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"An Amazing, Underrated Game."

Although this game may seem geared towards a bunch of 8 year olds at first -- it truly is a great platformer once you actually take the time to get into it. This review will explain just that...

Story -- (6/10)

The story is a very simple, childish story line. Pretty much, the Yoshi's had their happy tree stolen, and their goal is to now get it back from Baby Bowser so they can once again be happy. Yeah. It's pretty laughable, but, whatever. The events that happen throughout the re-obtainment of the happy tree are interchangeable depending on the course you choose in each page. For example, if I choose Course 2 in Page 1, and Course 4 in Page 2, then the story would be a bit different than if I completed Course 4 in Page 1, and Course 1 in Page 2. It's hard to explain, but, if you try the game, you'll understand. That compatibility really makes the story kind of fun to change around, and gives it some good replay value.

Gameplay -- (8/10)

This game is so much more complex than everyone seems to think. There are unlockables (Black & White Yoshi, White Shy Guys, and 24 maps to unlock in Trial Mode). There's also the difficult task of collecting EVERY melon in the game. It may only take an hour or two to get through all 6 pages of the story, but, taking the time to unlock each and every course in the game, collect all the melons, collecting all the white shy guys, and to unlock the Black & White Yoshis, really shows how complex and difficult the game can really be. The game just has so much hidden potential that too many people seem to overlook. It's kind of sad.

Controls -- (9/10)

The controls are very easy to get used to and will stick with you almost instantly. Yoshi is not difficult to control at all. A is to jump, B is eat things, C or Z is to throw eggs, and you can use R to sniff out hidden objects and areas. The only reason why I wouldn't give this a 10 is because throwing eggs can be a bit confusing at first (or maybe it was just me...) but other than that, the controls are fine.

Graphics -- (9/10)

The graphics are certainly cute, and very nice looking for a Nintendo 64 game. I love the way everything looks -- from the big scary bone dragons, to the adorable little dog Poochy, the game is graphically great, with only very few errors/quirks.

Sound -- (10/10)

The sounds in this game are just perfect. Yoshi sounds adorable, the music selections are just great, and all the little sound effects from the hearts, enemies, and anything else you can think of, just sound perfect. This is one soundtrack I'll always love.

Replay Value -- (8/10)

As I mentioned before, there are just so many hidden secrets and unlockables in this game that just won't let you put the controller down. This game will have you playing for years-- from all the unlockables to the interchangeable story line! I've had the game since 1998 and I'm still playing it today in 2010! It's just so much fun to visit all the courses, and collecting everything is just so exciting.

Overall Score -- (8/10)

From the adorable sounds and graphics, to the great and exciting gameplay, this game is just so much fun that once you get into it, you won't be able to leave it alone! As I mentioned before, I've been playing this game for 12 years now, and I don't plan to stop anytime soon! This is seriously a great N64 title and I would tell anyone who still has an old N64 laying around to try it out!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/28/10

Game Release: Yoshi's Story (US, 03/01/98)

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