Review by CLR

"Superior graphics, but no fun."

Yoshi's Story is the most dissapointing game that I have played. It is also the most awful platform game I have encountered. Nintendo fooled everyone that bought this game (millions of people because it is a million seller) by using the success of Yoshi's Story's prequel on the SNES, and making this game with good graphics and nothing more! Don't judge a book by its cover! Ok....

(Graphics 10/10)

Yoshi's Story has excellent backgrounds,colors, and visual animations. This game has the best 2D graphics I have ever seen! The backgrounds never repeat and they look extreme!

(Musical Composition/SFX/Quality 6/10)

The music is crappy and strange, the SFX are annoying and painful to hear, the quality is alright I guess.

(Control 6/10)

The control is very awkward and sluggish in Yoshi's Story. You have to struggle to get anywhere or do anything.

(Plot 1/10)

Usually the plot doesn't matter too much in a game of this genre, but the plot is so unoriginal, bland, and babyish. Through the whole game you are going after a Super Happy Tree. It's ridiculous.

(Fun/Gameplay 0/10)

There is NO gameplay! There is NO fun! All you do is eat 20 or so pieces of fruit in each stage, go through only 4 levels fight 1 boss and then fight Bowser and save the super happy tree! NO FUN! What a lousy excuse for a game!

(Overall /10)

Rating System:

Game Control: 15%

Audio/Visual: 15% (Consists of graphics, and music scores together)

Fun/Gameplay/Plot: 70%

Control-6 (6/15 pts.)

Audio-6 (8/15 pts.)


Fun/Gameplay/Plot-0 (0/70 pts.)

(14/100) pts.=1.4=1

As you can see don't play or rent or buy Yoshi's story. It's AWFUL! The Yoshi game on the SNES is SO cool, play that instead! Choa!

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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