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"The Yoshi Story Review: The Tragic imposter"

Lemme just start by saying that this is still a good game, but it's a big step backwards compared to Yoshi's Island <3. If you don't have Yoshi's Island, I suggest you get that rather than spending a couple of bucks for this. Here are some reason why:

Game play: 8/10
The game is generally very fun, but for one player only. That's right, no two-player stuff or mini-games, just the linear stuff. In every level, you have to collect 30 fruits to advance. Now don't expect the game to just serve 'em all on a silver platter, you gotta find these son-of-a-guns. they kinda stick out like sore thumbs most of the time, but can also be found in the ground or in these odd, floating bubbles. Now for the survival system. Instead of being an invincible macho Yoshi like that in Yoshi's Island, you're a lil pib-squeak who is generally the same. Oh, but there is a catch you see. Up on the top left of the screen is your "happiness meter", which looks like a flower. If Yoshi gets hit, the pedals come off. If all the pedals are off, the flower gets all weepy-eyed and can only last you one more it until you lose conciousness and are snatched by those blasted toadies serving the Koopa King. Of coarse, there is a way to bring the pedals back. If you eat enemies, Yoshi get happier, and can withstand a higher amount of blows. There are also instant misses such as falling through endless pits, but for the most part, your most of worries is the meter.

Yoshi can throw his eggs, which is familiar to that of Yoshi's Island, but with a cornier way of manueverability. See, when you take out an egg, you can't walk or attack, just jump. When you pull out an egg, an "X" pops up, which you can aim. That's how you throw eggs this time around.

Yoshi can sniff stuff. Now i know what you're thinking,"This is the silliest ability I have ever seen", however, this is quite useful for finding those fruits I mentioned earlier. You actually search for surprises and fruits from doing this, which is pretty fun, especially when Yoshi starts freaking out from finding something.

Ground pounding is another ability of our lil dino. It's actually kinda like nunchuks; it's cool, but near pointless. There are very few uses for our ability cousin. For example, smashing stuff, diggin' stuff, changing stuff (like colors of some enemies). It's pretty much Chuck Norris's round-house kick to the ground. But yeah, pretty much there for show.

Sound and Music: deserves a 7
Very goofy sounds await you, like "Pac-Man" goofy. Here's one, when yoshi eats a shy guy, he makes a "bloop" sound followed by Yoshi saying "bum". When you are holding eggs, it sounds like an airplane flying past you like the Doppler theory. Oh, and let's not forget everyone's favorite song, "big apple" with vocals by Yoshi, yoshi, yoshi, and... hmmm... who did I forget.... oh yeah, YOSHI!

The songs are all the same song, except for castles. They're all various versions of the same song. It's kinda like, here, you have the hill billy remix, and the aquatic feel. The castle music sounds kinda like you're sneaking out of bed at midnight to snatch to cookie from the cookie jar (who, me?). However, they also have the metal-rock versions of the songs, which totally gets me head banging. You get the metal-rock version of the songs when you eat a super happy fruit, which by the way, makes you invincible. Actually, the over world songs are different, too. So are the boss songs. Anyway...

Graphics: It gets a big fat 9
The graphics are clear. Practically DS clear. This isn't a 3-D game like most Nintendo 64 games are, it's 2-D, but absolutely beautiful. Yoshi is fully animated and so is just about everything else. Even the egg boxes are animated to a good amount. All around eye-candy graphics. Oh, something else too. The screen will zoom in and out and still maintain awesome graphics.

Replayability: Wow, an amazing 10!
I don't know how, maybe I get temporarily possessed, but this games got the replay. I get pulled back by it's magnetic force to play again and again. There may be only a few levels in the game, but they're all REALLY big and great for exploration. Forget the fruits, maybe you want to beat up some bone dragons, or dodge deadly flamethrowers, or sniff the heck out of the whole level. But whats REALLY what makes the replay shine is the challenge of getting all the melons. I mean, you can play for hours searching for that one melon that is tormenting you to oblivion. It's perfect playing on Saturday nights.

Rent or buy?
Rent it first, it's not as awesome as Yoshi's Island but if you like that, you may also like this.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/24/06

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