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Yoshi is one of the best characters Nintendo has come up with over their long years of existence. First appearing in Super Mario World as a means of transportation for Mario, the green dinosaur with an appetite to match the Hamburglar's has since been in several other titles- and his popularity has grown with each game. Now he's practically as famous as the plumber in red overalls himself- Mario! Although this isn't the first game starring Yoshi as the main playable character, it is the first game starring Yoshi(s) for the Nintendo 64. Being a big fan of Yoshi, I was hoping for something a little more quality for his first (and only) outing on the 64.

This game is actually pretty fun, but what brings it down is the simplicity of your goal and how easy it is to accomplish. Like the title suggests, there's an assortment of different colored Yoshis to chose from- 8 in all, 6 of which you start off with, 2 of which are secret and must be earned. Yoshi's Story is made up of twenty-four 2-D levels; your goal in each level is very simple- eat 30 pieces of fruit.

As we all know, Yoshis have long, frog-like tongues for eating whatever 's lying about, a technique that's key to the game. You must explore the different themed levels in search for different kinds of fruit. When you get 30 pieces, you move on to the next level to repeat the process. With fruit being the only means to accomplish your mission, you'd think it'd be a scare finding- it isn't. This is one of the problems the game suffers from. There's plenty of fruits peppered throughout the levels to where finding it is pretty easy. This makes the game unbelievably easy. Another factor that adds to the problem is that the levels are relatively short. Sure, there will be some exploring to do, but not much. Bosses? They're few and far between, and they're difficulty level is on par with the game(they're really easy).

"So, exactly why am I eating all this fruit?" you may ask yourselves. Well, because you have to- that's the point of the game! All joking aside, eating the fruit correlates with the game's story- just how it does, you have to figure out on your own.

Baby Bowser has stolen the fruit tree, and 6 different Yoshis were somehow appointed to go and get it back. This sounds similar to a Mario plot, minus the fruit tree. That's fine by me, I don't play Mario games for the story, so I guess Yoshi games shouldn't be any different. On a side note, I would like to mention the story's ending (don't worry, no spoilers). It's terrible: horrendous even! It's so bad and stupid that I'd have to consider it one of the worst, if not the worst, ending I have ever seen for a video game.

Different hues really bring Yoshi to a whole new level. No, seriously, they do. Bye bye boring green Yoshi, hello multi-colored Yoshis!(oh, hi green Yoshi, I see you made it into the game as well) You'll find yourself desperately seeking the secret colored Yoshis, only to be terribly distraught when you kill them in the next level by falling down the first pit you come across only 5 minutes later. Or maybe that was just me...

Even though the game plays like a 2-D side scroller, the graphics are 3-D. I originally thought that the game would be in 3-D, and was disappointed when I found out it wasn't. After playing for awhile, I realized that the graphics were very good and that 2-D was cool with me. They are very bright and colorful and happy- perfect for this type of game.

The music sounds like it would be for a game with Yoshi as the star. If you had a music line-up(kind of like a suspect line-up), you would be able to point this music out as being in a Yoshi game. That's the best way to describe it. Another way would be to say that it's "kiddie," but my way of saying it is better. It's kind of catchy, but simple.

Since an average gamer can beat this game in one rental from Blockbuster, I wouldn't recommend going out and buying it. There's just not much to it- you play, you beat, you go have dinner. No real replay value to speak of, it would have been nice for a multi-player feature to add some, but sadly, there is none. While it's fun while it lasts, Yoshi's Story is too short for anyone who isn't a kid. Heck, it may even be too short for them too. Loving Yoshi as much as I do, I went into this game really wanting to like it. Oh I tried to look on the bright side of things. Oh I tried, I tried. *sings "Modern love"* The truth is that this game probably isn't worth your money, you'll have to be a hard-core Yoshi fan if you'll want to buy this, and I mean hard-core.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/18/04

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