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Reviewed: 03/24/00 | Updated: 03/24/00

A great game for the little ones...

If you have a little brother/sister, or younger relatives, or you're a kid (either for real or at heart) you'll enjoy Yoshi's story from begininng to end. But that's not the case for everyone around, and gamers were expecting a fantastic follow up from one of the best SNES games ever made. Well, what we got was a kids game. While it having a kiddie theme doesn't make it a bad game, there's just not enough challenge and depth here. Sure you can use 'strategy' and work to eat fruits in the right order, but c'mon.. that's really boring IMO. It's a pretty simple game, and can be enjoyed by the little ones.

The main story is that baby bowser stole the tree of happiness (or something like that) and the yoshis have to go get it back to make everyone happy again. There are different coloured yoshis, each kind of count like an extra life. There are no differences between these Yoshis, besides what fruit they like and the hidden Black and White yoshis.. You can jump, run, throw eggs, sniff and butt stomp. While to take the perfect path can be a challenge to the advanced gamer, it's still not the most exciting game around.

For one thing though, the graphics are beautiful. The whole game itself looks like one big story book; and it'll light the kid's eyes up. The stages of Yoshi's Story are all happy, bright and colourful besides a few of em. The enemies are all cute little shy guys etc. and your life bar is even a happy flower. This game is CUTE.... to the etreme.

So you run around the stage endlessly in a loop until you get enough fruit to make the yoshi happy. It really doesn't seem very challenging at first, but at the end of the stage you'll get a score for the fruit you've collected with bonuses for collecting fruits in a row, collecting the fruit that are the yoshis personal favourite, or collecting the special hidden melons. The bosses are easy or hard depending on which path you take in the story book.

The Yoshis sing.. and it'll make you turn the volume down - very quickly. Their high-pitched voices and reptetive chanting if you will, makes it extra annoying. Other than that, the sound effects have to do with Yoshi dancing, walking etc. Remember - it's all very cutesy.. so beware.

There are two modes - story mode and a kind of time/score attack mode. In story you go through the book with one data file trying to defeat baby bowser with the best score you can. While the score kind of mode allows you to play in stages you've been to before where you can play to achieve the highest score and have your name marked down.

Unless you have kids, you're a kid, you're a kid at heart or you play games for their gameplay no matter how kiddish they are then you'll enjoy Yoshi's story. It can be easy for the little ones and a little more challenging for the bigger ones. So - it can be a game for everyone depending on how you look at it. Thank you, and good night.

Graphics : 9
Gameplay : 8
Audio : 4
Controls : 6
Replay : 5
Overall : 7.5

And now.. A SUSHI moment..
''AGHH! STOP SINGING!!!!'' - Anyone who hears the yoshis sing.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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