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"Isn't this what we play games for? Fun?"

You may be 'Yoshi's Story' is bad because it is a cute game, and you may be thinking it's bad because of all the negative reviews it has received. In all my gaming years, this has got to be one the most fun games I've played. Yes, it is as easy as pie. But you play this and try not to smile.

Graphics and Story:10/10
I've seen some people criticize this game because of it's 2D graphics. Ask yourself this: Do graphics really make a game? Remember games like Pac-Man, and Space Invaders? Were graphics a big issue? No.

Yes, this game is 2D. This game is a great example of 2D done well. All the backgrounds, Yoshi characters, and enemies are beautifully rendered. The sky is usually denim patchwork. You can see every individual stitch, every seam, every single piece of detail.

The whole thing moves at a great, constant, smooth frame rate.

Another thing about this game that may be criticised is how happy it is. The whole thing is based around the 'Super Happy Tree'. The bad baby bowser has nicked the Super Happy Tree, and, yup, you've guessed it, it's up to the little cute dinosaurs to go and get it back. Yes, the story is bad, but for ickle kiddies, it isn't terrible, and it opens no paths in gameplay structure.

The sound is near spot on. The music sounds like it's been whipped straight out of a preschool TV show, with high pitched instruments, catchy tunes, and an acceptable amount of bass. The Yoshis sound spot on, high pitched voices, incomprehensible gobbledegook, and some nice exclamation sounds.

The music changes to suit the mood of the levels, some quiet, some rap style, some music is of the cartoony affair.

This game is great for little kids who are just getting into gaming. In each level, you must eat 20 fruits. You can get a different amount of points depending on what you eat. For example, different kind of Yoshis have different favorite fruits. There are also special secret melons, these are hard to find and even harder to obtain in the later levels. You just try going through the game eating nothing but them.

Yes, the game is easy, but it has some adequate puzzles. In the first few levels, there is an elephant holding up a stop sign, blocking your way. You must use your Ground Pound to flip him over and continue. These kind of puzzles are great for the younger audience.

For a health system, you have a flower. Each petal is a health point. When you get super-happy, the music turns into rock music. When you are near death, the music goes slow and melancholy.
You have loads of different colour Yoshis. Each can be thought of as a 'life'. In the game there are secrets.. In levels, if you find a special Shy Guy, you will regain a life.

You have a wide range of moves and abilities. Eat an enemy, and they will become an egg. At any given time, you can pick up an egg behind you, and lunge it wherever you choose.
The Yoshis have a handful of other moves, too, some of which are essential, and have to be mastered.

Rent or Buy?
Rent. Many people don't like this game. You could probably complete it in a few hours anyway. I would recommend buying if you like it very much-it is fun to play every so often, and is a great addition to any collection.

This game isn't for everyone. Many people hate it. But you can't deny, this game is fun. Play it and try not to smile. Then try and tell me Nintendo aren't great.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/21/02, Updated 06/14/03

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