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"Everything Is Just So HAPPY!!"

Yoshi’s Story

Everything Is Just So HAPPY!!

This whole game is so HAPPY! There are smily faces everywhere. This game would be medium as difficulty. You start with six Yoshis as lives. All different colors. You
cannot save this game, but if you shut the game off it will keep your level that you are on. There are warps and things to help you travel to save the Yoshis.

Yoshi’s Story

The Yoshis were being happy and playing around. They had a tree that was happy and gave the yoshis life. It beared wonderful friut. One day while the Yoshis were
playing around something came and took the Happy Tree while they weren’t looking! The yoshis turned into a story book. All the yoshis were gone but six eggs that were
mysterilously left. They hatched a few days later and wondered why all the yoshis were gone. They thought about who would be so mean to take the tree and the other yoshis.
Baby Bowser! Right away they knew it was Baby Boswer. The six Yoshis went to find him and get the Happy Tree and the other Yoshis back. They traveled to foreign places
to find baby boswer

The Graphics
The graphics make you want to play forever! Graphics in this game are excellent! This game is a side scrolling screen kind of a game. Its sort of looks like it came from SNES but better color and more a 3D effect. Even though it doesn’t look like N64 it is still cool. Like the part when your switching to other level the pop-up book is 3D! Graphics are cool!

Sound and Music
The sounds are awesome! There really cool! Once you hear the noises then you know where the noises yoshi makes in Super Smash Bro.. The music is ok. Yep just ok. It makes different variations. It has the same tune for every level.


The game is overall is Excellent! I would recommend renting it because it’s a very short game. The average game player could beat it in 2 hours not getting all the levels. If you really like it then buy it. I still would recommend renting it. I really like this game alot! It
is very funny.

Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Music 7/10
Sound 9/10
OverAll 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/29/00, Updated 09/29/00

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