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"This game doesn't get the respect it deserves."


Good ol' Yoshi got his start in a "falling blocks" game on the NES simply titled,"Yoshi". He was later promoted to being Mario's steed in some of his later 2-D adventures. Although not making an appearance in the near perfect game "Super Mario 64", he returned to Mario's side in the GameCube's definitive Mario title "Super Mario Sunshine." Later, Yoshi got another shot at a solo title on the Nintendo DS called "Yoshi Touch and Go", the game was successful, but not groundbreaking. He has also been featured in all three Super Smash Brothers games and all the Mario Karts. But I am going to talk about Yoshi's N64 adventure, "Yoshi's Story." This game has gotten alot of heat but I checked some major review sites and all the reviews I found gave this game a passable score. I remember when I was a kid and got this game, thought it was amazing, but when your a kid, you like any game you get. Now, I can post an actual review. Most of the people I knew who owned this game thought it was good. I think so too and I will explain to you why now.

The object of this game is to choose one of the six differently colored Yoshi's, run through any of the levels and use your tongue to collect thirty different kinds of fruit in order to advance to the boss battle. It seems simple but there are also swarms of shy guys to deal with, and piranha plants. There are also these snake things that you can take rides that are sometimes necessary to advance in the level. these are activated simply by jumping on them. To make them change direction, you jump on them again. This is alot harder than it sounds, this can be very frustrating and takes a while to master. During the levels, you will come across Egg blocks which release eggs if you jump into them. Be sure to always keep your Yoshi egg stock at maximum because these are needed to kill certain enemies.Yoshi's move list is way too small. All he does is the tongue attack, the butt drop and the egg throwing. Of course he has that jump gliding move. I wish he had an actual attack move. How funny would it be to see your favorite Yoshi just punch that shy guy right in the face. But that would be kind of inappropriate for you know, a "kiddy" game. If you have ever seen the game over screen for this game , you'd know that it is not kiddy. It doesn't just say game over, no, this game does not screw around, it shows a very depressing scene which shows your Yoshi crying while being carried off to a prison in an extremely cliche looking evil castle with gloomy lighting as your Yoshi is thrown into a window. Look it up on youtube, but let me tell you, when I was a little kid, it gave me nightmares. But I'm getting off topic here. The final two levels of the game are the hardest you will ever find in a video game. They are called "Lift Castle" and I don't quite remember what the other was called but I know it involves a castle. There's nothing but tiny little platforms that move back and forth and up and down, and with the bad jumping controls in this game, it is frustrating as heck. And try doing that with shy guys flying at you at all directions and trying to get the fruit at the same time. If you manage to get to the end of either one of these levels, you fight the final boss who is Baby Bowser. He is relatively easy, but after the level you have just been through, it evens the difficulty out. There may not be many levels in this game but they are all very unique and all large and fun to explore. You have meadows, clouds, castles, forests, a haunted house, and if I'm not mistaken, an underwater stage as well. I don't think all of the different kinds of Yoshi in this game are really useful. They are all the same except for different kinds of color schemes. But that's enough about the gameplay, overall I would give it a seven out of ten. Let's move on to the graphics.

Graphicwise, its just your usual side-scroller. It doesn't showcase the Nintendo 64's 64 bit ability. They probably could have done the same on the Super Nintendo. One thing I do love about the graphics is the story book theme. Its like those little pop-up books that go 3-D when you turn the page. Some people criticize the graphics because of this but they don't realize that that is what the central theme of the game is. The only time it resembles a traditional Nintendo 64 3-D platformer, is at the Yoshi select screen. The animations on Yoshi during the game look pretty good, but nothing else is really that special. But during that creepy game over screen, that evil castle looks like a real life photo. As far as the graphics go, there's really not much to say and they don't matter that much in any game. I would give the graphics a five out of ten. Now lets move on to the sound.

Before I explain the sound in the game, I'd like to say that some people say that sound doesn't matter, but if you have ever played a game that had terrible sound, you know how bad that can make the game. But as far as the sound goes in Yoshi's Story, I absolutely love it. The sound effects really make you feel like your in a cartoon. When you hit the egg block, throw an egg, jump suck something in, and land your buttdrop, they all make great, cartoony sound effects. There is different music in each of the stages which keep you from getting any songs stuck in your head. On the topic of music, there is also creepy music in that infamous(in my view) game over screen. The title screen music is ok but nothing special. I could also do without the Yoshi's speaking every once and a while. Their voices are too high pitched and you can't understand in what they are saying. All in all, I'd give the sound a six out of ten. Only one more thing to talk about, and I'll try to cut it short, replay value.

Replay value is very important when you're a game designer, you want players to want to play your game for a longer time after they have beaten the game. This game doesn't have much. After you beat a level, it goes into the trial mode where you can play them as much as you want, but after a while, it just gets old and you're just not having fun with the game anymore. I would have liked if they had some mini-games. Yoshi just seems like a franchise that would have some great mini-games. I would give the replay value a three out of ten. After you beat the maybe six hour long story mode, the trial mode will probably last for a week or two.

Closing comments:
This is a good game that people just don't notice. It wasn't horrible, it just fell bellow expectations. I can't say much more that I haven't already said in this review, so I will just say that this game was good but not groundbreaking.

My score 6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/31/09

Game Release: Yoshi's Story (US, 03/01/98)

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