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"This game is supposed to be like Yoshi's Island???"

Yoshi's Story is a fine game... If I don't include the challenge. When you factor in the challenge, its rating nose dives. The game could have been much improved in the way of challenge. This is more of a beginner's game. If you are a beginner at video games, then this game might be the game for you.

Graphics (9/10)
Ahh... My eyes don't hurt from super-colorful, ultra-3D graphics anymore. These graphics are perfect: Moderately colorful, and not the Mario 64-effect: Blinding you with 3D images. The graphics in Yoshi Story are near perfect.

Sound (8/10)
Yoshi sounds so funny. The sound effects are great. The music is nice, peaceful, but not the best. The music matches the peaceful environment of the game.

Controls (9/10)
The game introduces controls as you need them during the levels, and they are very easy to learn. Simple play control.

Challenge (2/10)
As I said, this is a beginners game. You won't find this very challenging, unless you go for getting the game 100% complete (going for the hardest and hidden items). Beginners will clear the game in a very short time, like in the day you buy it. (Hint: Rent the game if you have any interest in it.)

Storyline (3/10)
The storyline of Yoshi Story is not terribly interesting. It's a very basic storyline that is similar to other games.

Battle System (5/10)
The battle system is very basic. It's just your normal, everyday battle system.

Game Length (3/10)
The game is too short for what could have fit on the cartridge. The game isn't nearly as long as it could be.

Replay Value (5/10)
You go through the game so fast that you'll be able to play it several times without getting bored. The fun of the game decreases slowly, but still, not worth playing over as much as some games.

Gameplay/Fun (4/10)
Pretty fun for a beginner, and slightly fun for others. I don't recommend this game if you're looking for hours of fun. This game is easy to learn, and easy to master.

Originality (6/10)
The game has some original concepts. It doesn't have anything too special though, but it is a little above your average game in the way of originality.

Overall (3/10)
A nice game for beginners. However, even beginners should rent or borrow this game before spending precious money on it. This is not a game I recommend to buy, unless you're Bill Gates and feel like wasting money. Even renting the game seems a tad expensive.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 08/27/00, Updated 11/24/01

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