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    Hints and Tips by Anonymous

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     In the Options menu, there are only two items: one for 
     stereo/mono/headphone sound, and the other is to delete 
     everything in the cartidge memeory.
     There is no simple, definite "perfection" in Yoshi Story.
     The first important thing when playing Story Mode is to
     find the 3 hearts in a stage, because these opens up
     more stages for you to select for the next stage.
     In Trial Mode, when you're trying to play for high score,
     you can call your play "almost perfect"
     if you get all 30 Melons and all 3 Hearts in a stage without
     losing any lives.  These are the major factors affecting your
     score.  Beyond that, other factors such as enemies and coins
     affect your score only in a small and not very significant
     When you clear a stage, the score is calculated as the
     total of 6 items.  The items are explained as follows:
     1.  Fruits
     Points for the 30 fruits you have eaten.
             Lucky Fruit             8
             Favorite Fruit          3
             Melon                   3
             others                  1
     When you eat the same fruits in a row, the subsequent ones
     get their scores multiplied by x2, x3, x4, ...  For example,
     6 "Lucky Fruits" in a row is worth a total of
     8 x (1+2+3+4+5+6) = 168 points.
     The "Lucky Fruit" of the day is determined by a roulette before
     playing the first stage after you switch on the game.
     (Also see 5. Melons, which is far more decisive than this
     2.  Enemies
     You get points for eating some enemies.  Some enemies
     (such as Shy Guys) are the favorite snacks for the yoshi's
     of the same color, and are worth more points to them.
     When you defeat an enemy (without eating, such as by a
     thrown egg or by stepping on it), you get double the points.
     When you kill multiple enemies with a thrown egg,
     the latter ones get their scores multiplied by x4, x8, and x16.
     Also included in this item are Heart Fruits, for 8 points each.
     Shy Guy scoring table:
             eat non-favorite        1
             defeat non-favorite     1x2
             eat favorite            3
             defeat non-favorite     3x2
     For example, if you manage to line up 5 Shy Guys in a row
     (the 3rd being your favorite) and wipe them out with one egg, 
     you get 1x2 + 1x4 + 3x8 + 1x16 + 1x16 = 62 points
     If you eat them all, you get only 1+1+3+1+1 = 7 points
     3.  Coins
     1 point for each coin.  Almost a waste of time IMO 
     (except of course in some cases where secrets are 
     activitated by picking up coins.)
     4.  Special Hearts
     100 points each.  There are always 3 in each stage.
     5.  Melons
     100 points each Melon (in additional to the points you get
     in item 1).  There are always 30 Melons in each stage, many of them
     hidden in some way.  Since your score in item 1 is largely
     correlated with how many Melons you can find anyway,
     Melons are undoubtedly the single most decisive
     factor of your score.
     6.  Remaining Lives
     100 points per yoshi (out of the 6 you start with) left.

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