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"Fun Little 2-D Platformer"

From the creative minds that brought us Super Mario World 1 and 2 comes another little gem - Yoshi's Story. It's a venture back into the world of 2-D, complete with yoshis, butterflies, and all that other cute stuff.

Some good stuff in the Graphics area. Yeah, it's 2-D sprites, but who cares? Everything's bright and colorful, unlike the crayon-esque Yoshi's Island of the SNES days. In addition to the 'front' graphics, there's also a 'background' that has neat little stuff in it ('Made in Japan' floating in a blue sky, for example).

The structure of the game is much like Star Fox - there's lots of levels, but you only have to go through a certain number to beat the game. In Yoshi's case, there's 24 levels and you have to go through 6 of them to beat the game. There's 4 levels per 'world' ranging from easy to hard. You get to choose the level you want based on how many giant hearts you found in the last stage.

There's a distinct 'Japanese' feel to Yoshi's Story. The main point of the game is for the Yoshi's to eat fruit and get happy so they can save the Super Happy Tree. And, between each level, you hear the Yoshi's chirping 'Be Careful' as text describing what happened in the level scrolls underneath.

After you beat a level, you can acsess it in the Trial Mode. You can then go through it and try to get more points by collecting more fruit, finding more hearts, etc.

Despite being a little chidlish and short, Yoshi's Story is a good, solid game. It's quite enjoyable, especially for younger kids. Definitely worth at least a rental.

Graphics: 7
Sound: 8
Replay Value: 6
Gameplay: 8

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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