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    Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 06:52:59 PDT
    Yoshiís Story
    (secrets and tips)
    *** This might have some errors in it and typos, but thatís
    human. Iím not a robot. If you have comments, suggestions,
    or requests, etc., e-mail me at:
    Okay, now the story starts off.....
    In the land of the Yoshi, Baby Bowser took their Super Happy
    Tree and turned the land into a picture book. Six eggs
    hatched and the six Yoshis set off to obtain back their
    Super Happy Tree and return happiness to their land again.
    Pg.1 stages
    1= Treasure Hunt
    2= Surprise
    3= Rail Lift
    4= Tower Climb
    Pg. 2 stages
    1= Bone Dragon Pit
    2= Blarggís Boiler
    3= Jelly Pipe
    4= Torrential Maze
    Pg. 3 stages
    1= Cloud Cruising
    2= Tall Tower
    3= Poochy & Nippy
    4= Frustration
    Pg. 4 stages
    1= Jungle Hut
    2= Jungle Puddle
    3= Pirahana Grove
    4= Neuron Jungle
    Pg. 5 stages
    1= Lots of Jellyfish
    2= Lots of fish
    3= Shy Guy Limbo
    4= Shy Guy Ship
    Pg. 6 stages
    1= Mecha Castle
    2= Lift Castle
    3= Ghost Castle
    4= Magma Castle
    *** The only way to get all the stages are to play the game
    24 times by getting the all 3 hearts in one stage of one
    page. Then, when the page turns, you will have all the
    stages open, but only for one game! All the secrets are done
    in game play.
    Black Yoshi- Torrential Maze, Bone Dragon Pit> itís a giant
    cow spotted looking egg. Beat the level without dying and
    youíll get the very powerful and useful Black Yoshi.
    White Yoshi- Poochy & Nippy> itís a giant whitish blue
    spotted egg. Beat the level without dying and youíll get
    this also powerful White Yoshi.
    Tips for beating the bosses:
    Cloud ní Candy- Cloud Cruising> Lick him, and heíll get
    smaller. Soon youíll have already digested him and youíve
    beat the boss.
    Inviso- Tall Tower> This guy is hard. You have to look
    carefully for a weird wiggly air kinda thing. (You know how
    it looks when itís really hot? Itís makes the air all
    squiggly?) Hit him, three times and youíve beat this boss.
    Cloudjin- Poochy & Nippy> Easy, just be careful. Hit the
    boss three times and youíve beat this one too.
    Don Bongo- Frustration> Eat the garbage that falls on you
    for more eggs. Hit his lips three times and theyíll swell
    up. Youíve also beat this boss after that.
    *** These four bosses are in page 3. Thatís all the bosses
    except for Bowser.
    Page 6 boss-
    Baby Bowser- All the castles on page 6> Iíd suggest using
    the Black or White Yoshi. Throw bombs at his ceiling so
    theyíll fall on Bowser. If youíre using the special Yoshi,
    throw your egg up and make the ceiling fall on Bowser. Watch
    out for the bombs that parachute down. If you are hurt,
    thereís the Super Happy Tree. Eat something off it and
    youíll heal. Now after you hit Bowser off that weird flying
    thing, youíll have to beat him a second time and final time.
    If you are using the White or Black Yoshi, throw an egg at
    Bowser when heís somersaulting in the air. Well, at least
    your explosion flames should hit him. If you are a regular
    Yoshi, lick a bomb and use it as an egg. Throw the bomb at
    Bowser a couple of times and youíve won. Now just watch the
    ending. Remember. If you want all the stages, youíll have to
    play through it,  24 times, get all three hearts in one
    stage, on each page.
    *** To check how many stages you have completed, check in
    Trial Mode.
    Apples- Red and Pink Yoshi like this fruit.
    Bananas- Yellow Yoshi likes this fruit.
    Grapes- Blue and Light Blue Yoshi like this fruit.
    Watermelons- The Green Yoshi likes this fruit.
    Melons- All Yoshi like this fruit.
    Heart Fruit- Special fruit that makes Yoshi super happy and
    *** Collect, I think, 8 fruit in a row and a heart fruit
    will come parachuting down.
    Shy Guys- Pound the ground to change itís color. If you
    change the color of the Shy Guy into the same color as your
    Yoshi and eat it, itíll be worth more and heal Yoshi for
    more petals.
    *** Note, White Shy Guys are really good. If you beat the
    stage without dying, youíll get to keep White Shy Guy. If
    you select him on the Select a Yoshi screen, heíll go and
    save one of your captured Yoshis and you can use them again.
    Cloud Riders- I donít know their names, they drop stuff on
    you, drop melons on you when you win a melon race, etc. Kill
    him, and ride his cloud. Youíll find all this nifty stuff in
    the air. Be warned. This cloud doesnít last for long.
    Well, thatís the end of my short FAQ. If you still have
    problems, questions, or even more requests, send me e-mail
    at: final_fantasyfan@hotmail.com
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