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"Yoshi Story tries out new concepts that work in some areas, but fail in others.."

At the end of the SNES and beginning of N64 era, Nintendo's old franchises were making the leap to 3-D. All the classics like Mario, Zelda, Pokemon all made excellent transitions, but not many realize that even Yoshi' Island makes a big leap to the world of 3-D Gaming with Yoshi's Story. But do all these new changes have sweet taste, or does it make you want to scrub your tongue with a toothbrush?

Yoshi's Story centers around Mario's faithful sidekick. However, this isn't the same story of Yoshi's Island. Baby Mario is nowhere to be found and instead, the story takes a different direction. All is peaceful and happy for the Yoshis thanks to the Super Happy Tree, But when Baby Bowser steals it, a group of newborn Yoshis must set out to find the tree, or face a life of misery and unhappiness. The plot surprisingly works, even though it's extremely out of the ordinary and a bit babyish at times. Even for a kids game. Yoshi's Story also suffers the same curse as most videogames, it's too short.

The gameplay won't completely meet some players' standards since the game isn't completely 3-D, like it should be on the N64. Instead, it plays out in 2.5-D. It has 2-D side-scrolling, but the character models are 3-D instead of sprites.The story mode is made up of 6 chapters with 4 possible stages to choose. On the first playthrough, you'll only have 1 stage to play, but more will be added as you play through it more than once. You pick one of a rainbow of colored Yoshis and pick one of 4 different stages. To complete each level, Yoshi must eat enough fruit to fill up the banner that borders the screen. Yoshi's life is represented through a sun flower. Yes a sun flower. Everytime Yoshi gets hit, the flower loses a petal. If Yoshi gets hit again after all the petals are gone, Yoshi gets kidnapped by Baby Bowser's cronies and locked in his castle. You then must choose a different color Yoshi. It's game over when all Yoshi's are captured. The fruits are highly important to eat in this game. The level has no end and will teleport you back to the beginning until you eat all the fruit you need. Fruits also resotre petals to the flower. Besides eating fruit, Yoshi can also swallow enemies, turn them into eggs, and throw eggs. It's nice to see that Yoshi has his trademark abilities here and that the controls work for the most part. There are some specific stages that have a boss to beat at the end. Unfortunately, these bosses are unbelievably easy. Once you get the hang of Yoshi's swallow and egg toss abilities, no boss will put up much of a fight. It's just pathetic how easy these bosses are. There's even one boss that doesn't attack you, and all you have to do is eat him to win. The story mode is so short with only 6 worlds, and with only having to do 1 stage in each world, you only need to beat 6 levels to beat the game. The story mode can be completed in less than an hour. That's unacceptable for a game to be that short.

The music isn't very good. There's one main theme to this game. All stages in the game have music that are just remixes of the main theme. There isn't any other music in the game. The main theme is decent, and that's what keeps this game from completely bombing this category. But there are some remixes that are just downright aweful. There's a remix that attempts to make a RAP out of it.

Sound effects, are pretty good. Yoshi has a nice voice in this game and most of the sound effects get the job done, with a few exceptions. The other Yoshis may have the same voice, but some are higher and lower pitched.

There isn't much else to do besides the Story Mode. There's a time trial-like mode that lets you play through any of the 24 stages you've unlocked in an attempt to get your best possible score. But this is somewhat pointless since there aren't any unlockables for meeting any goals, which is a bit of a disappointment. That's all there is to the game. There isnt any multi-player modes, concept art or sound test, nothing. There really isn't anything to come back for.

Graphics succeeded in some areas, but failed miserably in others. Yoshi Story attempted to do something different with it's 2.5-D graphics. It's a nice start for those who love 2-D and are a little intimitated by all the 3-D games. Yoshi has tons of animations that make him bursting with personality. This is a major plus if you're a huge Yoshi fan. The art direction was done well, but there are some levels that make this look like a preschool game, which is NEVER a good idea.

Yoshi Story tried out some new things, and some of them worked, some of them bombed. Story mode is way too short and the stages and bosses are embarassingly easy. The music is decnt at sometimes with some catchy beats, but other ear-bleeding remixes of the main theme. Sound effects work for the most part. Yoshi Story really comes up short in terms of replayability with no extra modes or features. The graphics are decent in some areas, while very babyish in others.

Yoshi Story is an ok game that was obviously targeted at a much younger audience than the usual. Little siblings might have a good time, as will Yoshi fanatics. But otherwise, this game might not be worth it for you.

Overall: 6/10
Game is ok for some Yoshi fans and younger gamers, but there are many other games that Yoshi is in that you should consider more than this

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/07/09

Game Release: Yoshi's Story (US, 03/01/98)

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