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"An extremely fun game IF you play it the right way."

Yoshi is one of my favorite characters of all time, but in most games he is more of a side-character. In this game (Like Yoshi's Island), he is the main character, and throughout the entire game, Mario is never even seen! Basically Baby Bowser steals the Yoshi's "Super Happy Tree" simply because he wants to make them sad. Luckily, 6 baby Yoshi's have recently hatched and decide to venture to Baby Bowser's castle try to take back their "Super Happy Tree". Not a great storyline, but honestly who plays a game like this for it's story?

Gameplay: 8/10
This game is a 2D platformer with a few 3D elements. Most people who dislike this game seem to focus on it's simplicity, and I will admit it is pretty easy IF you just play the story mode through as fast as possible. This is because the objective, rather then to get to the end of the level, is to eat 30 pieces of fruit that are scattered throughout the course. This also makes some of the courses very non-linear and quite unique. There are WAY more than 30 fruits in each level, so simply eating every fruit you see along the way will get you through the level fairly quick. Even when just playing the game this way it is still pretty fun (easy things CAN be fun), however you can really challenge yourself to try and collect all of the melons in each level, of which there are only 30. Trust me, this is NOT EASY. This makes the levels take much longer and forces you to go through the entire level which is more difficult near the end, whereas just eating any fruit you see can get you out of the level when you haven't even gone halfway through it. My only problem with the gameplay is that the mini bosses and final boss are ridiculously easy. They all basically tell you how to beat them and some of them can't even hurt you! That aside, trying to collect all of the melons makes this game a fun challenge.

Controls: 10/10
Yoshi can do everything he could in Yoshi's Island and more: swallow enemies, aim and throw eggs, flutter jump, ground pound, and even sniff for secrets. Most importantly all of it is super responsive and smooth, making for a full control of Yoshi's actions.

Graphics: 10/10
This game has jaw-dropping graphics. Sometimes I feel like I'm playing on a Gamecube because of how smooth it is. The backgrounds in some levels are kind of weird, for example some levels look like they're made of inflatable pool toys while others look like they were pieces of denim cloth sewn together. But the important part is that these backgrounds don't look computer animated at all, they look REAL. Sure some of it looks kind of childish, but if you ask me it's adorable. Yoshi really comes to life as well. Such as humming when he is idle, sometimes catching his breath, or growling when there are enemies nearby.

Music: 8/10
The music in this game sounds like it's coming from real instruments! It definitely fits the mood of each level it's in. The only downside is that it's all kind of the same tune and melody, but the genre, rhythm, and instruments change depending on what style of level you're in. You can here various genres such as reggae, rap, acoustic, and classical, but as I said before, the guitars, horns, percussion, and strings all sound real.

No one denies that the graphics in this game are outstanding, but don't degrade it for it's simplicity. You can make it as challenging as you want by trying to beat it to it's fullest. I would argue that collecting all of the melons in EVERY stage is actually harder than playing Yoshi's Island!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/11/11

Game Release: Yoshi's Story (US, 03/01/98)

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