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"Doing Homework Is Much Better Than Playing This Game"

Welcome to my review for the game Yoshi's Story for the Nintendo 64. This game comes right after Yoshi's Island and it shouldn't have even been created. You are Yoshi and after you save Luigi and Mario, you leave and then find out that Baby Bowser has struck again and is causing havoc on the "famous" fruit tree. You go through a variety of levels from normal land to fire and then to water. But, if you want to progress more, you must fill the dots on the border of your screen with fruit before you are allowed to vs the boss of the level. There are 4 levels in each world and you only play one of them in each world. If you want to save Yoshi's Island again then beat the levels and defeating Baby Bowser at the end.

The graphics in this game are way to boring even though it is cute. The boring part is that there is no real looking thing in the background just clouds and the sky does not look like a sky, instead it looks like scribble while drawing. The only good part for the graphics are that the colours on all of the Yoshi's are cute and that was the only good part for the game. So if you want a game with realistic colours and amazing backgrounds, this game is not a good choice, only good for the cuteness.

The game play is the part in the game that was nothing but a failure. It is way to easy, even a 3 year old can beat this game in 30 minutes. You just have to collect fruit and stomp enemies until you get to the end of the level so you can then vs the boss. You re apply for the other levels until you get to Baby Bowser and then defeat him but wait on there are obstacles which is another positive about the game. This is another 2d game for the N64 but it really didn't live up to its expectations. So if you just played Yoshi's Island and are eager to play the next Yoshi game in line, I suggest giving this one a pass because it is too short and the boring game play and graphics really ruined Yoshi after a classic game he starred in.

The music in this game is nothing to look forward to because it doesn't provide the hype that is needed for great games but it still is cute. The music when you vs a boss is good because it has all the hype that the levels failed to supply. Yoshi still has his magnificent voice and returns with one even better than Yoshi's Island because he sounds much real than the other game and does not make weird noses that he did in Yoshi's Island. Yoshi has improved his voice and sounds much realer than ever before in this game.

The controls in this game are very simple and not complicated. If you remember the N64 games perfectly then you will learn the controls for Yoshi's Story very easy.

Rent or Buy:
I recommend doing neither of them because this game is boring and will not keep you playing unless you want to play because of the music. If your local game store still has this game for borrows then it your choice to do one of them but if your local store doesn't have it then you have to find another way of finding this game.

Overall Yoshi's Story is a game that should have never been released because it is boring and as I said, even a 3 year old can beat this game in 30 minutes. If you still have a local game store that puts N64 games on hire then it is your chance if you want to rent this game but I doubt it because the 64 is a old system now. So if you liked Yoshi's Island and want to play the game after it, I suggest that you don't because this game failed in most areas except music and controls. Remember if you really want to have this game just hope that your local store still sells them but if they don't then the only choice is to try and find it on Eb ay if you have an account. So at the end Yoshi's Story is a game that failed and is not worth playing if you don't like 30 minute games and games that don't have good game play and graphics.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 02/07/07

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