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"Yoshi's Story is probably the most pointless feeling Nintnedo developed Mario game to date."

I bought a copy of Yoshi's Island for the SNES back in the day and played through it in three days and absolutely loved it. Jump a few years into the future and I have a Nintendo 64 now and am overjoyed to have a 2D sequel to one of my favorite platform games. I bought a used copy and popped it in ready for the excitement to ensue but was quite disappointed with this game.

Yoshi's story almost felt like the same game at first and plays exactly like the prequel except that you don't have Mario riding on your back this time and you are instead trying to save the Yoshis' Happy Tree from Bowser once again. You have a flower meter for damage now and can actually die this time around unlike Yoshi's Island. The gameplay just lacks any kind of decent enough game play to be solid. The world has been turned into a story book and the Yoshis have to go from stage to stage and eat 30 pieces of fruit to become happy. Once the thirty pieces of fruit are eaten the stage is then completed. This also makes the stages feel like they don't really have a purpose other than to just wander around. There around 18 stages but you will only play through six of them in one game. Once you finish the last stage you finish the game without ever fighting a single boss and Bowser never makes a true appearance either. The control is very accurate for this type of game; you still have to use the analog stick instead of the D pad which is a drag at times but it still works surprising well. Other than that, the game play gets boring pretty fast and even being able to take different paths and see different stages during each new game doesn't add any replay value to the game.

The graphics are outstanding and just plain enjoyable. They have been changed from the water color paint to a rendered CG style similar to that of Donkey Kong Country. The reflections in the water are especially great to look at and the Yoshis as well as the enemies are animated superbly and help the graphics stand out as the highlight of the game. The sound effects are nice and crisp sounding but the music is just plain sappy and sounds like something from a nursery rhyme so the game lacks merit here too.

It seems that with every few Mario games Nintendo releases they have to drop the ball and make one that is quite weak and has a very immature and preschool-like story line and humor level. This game is one of those so I can't recommend it even to Mario's fans.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/06/11

Game Release: Yoshi's Story (US, 03/01/98)

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