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"Short, little-kiddy, and high pitched voices - only for those who are Barney at heart."

Yoshi's Story is a decent game. Yes, I'll admit, it's a good game. And no, I'm 15, not 8. But the game is just a bore for anyone my age. Why? You'll soon find out:

GRAPHICS: Beautifully rendered and hand drawn graphics. Layouts include a denim-jean background, etched with stitches and pockets; a vineyard of pirahna plants, in which the graphics are absolutely gorgeous (especially the movement of the vines); and a wooden block backdrop of a night sky. Yoshi's expressions are also very well done. (10/10)

PLAY CONTROL: Not the best, but still good. At times, Yoshi seems to "drift", while other times, you get extremely frustrated from being hit by enemies. Yoshi flies backwards, and you have no control whatsoever. They could have concentrated more on this. (6/10)

SOUND: Ugh, ugh, ugh. I EXTREMELY hate Yoshi's voice!!! The high-pitched "whoooooaaaa!"'s and "bum!"'s get on your nerves early on. And the background music is the same song repeated in each stage, except slightly remixed. And when you "float" with Yoshi in the air, he sounds like he's constipated! Geez! (4/10)

GAMEPLAY: I'll admit that you'll be bored in a matter of minutes. To beat a stage, you need to collect 30 pieces of fruit. ... Yes, that's it! 30 &*^%$#! pieces of fruit! Each stage is very very very short, and experienced players will finish the game in, oh, 20 minutes. YAWN! Little replay value drags the game down as well, and the bosses (Puh! Coulda fooled me . . .) are easy as heck. The only reason older people play this is to prove they can press controller buttons. (3/10)

So, why did I give this game a 6 and not a 2? If you're a younger kid, you'll love it. The simplicity gives kids a chance to actually get through a game. They'll have a blast, period. As for me, I'm heading to Babbage's to return MY copy.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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