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"Worst game on the N64..."

Has to be one of the worst games on N64! No point,bad graphics, and poor gameplay. Music and sound are horrible and I could go on and on. This is pathetic. I can't believe I rented this game. I was a fool. Can there be a worse game?

You will not be satisfied with this game. Pathetic, pathetic, and let me see. Hmmmmm. Oh yeah!! PATHETIC!!!! When you play the game, you chose from six yoshis. There are also secret ones. I should have burned this game. It was also very short. I beat the stinkin game in half an hour. Wow!!! And I thought Star Fox was short!!

STORY: 1/10
Awful,awful,awful!!! Baby Bowser steals their tree! BIG WHOOP!! The Yoshi's are sad. HA HA!!! When you die, you are taken to a castle and the Yoshi is crying. Snore. You go through six worlds. Where you start in the first world depends where you go later. Please savatage this game. PLEASE!!!!!

Replay Value: 0/10
What replay value? If you can manage to make it through the game once, why would you want to go through again? This has the least replay value of any game i've ever played.

Sound: 0/10
One word: ANNOYING. You'll turn down the annoying happy music right away. Sound effects are very unimpressive.

Challenge: 0/10
This is the easiest game in the universe. It took me 30 minutes to beat the game without dying once. 'Nuff said.

Rent/Buy: Don't bother. It isn't even worth five dollars.

Overall: 0/10
Spare yourself from this awful creation. Way too easy, annoying, boring, and stupid. The Yoshis make annoying sounds and the music is terrible. Why bother going through the game again because if you beat it once you've seen it all. The only challenge in this game is to stay awake while playing it. Probably the worst game on the N64 and a disgrace to all video games. Sorry if I offended any Yoshi lovers.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 07/01/00, Updated 07/01/00

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