up the clouds and enter the pipe, pound one of the clouds for a 
    Heart (Heart 2). Go back out to where the dragon is, don't bother 
    collecting any melons though, you'll come back here soon. Along the 
    course you'll see a switch pad, hit it with an egg and go up the 
    platforms that appear, go into the pot. Wait a second or two and another 
    pad will come, hit it and jump on EVERY cloud that appears. By the time 
    you get to the top and collect the Heart (Heart 2) and all the melons, 
    you'll have collected 10 melons (12-22). Go down and down the pot, 
    you'll appear at the dragon. Use him to cross the sky and collect the 
    rest of the melons they are in bubbles and in mid-air. If you need any 
    eggs eat the bees that come your way (22-30).
    Level 3-2: The Tall Tower
    A big....um...tower! :) Near the end you'll find lots of spiked balls, 
    and your good ol'e pals the Ravens. 
    You may want to turn the volume down a bit on this one (ew...nasty 
    music!) to save your sanity. I won't go into details, but before you get 
    to the pot, you should have collected nine melons (1-9) and a Heart 
    (Heart # 1). The next 'grueling' test is the leaf, hop on and go to the 
    next platform, pound for a melon (10). get on the next leaf and ride it 
    to a Mini-Game! Complete the easy Track Event for seven melons (11-17). 
    Use the leaf to get a Heart (Heart # 2) before hoping in the vase.
    Collect the two melons and then follow the path to find two bubbles side 
    by side - (18) and (19). Hit them both for two melons - (20) and (21). 
    You'll find a melon in a bubble (22) and anther one in the air (23). 
    Soon you'll come to a TeeHee butterfly, behind it are some platforms, 
    sniff around and pound (24). Use the Heart Fruit's powers to get past 
    the Shy Flys, springs, Ravens, and all of that other nasty stuff. Soon 
    you'll come to a large spring, jump and follow the coins to a Heart 
    (Heart # 3). Behind the spring are some platforms, use them to get up 
    the large balls...uh...yeah. There is a melon above one (25). Keep 
    going, and hop on the play dough looking platform, to the left is a 
    melon (26). This next part can be tricky, but it's easy anyways. When 
    the Raven is at the bottom of the ball, hit the "?" Block a few times 
    and a melon will come out (27). Another melon in a bubble (28). Get past 
    the balls and a large spiked ball (too many balls!!) and get on top of 
    the sign, stomp for a melon (29). The final melon is in a bubble before 
    the end...yay (30)!  
    Level 3-3: Poochy And Nippy
    Every game needs a snow level! Well...it's kinda like a snow level...
    Run forward and get on the see saws. Look up and climb the "!" ball for 
    a Heart (Heart # 1). Run some more and be prepared for four Fly Shys 
    that are gonna come in, defeat them all in one egg for a melon (1). 
    Complete the easy Min-Game for seven melons (2-8). Collect the Heart 
    Fruit and run as fast as you can forward and hop on the logs, shoot at 
    the blue blocks, since you have un-limited eggs you won't waste any! A 
    Heart will appear (Heart # 2).
    Collect the 2nd Heart Fruit from the Fly Shy and collect the coins, go 
    to the log with a bubble near it. Hit it and lash out your extra long 
    tongue to get the melon (9), all while teetering on a see saw. Go into 
    the vase. There is a melon in a bubble above a blue pipe (10). Collect 
    the five coins from the nearby "?" block for another melon (11). Yet 
    another melon can be found by pounding where the Power Flower is (12). 
    Go to the path that Poochy is on, go through the vase.
    Pound on the Power Flower for another melon (13). A nice Red Shy Guy is 
    carrying a melon, grab it (14). Beware of the constant downpour of bombs 
    from the goonies, if you get hit once you could very well get hit again. 
    A Shy Fly teases you with a melon above (15). Push the crates together 
    for two melons - (16) and (17). Go through the vase that Poochy is by.
    This next part might get a little confusing, hop on the shortest row of 
    blue blocks. Look to your left and shoot the block that Yoshi is looking 
    at, a melon appears (18). Destroy the top block on the right, and then 
    the new top one. Kill the Shy Guy that appears and destroy the new top 
    one, a melon appears (19). A melon is being toted by a nearby Shy Fly, 
    aim carefully (20). Before going into the vase that Poochy is near, 
    pound where the Power Flower is (21). 
    This next part is easy, push the crate all the way to the other side 
    where the finish line is. When a goonie is coming stop pushing and it's 
    bomb will go slightly in front of you! You reward is a melon (22). Pound 
    on the Power Flower for another melon (23). Hop on a goonie and take a 
    ride, going to the left that is. Along the way will be three melons in 
    bubbles (23-26). Or...you could get below them and flutter jump up and 
    hit them with eggs, you'll get them anyways. Go on the path 
    where...Poochy is!
    Going down the natural stairs you will see a Flower Power, yeah, you 
    guessed it pound it (27). Collect the masses of coins and hop on a 
    goonie. Above you'll find the rest of the melons and a Heart (Heart # 3) 
    Level 3-4: Frustration
    It's another snow level. The only part where frustration will occur is 
    at the end when you try the mini-game!
    Hop on the giant wheel and turn it by running, hop over the gaps and 
    make your way across the gorge. Along the way you'll find a melon (1) 
    and a Heart (Heart # 1). At the end is a staircase, follow it to some 
    teeter totters. Here you will find two melons - (2) and (3). At the end 
    are lots of blue blocks, the uppermost one has a melon too (4). You will 
    once again meet the Shy Flys, kill them all with one egg for a melon 
    (5). Next is a race, hit the "?" Block and hop in the wheel, along the 
    way you will find three melons, plus the seven for the race and that's 
    10 melons (6-15)! Go through the exit.
    Go to the upper path and it will make a melon on the lower path appear, 
    just be careful of the two worms (16). Before hopping up the wall pound 
    for a melon (17). Avoid the penguins and push the melon in the bubble 
    over safe ground and then pop it (18). Break the blue blocks and then 
    the bubble for a Heart (Heart # 2). 
    Collect the penguin ammo and then get the melon AND the Heart Fruit in 
    the bubbles (19). While Super Happy break the blue blocks and get the 
    melon, it's easier this way because of the worm (20). Another melon is 
    found above the red pipe (21). At the end of the path is a bubble with a 
    Heart (Heart # 3) and a melon in the ground (22). This next mini-game is 
    the hardest and most insane yet, here's a few tips: Before the paths 
    split make the melons completely straight so you don't have to run 
    forward or backwards, after he passes wait a few seconds, get it leaning 
    forward and run to the end (23-29). Pound where Poochy is for the last 
    melon (30).
    *Page 4*
    Tropical Jungles with all kinds of weird stages. I think this is where 
    Nintendo went insane from the cute, fluffy stuff. 
    Level 4-1: Jungle Hut
    A large hut place with many side areas where you collect melons.
    Very Non-Linear stage here. From the start go right and into the hut. 
    You can find three melons in blue blocks, instead of wasting eggs on 
    them all just stand on top of them and sniff (1-3). One will also appear 
    if you get all of the coins (4). And a fifth one can be found in the 
    back of the hut (5). Go back to the beginning. 
    Go to the left, all the way until you get to a hut. There is one in the 
    back (6). Stomp for a Heart Fruit if you want to. In the hut you can get 
    four melons, three from bubbles and one for collecting all of the coins 
    (6-10). Go back via the lower path.
    Make your way to the right until you get to some blue blocks, break them 
    open and go through the pipe. Flutter jump to the roof of the hut, a 
    melon awaits you (11). Head into the hut. Four melons can be found in 
    bubbles (12-15). Go up the platforms to the right to go up a pipe and 
    get a Heart (Heart # 1). Hop up and right to another hut. Four melons 
    can be found, three in blocks and one for collecting the coins (16-19).  
    This hut has a ton of Gabons so be careful, lots of balls are rolling 
    all over the place! Go back to the main section via the lower path.
    Hop up on some platforms to discover a tulip, use it on the upper right 
    hand corner to get a Heart, where you will arrive above another Heart 
    (Heart # 2). Flutter jump to it (Heart # 3). Flutter to the upper 
    section and go left towards the hut. Five melons can be found here, two 
    in bubbles, two by themselves, and one in the back (20-24). Just be 
    careful of the chomps, they can come out of no where and surprise you. 
    Go back to the main section.
    Jump up to the next platform and go up the green pipe, this is the final 
    hut. Climb to the top being careful not to touch any spiders. At the top 
    is a switch, trigger it and grab the rest of the melons. Be careful, 
    they only last a limited time! (25-30).
    Level 4-2: Jungle Puddle
    They should've named THIS level frustration, the last section with the 
    blurps can be VERY frustrating indeed.
    Go forward and over the platforms, bust open the first bubble for a 
    Heart (Heart # 1). Dive into the water and collect the three coins, a 
    melon will appear (1). Jump out and get the bubble for another (2). Get 
    back on land and pop open the bubble and collect all five coins that 
    spill out (3). Get back into the water and dive deep for a water melon 
    (4). Go back on land and go to the trio of Mystery Crates, stomp the 
    middle one (5) and push the last two together - (6) and (7). 
    Follow the line of coins from the Heart Fruit that drops down until you 
    see another melon in a bubble (8), which is your cue to dive deep into 
    the water and snatch the Heart (Heart # 2). Near Warp 2 is another 
    bubble melon (9). Go on land and find the switch, hit it and many coins, 
    plus a melon (10), will appear. Collect them all and hop down the vase, 
    it's time for some cussing!
    Go forward and eat the melon in plain site (11). Push the crate on top 
    to the one on the bottom, be VERY careful when doing this... - (12) and 
    (13). I bet you just got ate by that fish! After walking a little bit a 
    blue fish will replace the red one, this one spits water and attempts to 
    knock you into it's mouth. Hit the bubble and get the coins that come 
    out (14). Then go back and jump into the water, head down the pipe.
    Complete the pretty tough mini-game for seven melons (15-21). The next 
    three melons are in bubbles (21-24). Then one is in the ground shortly 
    after an Egg Block. Then run and quickly push the crate to the other 
    one, this one really tests your patience because that @#$%^&! blue fish 
    is spitting water and you're pushing the crate at about .01 inches a 
    second, move around a little and you can push it a few feet if you're 
    good. At the end you get two melons - (25) and (26). Then another bubble 
    (27). Pound the ground for another (28). That's funny...I completed the 
    stage...ah, who cares....hehe...
    Level 4-3: Piranha Grove
    What, you think they can have a Mario (related to Mario games at least) 
    game without Piranha Plants?! Blasemphy! 
    Get up the blue platforms and collect six eggs, use them to defeat two 
    piranhas and get four  melons from bubbles (1-4). Reload and go to the 
    Mystery Crate, push it to the next, defeating three piranhas (5) and 
    (6). Flip the page!
    At the second log stomp for a few platforms up to a Heart (Heart # 1). 
    By Warp 2 stomp for a melon (7). After that get the melon that floats by 
    (8). Another one (without a parachute) is in a bubble (9). Go to the egg 
    block and reload, stomp for a melon (10) and hop on the platforms. Ride 
    them up to another bubble (11). Defeat the piranha and hit the "?" Block 
    a few times (12). Get the Heart Fruit and motor it to the next log and 
    stomp (13). Defeat all the piranhas you can, they are very annoying. Get 
    on the platforms and go even higher, stomp on the next log (14). Ride 
    'em up!
    Hit the bubble for a Heart (Heart # 2). Hit the next log (25). Jump and 
    follow the coins down. Head down the vase.  Defeat all the plants and 
    stomp for a melon (16). Reload your eggs and head for the balls, a melon 
    in a bubble awaits (17). Get on the last ball and roll to the "?" block, 
    hit it and collect the coins that spew out (18). Another one is in a 
    bubble (19). Get the Heart Fruit and kill everything you see!
    Hop on the ball and ride it down the spikes and stuff, hop into the vase 
    at the end. Defeat all of the piranhas before taking on the Mini-Game, 
    easy melons (20-26). The other three are in melons, the final one by 
    Warp 4. The Heart is also along the way, hit it with an egg (Heart # 3) 
    Level 4-4: Neuron Jungle
    I don't wanna know what Nintendo was drinking when they made this level. 
    Neurons are those big, multicolored creatures that help you "reach new 
    heights." Oh brother...
    Go forward and enter the pipe. O.K...Go straight to two Red Neurons, 
    pound one down to collect the Heart (Heart # 1) and then go down and 
    load up on eggs. Jump on the Purple Neuron and collect the melon (1). Go 
    to Warp 1 and stomp near the "<--" sign to get another melon (2). Return 
    to the Blue Neuron, go down to a purple one and get the melon (3). 
    You'll see a big Blue Neuron going back and fourth, get on top of him 
    and hop left, a melon will drop down (4). Continue left to find another 
    Neuron, stomp him down to reveal a path, follow it. The small island 
    with a "-->" sign on it has a melon (5). Above the vase is a melon in a 
    bubble (6), hop down the vase.
    The trick to this Mini-Game is not to swim, but to flutter jump from the 
    top of the posts. Still, it *might* be possible to swim to the end, but 
    I've never succeeded that way (7-13), exit. Follow the path forward 
    until you see a "?" bubble, hit it to reveal a switch. Activate it and 
    stomp the nearest Neuron, collect the three melons that appeared (14-
    16). Go past the fallen neuron to find a path, go left to find a melon 
    in a bubble (17). Head right and stomp the Red Neuron, get the Heart 
    with a well aimed egg (Heart # 2). There are two paths to take, they 
    both have a melon at the end - (18) and (19). There is a melon above an 
    Orange Neuron, before the vase (20). 
    Hop in the wooden boat (you don't have to though) and go through the 
    river, near the end of your ride is a melon (21). Reload your eggs at 
    the Egg Block and go to the long stretch of land. Pound before the 
    Purple Sea Cactus for a melon (22). The next platform has a bubble in 
    it, pop it and get the five coins for a melon (23). After that there is 
    a bubble moving over a big pile of sea cacti, two eggs will do the trick 
    (one to pop the bubble, another to collect the Heart) (Heart # 3). Hop 
    in the water and take a swim, but watch out, some of the cacti will fall 
    down on you! You'll spot a melon, on your way, too (24)! Follow the coin 
    line to a dead end, pound for a melon (25). Defeat all of the frogs in 
    the next area, so they won't interfere. Hit the "?" Block a couple of 
    times and a melon will pop out (26). 
    You'll come to a huge structure that is absolutely CRAWLING with frogs, 
    defeat them all while collecting the coins, the central island has a 
    melon (27) as well. Use the boat to do the next part, it is better 
    because if you get hit you don't fall down the cliff (underwater cliff, 
    that is). You'll get a melon in the air (28) and another is carried by a 
    Shy Fly, aim carefully (29)! The last melon in this level is triggered 
    by collecting all of the coins in the stage, which is rather easy 
    because none of them are in the ground, they're all in the air and such 
    *Page 5*
    The first two levels are water based and the last two are land based
    Level 5-1: Lots O' Jelly Fish!
    Yep, it's true. Lots o' Jellyfish! Check out all the crevices too, there 
    are melons and other items hidden there.
    Go ahead and hop into the pipe! Swim until there is a wide open spot, 
    it's at the top (1). Swim into the crevice almost directly under it, 
    you'll get another melon (2) and a Heart (Heart # 1). You'll find two 
    crevices, each has a melon - (3) and (4). Dive into the next one to find 
    three melons together (4-7). Get the Heart to the left (Heart # 2). Go 
    down and right for two more - (8) and (9). Another one is in a corner 
    when you enter, it's hard to miss (10). Swim through the horizontal red 
    Avoid the Snorkel fish and get to the other pipe. Go straight to find a 
    melon under a Jelly Fish (11). Swim awhile and go down another crevice 
    to find the 3rd Heart (Heart # 3). A tunnel above has a melon at the end 
    (12). Find the yellow pipe and go in. Win the pretty easy Mini-Game for 
    seven melons (13-19). Go down the vase. Two melons are among the sea 
    cacti - (20) and (21). Make a third in one of the tunnels (22). You'll 
    find a yellow pipe soon. Go backwards and pound to get a melon (22). Get 
    ready to be assaulted by Shy Flys! You should find the rest here (23-
    Level 5-2: Lots O' Fish!
    The traveling takes place underwater, but the bulk of the melons are 
    through pipes that lead above ground.
    Swim forward and then up to meet a green pipe. Go to the "<--" sign and 
    stop, jump on the platforms that appear. Break the blue block and push 
    the two Mystery Crates together - (1) and (2). Pound near Poochy to get 
    another (3). Follow the path until you get to an octopus, collect the 
    melon in his poisonous tentacles (4). Go down the pipe near him. You'll 
    get seven melons from the fish that come to you, and if you defeat them 
    all you get a Heart (Heart # 1) (5-11). Exit.
    Swim up until you reach a red pipe, go up it. Sniff by the bees and hit 
    the blue block and the switch. Get the gobs of coins and the two melons 
    -  (12) and (13). Exit back into the nice cool water. Swim diagonally 
    down to find another squid with a melon (14). Follow the path and dive 
    down to get to a green pipe by a clam, enter it.
    Get the melon the Shy Guy is carrying (15) and then stomp on the "<--" 
    sign for a switch, hit it for two melons - (16) and (17). Swim left for 
    a Heart (Heart # 2), when you collect it three melons will drop down 
    (18-20). Swim by the path and you'll meet another squid (21). Go up the 
    final, blue pipe. 
    Pound near Poochy for another melon (22). Get by the Hornet's nest and 
    shoot at it, you'll get another melon (23) and probably get whacked by 
    the hornets. Complete the simple Mini-Game, here's  a hint if you're 
    stumped though, sniff to get past the bees (24-30). Hit the bubble 
    before you gobble down the melons and you'll get a Heart (Heart # 3). 
    Level 5-3: Shy Guy Limbo
    Here, Shy Guys have Limbo sticks and you must jump over them. How low 
    can YOU go?
    This might sound weird, but go forward and then come back. Wait for the 
    Lakitu to come by, dodge his shots and he'll drop down some melons. Go 
    back when he gets near the bottomless pits, go back and wait for him to 
    come back. Keep doing this until you get five melons (1-5). Now go 
    forward. Go past all of the Shy Guys and grab the melon in the air (6). 
    Hit the bubble in the hole for another melon (7). Go to the "!" balls 
    and jump near the lucky fruit, a bubble will pop out of thin air. Hit it 
    for a melon (8). When you are on the last "!" ball, jump high and put 
    your tongue up, you'll grab onto another one. Go into the pipe. Do the 
    VERY EASY Mini-Game for seven melons (9-15). 
    Follow the coins down. Collect the five coins from the bubble in the 
    valley for a melon (16). Pound in the middle of the valley for another 
    melon too (17). Get the bubble above the pit for a melon, don't worry, 
    it has a parachute (18). Follow the path past the Shy Guys and hit the 
    switch, it will trigger a Heart (Heart # 1). Go down the pot. 
    Run down the path and collect the melon from the bubble (19). In the 
    middle of the Limbo Shy Guy, pound for a switch. Hit it and jump up the 
    clouds that appear. At the top are two melons in bubbles - (20) and 
    (21). Kill the Lakitu and get the melon from the Shy Fly (22). Another 
    Shy Fly of course, has a melon (23). Also, pound on that platform for a 
    melon (24). And the platform after the one with the lucky fruit has a 
    Heart (Heart # 2). 
    When you get on the path again you will be greeted with four Shy Flys, 
    take them all out in one shot for a melon (25). Ok, run a little bit and 
    then jump onto the clouds above the ground. Head left for a melon in a 
    bubble (26) and then right for a Heart (Heart # 3), pound on the cloud 
    furthest to the right  for a melon (27). A bubble with a melon is below 
    the clouds as well (28). Drop down to the main path. A Shy Fly has an 
    easy (29) melon, and the final one is in a bubble (30).
    5-4: Shy Guy's Ship
    Another Shy Guy related stage, Shy Guy Ships make many appearances. They 
    will blast three Bomb-ombs at Yoshi, in some places this is bad because 
    when they explode it will destroy the flooring!
    This stage took me awhile to figure out, so here it goes...
    Go forward until you reach a bunch of pipes. Avoid the Bomb-ombs the 
    best you can while jumping in-between each pipe, a melon will appear 
    (1). Another one is in above a pipe (2). The next three are clearly 
    visible above pits (3-5). Walk forward, after the third "!" ball is a 
    melon (6). Collect the Heart Fruit and climb the 3rd "!" ball, the 
    longer tongue will help you get to the hidden "!" ball above it, another 
    melon is up there (7). 
    Go forward and jump over all the Shy Guys on Stilts, when the ground 
    drops after the pepper stomp for a melon (8). Go forward to get to a 
    neat area, make sure the bombs-ombs DO NOT blow away any blocks you're 
    standing on. Stomp the 4th block for a melon (9) and knock the 3rd one 
    out with an egg for a Heart (Heart # 1). Just make sure you don't knock 
    out the blocks you're standing on. Go to the next block section. Knock 
    out the 2nd block and a melon will fall to the lower section (10). 
    Quickly jump out because by now Bomb-ombs are flooding the lower 
    section, if they blow the flooring will collapse and you'll go "Bye 
    There is nothing to be found in the 3rd section except an Egg Block. Get 
    the Heart fruit in the bubble, it can be useful in the next part. Avoid 
    the Stilt Guys and pound around for two melons - (11) and (12). Go right 
    and go into the next page. A Shy Fly flies above a cloud, kinda. Hit it 
    with an egg so the melon lands on your cloud, make sure it doesn't go 
    down the cliff (13). Go down the 2nd blue pie. Complete the easy Mini-
    Game for seven melons (14-21). Follow the path down, go down the clouds. 
    At the end is a dead end and a melon (22). Go back and get on a goonie, 
    you'll get two melons from Shy Flys - (23) and (24) and a Heart (Heart # 
    2). Get on the next land part.
    Pound and hit the Shy Guys with a egg for massive points. Pound before 
    jumping on a blue block for another melon (25). Jump on the 1st blue 
    block to collect another melon (26). Stomp on another block for another 
    melon (27). Hit one of the blocks with an egg to get a Heart (Heart # 
    3). Before land starts up drop down (on a goonie...unless you wanna die) 
    and collect a melon in thin air (28). Before Warp 4 is a melon in a 
    bubble (29). Pound directly behind the pot for the last one (30).
    *Page 6*    
    All castle based on various themes, the first three have INSANELY 
    difficult mini-games which I will even explain in-depth. When you beat 
    each stage you go to the showdown with Baby Bowser.
    6-1: Mecha Castle
    This level focuses on gears, cliffs, boingy things, traps, crushing 
    walls, and more!
    Jump on the giant pendulum (it looks like an upside down hammer) and use 
    the control stick to rock it back and fourth. When it gets to it's 
    highest point, yank it back, eventually the wall will go up and you can 
    move on! Go forward and when you see two apples, duck! Two large knives 
    will come out from the ceiling/floor, pop the apple bubbles and jump on 
    the staircase with the pepper. Jump on EVERY stair and a melon will 
    appear (1). Next, you will find ourselves on a platform with two bubbles 
    on either side, pound for a melon (2) and pop the "?" bubble (3). 
    Above the lucky fruit bubble is a "!" ball, climb it to the top for a 
    Heart (Heart # 1). Move on to a bubble that is floating around, hit it 
    for a melon (4). Leap going until the only way up is in the form of a 
    "!" ball, pop the bubble for a melon (5). To the left of the Egg Block 
    are two smaller gears and one large gears, if they suck you down into 
    the crevices you'll be killed, even when you're super happy!
    To the left is a melon (6), wait for the Heart Fruit, collect it and 
    follow the coin line up. At the top you have two ways, take a left. Hit 
    the bubble and hit the switch, run as fast as you can to the right, 
    collecting the melon (7), collecting the coins, avoiding the Shy Flys, 
    and maneuvering the gears. When you get to a pair of "!" balls, climb 
    them before time is up to reach a 'secret' place (not really secret, 
    just a different path with the melons)!
    Carefully load up on eggs, the Black Shy Guy can be a pain in the ass, 
    so just do your best. The bubble contains Warp 3, and I suggest you get 
    her, just in case. A bubble holds a melon (8), right before another 
    Black Shy Guy holding a spiked mass of granite. Fall down the hole and 
    hold right, if you're quick you won't get hit. Now, you have to get out 
    via a similar passage, but a BSG (Black Shy Guy) is right above you. To 
    do this, you must use the control stick quickly, and dodge the BSG and 
    get the melon as you jump out (9). 
    Grab the Heart Fruit in the bubble and pass the two BSG's, the second 
    one has a melon above him (10) and another melon is not far from here, 
    it's in a bubble (11). Jump up (you may need to flutter to aim 
    correctly) and shoot the BSG outta the sky! He'll go away, and another 
    will come to replace him, as normal. While he is retrieving his spikes 
    thing, run under him, flutter under the second platform with a BSG and 
    land on solid earth...all in one move. Grab the Heart (Heart # 2) and go 
    down the pipe. 
    I'll explain these barrels, they were in Yoshi's Island too, so you may 
    not need any explaining. If you see Yoshi disappearing it means he will 
    fall off the ledge, just push up and he climb back on, if he goes down 
    on the screen, push up as well, but try not to go too low. O.K, below 
    the 1st barrel is a melon (12) which will trigger a Heart Fruit. Collect 
    every single coin you see and a melon will appear on one of the ledges 
    (13). Below it is a barrel over a "seemingly bottomless" hole, but it's 
    not. Fall down to find Warp 2 and a melon (14). Go up the rising log to 
    find a Heart (Heart 3). Jump up to go back to the main path.
    O.K, here's some more tutoring. These strange devices are on the ceiling 
    and floor, when they come up or down they slam against each other, 
    trying to crush little Yoshi. Just wait on the barrels, while staying on 
    it, and look for patterns. When you see an opening, flutter through it! 
    Just follow the path collecting the melon (15). Go up the barrels that 
    are over a REAL cliff, use the "!" balls, and get on the barrel. If you 
    jump and hit the spikes, you'll prolly die (you'll fly off and miss the 
    barrel, then fall down the cliff) unless you can flutter. Before the 
    next 'crushing walls' there is a small patch of ground, right next to 
    them. Pound for a melon (16). Hop down the pot and away we go!
    Follow the path up to find a melon (17), and then go up the "!" balls 
    while avoiding the knives, at the top is a melon (18). The path splits, 
    take the left. Use the Tulip to go up the shaft, there are two melons 
    along the way - (19) and (20). Grab the melon above the "?" block (21), 
    and listen up. This Mini-Game tests your ability to flutter while 
    avoiding knives, gears, and other nasties. Here is the path:
    -4 knives in a row, on the ground
    -Two saws ending in a large path of them, flutter to avoid
    -Run under the first two BSGs, but go under the third and do an about  
     face to avoid the third one, jump between him and the block...!
    -This next part is the hardest of all, you have to jump over a knife, a  
     saw, stop for a break, over another knife before it gets you, and a
    -A long series of gears
    -A final BSG, run under him
    This is the hardest Track Game in the entire game, and if you get hit 
    just ONCE, it might cost you the race. 
    You'll return to the beginning of the section, just run back to the fork 
    in the road and take the right, go up to find Warp 4. Stomp near the Shy 
    Guy to find a melon (29), ride up the platforms while carefully avoiding 
    the knives to find the final melon (30). If you want to save time, get 
    the last two melons and then go to the Mini-Game. 
    Level 6-2
    This level is the shortest level in the game (I think), but it's tricky 
    melons more than make up for that. This level's theme is cliffs, and 
    falling down them ;)
    Go to the right and eat the Shy Guy for energy, then go left. Avoid the 
    blades by ducking, running, and ducking. At the end are some Shy Guys 
    for your puny flower. Use the "!" balls to climb through the blades, 
    look before you leap, but don't wait too long! At the top is "?" bubble, 
    DO NOT POP IT YET! We'll come back to that...in a second. Go forward and 
    collect the melons on the strings (1-4). Now, come back, and pop it. Hit 
    the "?" Switch and run as fast as you possibly can, try not to get hit 
    either. Hit the switch before climbing the "!" balls that appear. At the 
    top are two melons - (5) and (6). Enter the wooden door.
    Hit the strange bat creature with an egg to get a key, you need this to 
    go onto the level. Exit and go right to a yellow pipe, enter it. This 
    next part is tricky, but I think it's easier if you DON'T get the 
    umbrella, it's all up to you. By the time you get to the bottom, you 
    should have collected a bunch of melons (7-11) and a Heart (Heart # 1). 
    Go down the red pipe to get back to beginning. Bomb the BSG to move on. 
    Now, you can enter the locked door (you have the key, dum dum!) :)
    Run under the BSG's, but you'll have to fool the 3rd. Break the bubble 
    to get a melon (12). I'm not sure if you really want to get the Heart 
    Fruit, it has a strange effect on the BSG's (you'll see...hehehe), but 
    if you want a High Score then go for it! There is a melon in a bubble 
    near the end of this section, too (13). When you enter the next phase, 
    jump up and get the Heart with an egg (Heart # 2). At the middle you'll 
    meet up with a 'platform guy' who will help you collect the melons, but 
    do try to avoid the saws, they can easily knock you off into the cliff. 
    You'll get bunches of melons as well (14-20). Enter the door...
    Climb the Egg Block and look up, jump and break the (very well) hidden 
    bubble to get a switch, pound it and two melons will drop from the sky - 
    (21) and (22). Ignore the Mini-Game and go forward to Poochy, pound for 
    a melon (23). The Special Delivery is rather hard, because the blocks 
    come down ONE AT A TIME...!
    Here's how to collect them all: Stand in one place, you'll get about 
    four of them. Keep them steady and you should be able to collect them 
    all, it takes practice and UP MOST precision. 
    You shouldn't have any trouble getting past the air thing, hit the 
    bubble for a Heart (Heart # 3). Collect the melons from the Mini-Game.
    Level 6-3: Ghost Castle
    Description: This place is crawling with ghosts, and in terms of 
    collecting melons, this is the hardest level in the game. 
    These ghosts are triggered by making noise (i.e. running, egg throwing, 
    stomping) and will attack when they hear a lot of it. But most of the 
    time they will miss their target, so unless they get close just ignore 
    them. The first melon lies in a bubble (1) which is right next to a "?" 
    Block with five coins (2). After some obstacles you will come to a blue 
    pipe, hop down it to find a large cavern. The first step has a melon in 
    it (3) so sniff around. Return to the ghost castle. 
    Ignore the green pipe and the strange pink block, but don't ignore the 
    melon before Warp 1 and the wooden door (4). Upon entering the door you 
    will have stumbled across the main area of the level, all of the other 
    sections are found here. We'll go to the hardest part of the level 
    first: Pop the "?" bubble and climb the "!"balls that appear, you'll 
    collect a melon on the way (5). At the top is a green pipe, enter it. 
    This is the last Mini-Game in the game, and it's @#$%^&*! tough, so 
    listen up. When you get to the first BSG make sure your load is steady, 
    go forward a little but make sure it leans backwards, run back and he 
    will drop his block, quickly jump over him...that was the easy part!! 
    Now you must get past another BSG, but this time you're on a play dough 
    platform, which makes you go backwards. Do the same as before, but be 
    very careful with your load (6-12). 
    You'll fall into a large, open cavern. Sniff sniff on your way back to 
    find a melon in the ground (13). You'll return to the main area, like I 
    said. Go across the room to find a yellow pipe, enter it find a room 
    with a key in it, grab it and go back into the pipe. Go to the regular 
    door at the top, on the right side, it has a bubble in front of it 
    (which contains Warp 2), enter the door. You'll find loads of melons 
    (14-18) in here, four in the air and one in a block. Just be careful of 
    the little boos above! When you exit you will come to the cave, which 
    leads to the main area...again. Go to the top door on the left side, 
    this time, the regular one. 
    Go all of the way to the right to find a dead end, or is it...? Wait a 
    few seconds and some ghosts will come to lend a hand, just hop on to 
    gain some footing! After the Block Boos you'll come to some land, look 
    up to find a "?" Block. When a whole wave of boos come in just pound 
    that sucker and you should get a melon (19). At the top of the next 
    shaft is a melon (20), and then you will reach a dead end. Pound for a 
    switch, trigger it and climb the "!" balls, head right to find a bunch 
    of blue platforms. At the end is a Heart (Heart # 1) and another switch 
    to refresh it. Go all the waaaayyyy left now, to some more Boo Blocks. 
    Before reaching the final doorway you will find two melons in mid-air 
    and one in a wooden island in a spike sea: (21), (22), and (23). Hit the 
    last bubble for a 2nd key. 
    Instead of coming to that one cave you will be falling down a looong 
    vertical cave full of coins! Get them, at the bottom is a pipe which 
    will lead you to the start, it's a short walk back to the main area. Now 
    that you have two keys you can enter both locked doors, so open the one 
    on the right side of the room! Head towards the "?" Block, face away 
    from the Boo Block and then look at him when he's under it, knock it a 
    few times for a melon (24). After the play dough section platform there 
    will be a bubble with a melon (25), then you will face a large spiked 
    field. Get on the yellow block and stomp for a Heart (Heart # 2), on the 
    other side of the chasm is a bubble (26), be sure to use the Boo blocks. 
    When you exit you will return to the familiar cave, go back to the 
    With your last key, enter the final door on the left, be sure to stock 
    up on eggs, too. Making it past the first two BSG's is easy, but the 3rd 
    requires some skill. Jump up into the air, flutter, shoot at him, and 
    when he drops his block wait until he picks it up and then JUMP!...did 
    you make it? Good. After a series of play dough platforms there is a 
    melon hanging in the air like there should be (27). You will meet up 
    with a 4th BSG, just wait for him to pick up his block and then run. 
    Shoot out all of the blue blocks to find a Heart (Heart # 3) and a melon 
    (28). This next section can prove difficult the 1st time, but you will 
    catch on soon. Just run past them, duck, past, run, run, lick the melon 
    (29) and run to the door! You'll be in that vertical cave again, but at 
    the bottom, stomp to find a melon (30). 
    Level 6-4: Magma Castle
    Description: For avid explorers, this place is a dream come true. Lava, 
    fire, and magma rivers make up this stage, and some buzzsaws and cuterly 
    stand on their own near the end. This walkthrough may be short, but the 
    level is actually quite large, it's just that the melons come in 
    bunches. Also, there are no Mini-Games to screw around with, so you can 
    cheer now! And as the more observable have noticed, this is the 
    ***last*** stage in the game...
    Go backwards to find a door, enter it. Wake up Warp 1 and then leave, go 
    forward from the start to find a red dragon, jump on him and he'll carry 
    you through the lava sea. Near the end you'll have to deal with 
    fireballs, Fly Shys, and a strange blue creature. You'll also get some 
    melons (1-3). Through the wooden door you'll find a large open room. 
    Watch out for the lava falls, if you get hit it will cost you a lot of 
    energy! You can tell when they're about to spew when you see some smoke 
    comes out, so pay attention. Go across the blue platforms, on you're way 
    you'll find a melon in a bubble (4). Go up the ramps, at the top is a 
    yet another (5). Go right to refill your energy and eggs, then go right 
    to continue. Break open the blocks for two melons - (6) and (7). 
    Go up the tunnel, since you're invulnerable (from the Heart Fruit) you 
    won't have to worry about being hit and/or losing eggs. At the top is a 
    bubble with a melon (8), which leads to an aclove with another bubble 
    that spews coins (9). Break the blue block and drop down, break that 
    block before the lava gets you for a Heart (Heart # 1). Go right towards 
    the lava pipe and look up, lash out your tongue to collect the melon 
    Go up the platforms to get to the top, load up on eggs and fall down the 
    shaft, go enter the door. Kill BOTH slugs to get a key. Don't worry, if 
    you run out of eggs just exit and use a Tulip to go to the Egg Block. 
    But, they will have regained their energy back...but not to worry, if 
    you can kill one and then come back it will still be dead. Once you get 
    the key exit and use the Tulip on the left to go up the shaft. 
    Go left and you'll spot a melon (11). When the river of lava comes, jump 
    and flutter INTO the tunnel, run all the way left and you'll just make 
    it before the lava comes. Go up the tunnel and you'll see an arrow of 
    coins pointing up, shoot an egg up there and a melon will come down 
    (12). Run right and jump up onto the upper level, go along the path to 
    find a pot, jump in! You'll appear in a room, follow the path and drop 
    down into a passageway, you have two ways to go: The pipe, or right. Go 
    down the pipe. Go all the way right to activate Warp 3 and get a Heart 
    (Heart # 2). Drop down into a large room with lots of Attack Sacks. 
    There're seven Mystery Crates, you can push six of them together which 
    will net you lots 'o melons (13-18). Quite an impressive array of coins, 
    There is a small tunnel in the southeast corner of the room, at the 
    bottom is a en exit...after dodging some Attack Sacks and collecting 
    three melons (18-21). You'll see a bouncing bubble, egg it (22)! You're 
    pretty close to the pot now, so just go a few feet to the left to find 
    it again, go down it. Instead of going down the blue pipe, head right. 
    After dodging some buzzsaws you'll see another melon in a bubble (23). 
    Go past the play dough platforms and a spiked ball, past the lava pipes, 
    to come to a swinging spiked ball with buzzsaws all around. Duck, when 
    it goes by, and get the melon (24). With the Heart Fruit's power go all 
    the way left, avoiding the pit, to find a buzzsaw and a dead-end. Go 
    past the saw by ducking and a melon will appear (25)! Go back to that 
    pit, fall down it.
    The last challenge of the level pits you against Fire Guys with huge 
    flame throwers, just follow the path with them, it might take awhile, 
    but you'll get to the end O.K. with two melons - (26) and (27). At the 
    end pound on the pepper for a melon (28). Wake up Warp 4 and use her to 
    warp back to Warp 1, go left and pound under the coins for a melon (29). 
    Go in the locked door (you got the key, ya know) and kill the bats with 
    eggs, when they're all vanquished you'll get a Heart (Heart # 3).       
    4) The Enemies
    Shy Guy
    These little guys go back and fourth trying to hurt you, some carry 
    fruit too.
    TeeHee ButterFly
    They fly back and fourth. Jumping on them makes you bounce pretty far 
    too! Don't eat them when they're blue, Yoshi doesn't like them (and 
    you'll lose a few petals).
    Pak E. Derm
    You can't get by them unless you stomp on the ground. 
    They are on their webs and try to knock into you, avoid the best you 
    Some even try to aim at you, these are very pesky because you are 
    usually on a small platform above a bottomless pit, just pray you can 
    avoid them. Eat them for eggs.
    In 1-2 you find that some of the Mystery Boxes contain giant pink 
    balloon creatures. Hit the "X" on their throats twice with eggs and they 
    will shrink and reveal a melon.
    These guys are in 2-2, just shoot an egg their way or wait for them to 
    go back into the lava. 
    Bone Dragon
    Two stomps to the head or two eggs to the head will defeat them, they 
    give up lots of coins, too.
    Nipper Plant
    Found in 2-1, they are created when a nipper spore hits the ground. They 
    can be hard to spot. Just swallow.
    Big Boo
    If you look at them they will cover their eyes and won't attack, look 
    the other way and they charge. Ok now, who on the planet earth doesn't 
    know that?!
    Remember in Yoshi's Island how those pesky penguins would bump into you 
    and knock you off a cliff? Same deal, 'cept they won't do that because 
    they're easy to avoid.
    Shy Fly
    They hover back and fourth in the air, they always carry a melon or 
    fruit of somekind. The trick is to get their item and not them, because 
    when they're over a cliff a wrong shot could send the fruit down the 
    An exact copy from the original, but they're somehow more dangerous this 
    time. Watch your flower. 
    Again, like the original. They try to slurp at you...yeah..that's it.
    After the original these are a big disappointment, you can find them in 
    level 4-1. They go back and fourth, kinda easy to avoid. Too bad...
    These can also be found in level 4-1, they throw spiked balls at you. 
    Careful, if you're standing on a hill and you jump over them they'll 
    come rolling back down!
    This electrifying creature can be found in all sorts of watery places, 
    it's not one that's dangerous, it's 10 or 11 that's dangerous!
    Bomb Berry
    Found in level 4-2, they sprout and fall into the water. Avoid them. If 
    you don't know what I'm talking about they are the fruit that look like 
    prickly pears.
    Piranha Plant
    Knock them down with an egg. If you don't know what creature I'm talking 
    about you don't deserve to be playing videogames! =0
    Piranha Sprouts
    A newbie, they fly around and try to lick you up. If successful you will 
    become small and unable to throw eggs for several seconds. Speaking of 
    eggs, they die when hit with one.
    Snorkel Fish
    Only one exists, it circles the room homing in on YOU. Be careful.
    Shy Guy Sub
    These guy's rule, unless they hit you with one of their homing 
    These guys are very dangerous, when they open up bubbles will push you 
    into a trap that you can barely get out of. Wait until they're done and 
    then swim by.
    Spiny Fish
    They swim back and fourth, shouldn't be a problem.
    A braintumor causing "AGAIN!!!", just like the original. Hop on and take 
    a ride. Beware, some of them carry bombs.
    Shy Guy's Ship
    They launch Bomb-ombs at you, can be dangerous over blue blocks.
    If you don't know what they are, take a screwdriver, go to the bathroom 
    and get into the 'tub, this is gonna be messy!!!
    Attack Sack
    Very, very sick name...sack...anyways! =) They are very large balls 
    (surprise, surprise!) that attack you...big teeth!
    In 6-2 one gives you the key you need, just hit it with an egg!
    Blind Boos
    Since they are blind they can't see you, but they can certainly hear 
    you. Don't make too much noise or they'll come flying. 
    Fire Guy
    These Shy Guys carry huge torches and they're pointed in your direction! 
    Just look for an opening and run!
    These seldom few are in level 3-4, wait until they go by and then follow 
    Black Bomb Shy Guy
    He will swoop in and drop bombs
    Black Shy Guy (BSG)
    He will wait until you're under him and then drop his big...whatever the 
    heck that thing is at you.
    Without a doubt the most frustrating baddie in the game, he will pop out 
    of the water and swallow you in one gulp! Tread carefully. 
    Blue Blurp
    Same as the other one except he shoots water at you. 
    The blue ones go up and down. The red ones follow you. Greenies stay in 
    place. Some have items in them. 
    Sea Flower
    They guard fruit (namely melons) with their stinging tentacles.
    Limbo Shy Guys
    Have a party, how low can YOU go? 
    In level 2-2 they will jump out and clobber you when you least expect 
    They're baaaaaaaaack!!! Some drop spikes, others drop rocks, some even 
    spurt out streams of water.
    Slime Boo
    To get these guys in the slime, try a stomp!
    Hornet's Nest
    Hornets nests are always fun, especially when there are few rocks laying 
    around. Eggs won't do, but try walking by them while sniffing.
    Fuzzy Wiggly
    Jump on each section, causing it to turn blue, and you'll get a melon!
    They fly at you in swarms
    Blue Blobs
    They are only in level 2-4, they are on vines. Just be careful where you 
    Purple Spike Creatures
    Look into level 2-3, there they are! Easy eggs, easy eggs...I need help 
    Sea Cactus
    They are in some water levels, try to avoid your best. This is what 
    clams try to blow you into.
    5) Bosses
    Triple Bone Dragon
    You must kill one with six eggs, the other you must stomp on their 
    heads. Don't miss with the egg one, you must have a successful hit with 
    each egg or you must go back and reload. 
    Sluggy Buggy
    Throw an egg in front of them so the explosion hits them, do this three 
    Cloud "N" Candy
    Gotta love, "N" just keep licking her...sick!
    Um...just hit him with eggs. You know it's there when you see the 
    "predator invisible" move. You know, when the air gets all wiggly...?
    All you have to do is...egg him!
    Don Bongo
    All you have to do is...egg his lip!! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL 
    YOU!?! =)
    Baby Bowser
    The end boss of the game! Not to mention one of the hardest! The higher 
    the castle level (6-1, 6-2,
    6-3, 6-4)the harder Bowser will be. There will be more Green Ghosts, 
    Bowser's aim will be a lot better, he'll take more hits,
    and a lot more Bomb-ombs fall down. At first Bowser will laugh at you, 
    then he will jump on a Green Ghost and ride up high
    above your head. After awhile he will start spitting fireballs at you. 
    Be careful, his aim is nothing to sneeze at. Bomb-ombs will
    parachute down, ready to cause trouble. Lick one up and you will be able 
    to use it as an "egg"! You will notice that the ceiling
    is made of spikes. When no ghosts will interfere with your shot, and 
    Bowser is in the right spot, shoot the bomb-omb up at the
    ceiling. When it hits the spikes one or two will fall down, damaging 
    anything it touches. Aim it right so that Bowser is hit. He
    will fall off the ghost and jump back on again. In 6-3 and 6-4 there are 
    so many ghosts that doing that is almost impossible!
    The ghosts block your shot! 
    After four or five shots he'll fall down. Even though Bowser is just a 
    baby, now, he's still a lot bigger than Yoshi. He will then
    jump and try to butt stomp Yoshi. Bomb-ombs will continues to rain down. 
    Eat one or two and shoot them at the prince (he's
    not a king yet, you know). This can be hard because before he jumps he 
    might shoot a fireball and then you will have to avoid the fireball AND 
    Bowser. Plus all the Bomb-ombs running around. Shoot your "eggs" as soon 
    as you can because if you don't they'll turn red and explode, on you! 
    The bombs bounce off the wall, (like the eggs in Yoshi's Island) so bank 
    shots are capable. If your having trouble eat some of the fruit off the 
    Super Happy Tree. There's even a heart fruit on there! After a few hits 
    he'll go down.
    Note: I wrote that Bowser thing a long time ago when I was "!" 
    6) Items
    Egg Blocks
    Like the original, hit them to get eggs. You can carry half a dozen at 
    one time.
    Message Blocks
    Hit them and they will either a) remind you how to a move or b) give you 
    a tip about the area (i.e. "Be careful of the tooties!!!"). Yes, that 
    was made a up example, you nut.
    Mystery Balls 
    These are found in bubbles, egg them and see what happens. Coins may 
    come out, a switch, a melon, maybe even a Shy Guy. 
    "?" Blocks
    Hit these and either coins will come out or it will trigger a Mini-Game.
    Mystery Crate
    Push them against another one to get two melons, stomp on a lonely one 
    (try standing on it and sniffing to see which one). In 1-2 some of them 
    hold Air Bags.
    Swallow this and you will get eight points and all of your petals back.	
    Hop on them and see what happens. Coins may appear, hearts, melons, who 
    Some lead to other areas, they are usually just for landscape.
    There are three of these useful items in each level. Some are right in 
    front of your face while others are hidden quite well. If you don't 
    collect any in Story Mode, then in the next page you will only be able 
    to select ?-1. Get one and you can select ?-1 and ?-2. Get two and it's 
    ?-1, ?-2, and ?-3. Get all three and it's all of them...ok?
    Heart Fruit
    These can be found in hidden areas. One will parachute down when you eat 
    six of the same fruit in a row. They are worth eight points AND they 
    make you Super Happy! This is what you get: Invulnerability, longer 
    tongue, a better jumping ability, un-limited eggs, larger egg 
    explosions, bubbles break and Shy Guys turn into favorite fruit.
    "!" Balls
    Get your tongue to touch them and you will automatically hop onto them. 
    Same as pipes, except they always work.
    I usually try to avoid it because it's hard to control and replaces your 
    flutter move.
    Hop on and take a ride!
    Helicopter Plants
    ...um...hop on and take a ride!
    These can be found in bubbles, rewards for mini-games, mini bosses, in 
    secret ground caches, or just plain hard to spot/reach to areas. There 
    are just enough in a level to finish it, look in the guide to find out 
    where they are.
    These are littered all over the stages
    Lucky Fruit
    Before the game begins you must choose the lucky fruit, they are worth 
    extra points. If the first fruit you see is an apple and it's the lucky 
    fruit and then the next game the lucky fruit are grapes then the apple 
    will turn into a bunch of grapes...whew, long sentence!
    7) Code Lists
    These codes come from Cheat Code Center, therefore, I am not responsible 
    if they do not work, or if they are in incorrect in some way. If this is 
    so, complain to THEM, not ME. Thank you.
    When you lose your last life and Yoshi is being taken away, press the 
    reset button. Now you can begin the game again from the last page you 
    were on.
    Press C-Left or C-Right to turn the display, or press R or Z to adjust 
    the zoom.
    Select any course under "Trial" mode. Select the desired Yoshi and press 
    Start, then press Start + Z. Now press B and being practice mode with 
    that color Yoshi.
    While playing a game, press Z + L + A + B.
    Locate and get a white Shy Guy. Then, beat the current level and enter 
    the character selection screen for the next level. Now select the Shy 
    Guy to restore one of the dead Yoshis. Note: If no Yoshi's have been 
    lost, the white Shy Guy will not appear.
    Collect six melons in a row during a mini-game to get a heart fruit. Eat 
    the fruit to create a letter made from coins at the end of the mini-
    game. If you use the letters in the order of appearance by level, they 
    spell the following phrase: "YOU ARE YOSHI'S GREAT PARTNER".
    Enter the "Time Trial" menu and listen to the game theme eight times.
    Collect all the coins from every level.
    LEVEL 2-1  
    When approaching Miss Warp 4 from right, go left, eat flower, and shoot 
    to the very top.
    LEVEL 2-3
    Go through the level until finding the Help Box that offers hints about 
    a "big egg". Go to the left from this location and jump on the last 
    floating rock. Then, jump on the floating rock above that, and shoot the 
    "?" bubble with an egg to receive the black egg. Complete the level for 
    the black Yoshi.
    LEVEL 2-4 
    All the way to the right in the vine room.
    LEVEL 3-2 
    In leaf room, drop to bottom at the very beginning for the egg.
    LEVEL 3-3 
    After Miss Warp 3, go to the top vases. Enter the tall red pipe to find 
    it. Note: you must beat Cloudjin at the end of the level without losing 
    LEVEL 1-1 
    Get to the second part with Poochy. Go straight on the first two splits 
    in the roads. Go up on the third one. shoot the "?" ball and a Shyguy 
    will appear.
    LEVEL 1-2 
    Go the second part and find 4 white and blue moving platforms. The "?" 
    box there contains the Shyguy.
    LEVEL 1-3 
    Get to the third part and shoot the flying "?" ball. The Shyguy will 
    LEVEL 1-4 
    Get to the top of the building and get the umbrella. Float down on the 
    right of the building. Find the cannon that shoots straight up with two 
    blue blocks underneath. Destroy them and walk in to find a third blue 
    block holding the Shyguy.
    LEVEL 2-1 
    Get to the second area and fall down past the "?" balls. Hit the blue 
    blocks to the right and get to the other side of them. Get on top of the 
    three blocks near them but not touching them. Hit the very bottom one 
    and a Shyguy will appear.
    LEVEL 2-2 
    Enter the blue tunnel after the second ball ride. There should be a red 
    "?" ball floating in the sky. It contains the Shyguy.
    LEVEL 2-3 
    Look for Poochy and sniff in his spot. When Yoshi waves his hands, pound 
    the ground to release blue and white platforms. Climb up them to find a 
    tunnel. Look for three blue blocks on the right guarding a heart. One of 
    the blocks contains the Shyguy.
    LEVEL 2-4 
    Look for a sign that points off the screen. There should be a blue box 
    at this location. Walk off the screen and Yoshi will come out of a pipe. 
    Hit the red "?" ball on the right to reveal a "!" ball. Use the ball to 
    jump over the wall. Hit the next "?" ball for the Shyguy.
    LEVEL 3-1 
    Ride the big green dragon until you find a "!" switch. Hit it with an 
    egg to reveal clouds. Go up into the clouds to get to the tunnel. Find 
    Miss Warp 3, four eggs, a switch card, and a "?" ball. The "?" ball will 
    contain Shyguy.
    LEVEL 3-2 
    Look for a banana and a melon separated with a platform. The melon 
    should be near a Turbo Tulip. Go to the far right with your back against 
    the wall. Eat the Tulip and launch yourself up to the first section by 
    pressing B when Yoshi arrives there. Hit the "?" ball and the Shyguy 
    will appear.
    LEVEL 3-3 
    In the section with Miss Warp 3, go directly to the bottom pot. Approach 
    the first big blue "?" box and smash it to release the white Shyguy.
    LEVEL 3-4 
    Go to the second part and locate the boomerang birds. Jump over the pit 
    and look for blue blocks. The Shyguy is in one of them.
    LEVEL 5-3 
    After you pass the rain clouds you will see a "?" mark nearby, to the 
    right. Pop the bubble and the Shyguy will appear.
    8) Credits
    = = = = = = = = = 
    Nintendo: They did everything that involved this game.
    = = = = = = = 
    WiLdCaRd (Ed McGlothlin): 
    He convinced me to look for all the melons, and besides, he's 
    practically the only other person I know of that likes the game...well, 
    a few others I do know.
    WhoDey/MetroidMoo (two different people):
    They sent in high scores to my site and now I can compare mine to 
    theirs. They unknowingly helped me with YS! =)
    Internet Sites
    = = = = = = = = = = = 
    Cheat Code Center <www.cheatcc.com>: Take N64cc and add Gamesages and 
    what do you have? The biggest code site on the face of the planet, 
    that's what you get.
    9) Legal Stuff
    You may freely distribute this FAQ as long as the following terms are 
    1) The version you are taking is from gamefaqs.com
    2) You give me credit
    3) It is shown in it's full version
    4) This fine print is included
    5) You worship a spoon of jello under a full moon
    6) It will not be used to gain a profit by ways of selling or bartering
    7) You update it as I update it. I can not be bothered to send everyone 
    the newest version, it would simply take WAY too long. And besides, 
    I'm too busy (i.e. lazy). 
    You may put it into HTML if you wish, but the above conditions must be 
    met. It can be "broken into pieces" when in HTML as long as the text 
    remains untampered, unaltered, unpirated, and just plain left alone 
    (except for color stuff, bold, pictures, links, or whatever, but that's 
    not changing the meaning). 
    This document is copyrighted (c) 1998 - 1999 marshmallow  
    All Rights Reserved  
    10) The End
    Well, that makes two good Guides for Yoshi's Story on the 'Net that I 
    know of. No, that poor thing at videogames.com doesn't count! :) Like 
    always, send anything (typos, mistakes, praise, flame, etc.) to 
    m_mallow@hotmail.com. Bye!
                             - marshmallow -

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