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"There's A Thin Line Between Cute and Abnormal Kiddyness, and This Game Took A Big Leap Over It"

When I first saw this game I thought that it would be a nice little game since it was related to Mario and all. Well obviously not, the looks seem to be the only thing this game has going for it. Children may seem amused by it, but the older, more casual gamer will dislike the extreme kiddy-ish look to it. This is a game more suited for novices or children beginning to play games. It’s predecessor, Yoshi Island, was a lot better than this. It seems like Nintendo went a bit over the edge with childishness, though. Oh well, onto the rest…

Story: 3/10

Baby Bowser has stolen the “Super Happy Tree” (there goes a point) and went back to his castle. All the adult Yoshi’s see this and panic, so they go off somewhere, leaving their eggs to lie where they may (what kind of mother Yoshi’s are these?). Eventually the eggs hatch and the baby Yoshi’s come out. It’s up to them to rescue the Super Happy Tree and defeat the evil Baby Bowser. It’s like a Mario game, except it’s been brutally beaten to death with a kiddy stick.

Gameplay: 5/10

It’s a 2D side-scroller mixed with some 3D graphics. That’s not always a wise choice, but if it’s done well then it’s ok, but not in this case. Basically you choose from one of the different colored Yoshi’s to play as, and you go from level to level, beating bad guys and swallowing things along the way. Different Yoshi’s like different fruits, it’s easy to tell what they like because their favorite fruit is the same color as they are. Also eating their favorite shy guy (again, same color as them) will help them. For your health meter you have this flower, which loses petals depending on if you eat something bad, or get hit. It increases by eating fruit. Simple, eh? Bear in mind that to get through to the next level, you must eat enough fruit (30 pieces to be exact) for Yoshi to be happy enough to proceed. This can be quite tedious and often at times boring.

The controls are similar to “Yoshi Island”. You walk with the analog stick, with the speed you travel changing on how hard you push the stick. There are a few things you can do with Yoshi; fire eggs, swallow fruits/enemies, jump, pound the ground and sniff. It’s all relatively simple to control, there’s practically no learning curve involved so the younger audience will like that. The controls can seem a bit sluggish at times, though. In this game, there are 24 levels to go through. BUT… you only need to go through 6 of them to beat the game. That lessens the challenge quite a bit. The levels are pretty long but are rather easy to complete.

Graphics: 9/10

This is the game’s high point. The graphics are pretty good, the Yoshi’s, the enemies and backgrounds are nicely done and well textured with nearly no jaggedness. The Yoshi’s movements are well animated as well as most of the other characters. The downside is that everything is dangerously kiddy looking, I mean WAY too kiddy looking (Man, I'm mentioning that a lot, heh). This will turn a lot of gamers away at a mere glance.

Sound: 3/10

The music is annoying to say the least, it’s also very repetitive, so you might just want to mute the TV and try to play. There’s little music that sounds ok, but it’s repetitive all the same. The sound effects are bothersome, the sounds the enemies make are very few and the few that they do make just isn’t good. Other noises are just plain pathetic, especially the squeals the Yoshi’s make. At the end of each level, they “sing”. I don’t know if I should define it as such, they spout out some loud, high-pitched gibberish. Not very appealing to the ear.

Replayability: 2/10

Nearly non-existent. You could go back and get all the melons, but… why would you even WANT to? There are the other levels that you haven’t played your first time through, but they are all alike; long, boring with the same music. Why bother to go through the same thing again?

Challenge Factor: 2/10

Low. Just very, very low. Play the game for about an hour, beat it and put it away. Fun for the first ten minutes, but when you start to repeat those ten minutes over and over again it quickly goes downhill.

Overall: 3

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 08/16/01, Updated 08/21/01

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