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Yoshi's Story is one of the most controversial games that ever hit the 64. Loved by some, hated by most, This game is often made fun of for it's childish nature, and considered a ex-stream disappointment when reminded that this game could have, should have been, Yoshi's Island 64. Today I'm here to tell you how this game is good despite it's childish nature.

Game-play - 8/10 The basic game-play of Yoshi's Story is that you play as Yoshi (Eight selectable Yoshi colors in all) and in order to proceed through the game, You must eat 30 pieces of fruit per level while avoiding shy guys, spikes and other stuff. There are all kinds of fruit but the rarest kind are melons because there are only 30 melons per level. All the fruit adds to your life meter. If you get hit, you lose life. If a Yoshi loses all it's life or falls in a pit, that Yoshi is taken to Baby Bowser's lair and you can't use that Yoshi anymore until you find a white shy guy which can free Yoshi once you clear the course with him. There are also a lot of cool different game-play mechanics such as leaf surfing, and swimming.

Story - 3/10 The biggest flaw in this game as well as the biggest reason why it's constantly called "childish" or "For pre-schoolers". The story is The Super Happy Tree was stolen by Baby Bowser and the Yoshi's need to eat fruit in order to become "Super Happy" and defeat Baby Bowser and get the Super Happy Tree back. Yeah it's very bland and childish

Graphics/Sound - 7/10 The graphics fit. All the backgrounds in the game have a story book setting and passing a certain area in a level starts a page turning animation. the graphics add a special charm to the game. The sound is decent. The music could have been better though, but you'll remember a couple of tunes. The Yoshi's voices if you can call the strange sounds they make that fit well.

Play Time/Re-playability - 9/10 Though a normal play-through is short, You can only unlock all the levels by playing through the game more then once. Plus there's two more un-lockable Yoshi colors, a bunch of ways to improve your score. Plus if you plan on going through all the levels trying to get all the melons for every stage, this game can last you quite a while.

Final Recommendation - This game is actually pretty fun. I can't recommend it to everyone though. But It's worth a rent. And if you think this game is bad but you haven't played it yet, You might wanna try it out for yourself before you say that again. They say you can never judge a book by it's cover, And if you can get past the childish cover that Yoshi Story has, you could find yourself playing though a charming entertaining game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/17/08

Game Release: Yoshi's Story (US, 03/01/98)

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