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"Don't think it'll be another Yoshi's Island..."

For some reason, I had an extreme urge to buy this game. It was probably because I enjoyed Yoshi's Island for the Super NES a lot. Of course, this WAS many years ago, when I was younger. When I first played it, I rather liked it, being able to control Yoshi in the fluid 2½-D world. Then I beat just about a half-an-hour. I thought that Nintendo would have made this lengthy and challenging, not a cakeway and childish. Well, anyways, on to the review for the so-called ''Yoshi's Story''...

Story (1/10)
''Big bad Baby Bowser has stolen the Super Happy Tree and turned their world into a storybook. Now the little Yoshis must retrieve it and defeat Bowser.''

Yay! Let's go get a tree that has fruits and beat up a baby turtle-dragon-thing! OR NOT! I really think Nintendo can do a lot better than THAT.

Gameplay (4/10)
Yoshi's Story is a 2-D Platformer, just like Yoshi's Island before it. However, it could have been a much better attempt at creating it. This isn't quite your typical Platformer, though. Instead of finishing the level from start-to-finish, you must collect a number of fruits to make Yoshi happy enough to move on to the next level. They also provide you with more energy. There are exactly 24 levels in the game...but let's compare it to the SNES Platformer which had over 50 or so. Not only that, but you only need to get past 6 of them to actually complete the entire game! The levels can be pretty long, but provide basically no challenge at all...and only the very LAST levels even have a decent amount of challenge. There are very few bosses throughout the game, and all of them -- even Bowser, seemed almost like a cakeway. Most of the controls are like Yoshi's Island -- throw an egg; hover in the air; pound the ground...except it seems a lot harder. Yoshi can be hard to move at times, and pulling off certain moves gets to be annoying. So yes, even the control is quite stiff.

Graphics (9/10)
Everything is bright and colorful. Interesting textures, nicely designed paper-ish backgrounds (considering it's supposed to be a storybook), and even the animation seems good, like when Yoshi is falling in mid-air, he'll wave his arms like he's trying to fly back up. The graphics are obviously the best part of the game...but then again, as the old saying goes...''Graphics don't make the game''.

Sound (3/10)
Ugh...the music is very bad...and repetitive. You may hear a bit of music, and then it repeats again after less than a minute. While some of it is pretty decent, most of it is (as I've said before) very bad and repetitive. The sound effects and voices are very bad itself. The Yoshis sound like a dying baby cow. I really liked Yoshi's other the one that was used in Mario Kart 64 and several other ''cameos'' like Mario Golf and Mario Party. Nothing disturbs me more in the game than the ''singing'' they do when you beat a level. It has several Yoshis ''singing'' a misunderstandable ''song'', and sound like babies. Actually, maybe this is how they're supposed to sound...but I wish they didn't. And as with the music...Ugh...

Replay Value (3/10)
You only have to complete 6 EASY levels to already beat the game, and unless you want to try and hunt down the melons or find the rest of the probably won't be playing this game anytime soon.

Good Points
- It'll probably impress the younger crowd
- Graphics are good

Bad Points
- But the graphics don't make the game...
- A LAME plot
- No length or challenge
- Control is quite stiff
- Awful and annoying sound
- Lacks replay value
- A lot worse than Yoshi's Island

Overall: 3.8/10
The little kids may find it easy and cute, but the older audience will just beat it, shove it the closet to gather dust, and never play it again. With its severe lack of gameplay, challenge, and replayability, it's barely even worth a rental. Even I obviously sold my copy. If you want to play a REAL Yoshi game, try out Yoshi's Island for the Super NES.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 05/31/01, Updated 08/22/01

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