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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TJackson

    Version: 5.0 | Updated: 08/25/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     _   ___      _              ____    ___ 
    | | / (_)    | |            / ___|  /   |
    | |/ / _ _ __| |__  _   _  / /___  / /| |
    |    \| | '__| '_ \| | | | | ___ \/ /_| |
    | |\  \ | |  | |_) | |_| | | \_/ |\___  |
    \_| \_/_|_|  |_.__/ \__, | \_____/    |_/
                         __/ |               
    |Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards                         |
    |For the Nintendo 64                                  |
    |FAQ/Walkthrough                                      |
    |By Meowthnum1 (Meowthnum1 [at] metacrawler [dot] com)|
    |Version 5.0                                          |
    |Last Updated: 8/25/02                                |
    http://pub84.ezboard.com/bmeowthnum1sgaming for help.
    Table of Contents:
    I. Introduction
    II. Basics
        2.01: Abilities
        2.02: Characters
        2.03: Story
        2.04: FAQ
        2.05: Controls
        2.06: Items
    III. Walkthrough
        3.01: Pop Star
        3.02: Rock Star
        3.03: Aqua Star
        3.04: Neo Star
        3.05: Shiver Star
        3.06: Ripple Star
        3.07: Dark Star
    IV. Mini-Games
        4.01: 100-Yard Hop
        4.02: Bumper Crop Bump
        4.03: Checkerboard Chase
        4.04: BOSS FIGHT
    V. Final Section
        5.01: Endings
        5.02: Copyright Information
        5.03: Revision History
        5.04: Credits
        5.05: Conclusion
    I. Introduction
    Hiya, and welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.  
    This is the newest installment in the wonderful Kirby series.  The object of 
    this game is to collect all the Crystal Shards.  If you do not collect them 
    all, well...you'll see.  There are 100 Crystal Shards in all, and you start 
    out with two.
    II. Basics
    *****2.01: Abilities***************
    Unlike other Kirby games, in addition to having one power, you can get two 
    and have a combination.  These are really cool.  If you bring back out the 
    power star that gave you one ability and throw it at another enemy, the 
    result will be a combined power.  Also, you'll notice as the section 
    continues, that the amount of powers listed per category decreases.  This is 
    because a power belonging in that section has already been done.  Example: 
    You have Stone and Fire.  You go to the Stone section to find this power, but 
    cannot.  This is because said power is already listed in the Fire section.
     ______ _          
    |  ____(_)         
    | |__   _ _ __ ___ 
    |  __| | | '__/ _ \
    | |    | | | |  __/
    |_|    |_|_|  \___|
    Fire + 
    Kirby will turn in to a fireball, which will destroy enemies on contact.
    Fire + Fire
    Kirby turns in to a giant firebird of sorts, which destroys enemies.  
    Fire + Stone
    Kirby turns in to a volcano!
    Fire + Ice
    Everyone knows that fire and ice don't mix together.  This just proves it.  
    Kirby turns in to an ice cube...and...uh...melts.
    Fire + Needle
    Kirby turns in to a bow that shoots a flame arrow.
    Fire + Bomb
    Kirby uh...shoots off fireworks.  This is actually a cool power.
    Fire + Spark
    Kirby sets his head on fire and runs around.
    Fire + Cutter
    This brings out an awesome fire sword.
    |_   _|        
      | |  ___ ___ 
      | | / __/ _ \
     _| || (_|  __/
    Ice +
    Kirby shoots an Ice breath and freezes enemies.
    Ice + Ice
    Kirby turns in to a giant snowball and starts rolling, taking out all enemies 
    in his path.
    Ice + Needle
    Kirby turns in to a giant ice crystal that skewers enemies
    Ice + Stone
    Kirby turns in to a curling hammer that goes horizontally, taking out 
    Ice + Bomb
    Frosty the SnowBomb!  Kirby turns in to a snowman which will explode when he 
    runs in to an enemy.
    Ice + Spark
    Kirby turns in to a refrigerator and shoots out food.
    Ice + Cutter
    Kirby puts on Ice Skates.  Press "B" to see an awesome jump!
    _   _               _ _      
    | \ | |             | | |     
    |  \| | ___  ___  __| | | ___ 
    | . ` |/ _ \/ _ \/ _` | |/ _ \
    | |\  |  __/  __/ (_| | |  __/
    |_| \_|\___|\___|\__,_|_|\___|
    Needle +
    Kirby shoots out spikes.
    Needle + Needle
    Kirby turns in to an over-accessorized Swiss Army Knife.
    Needle + Stone
    Kirby turns in to a giant drill, which can be shot off.
    Needle + Bomb
    Kirby becomes a big ball of explosives.
    Needle + Spark
    Kirby becomes a lightning rod that zaps nearby enemies.
    Needle + Cutter
    Kirby becomes a giant mouth of spikes.
      _____ _                   
     / ____| |                  
    | (___ | |_ ___  _ __   ___ 
     \___ \| __/ _ \| '_ \ / _ \
     ____) | || (_) | | | |  __/
    |_____/ \__\___/|_| |_|\___|
    Stone +
    Kirby turns in to a walking boulder.  Press "B" to make it explode!
    Stone + Stone
    A giant version of the regular stone power.
    Stone + Bomb
    This is a very powerful weapon.  Kirby throws a stick of dynamite.  Press 
    down to put on a helmet so you're not hurt by the blast.
    Stone + Spark 
    Kirby shoots out a giant boulder controlled by a chain of electricity.  You 
    can control the boulder to make it hit an enemy.
    Stone + Cutter
    Kirby sculpts a statue.  Depending on what it is, you'll get a new ability.  
    Example: Rick the Hamster will enable you to jump higher.
    ____                  _     
    |  _ \                | |    
    | |_) | ___  _ __ ___ | |__  
    |  _ < / _ \| '_ ` _ \| '_ \ 
    | |_) | (_) | | | | | | |_) |
    |____/ \___/|_| |_| |_|_.__/ 
    Bomb +
    Kirby throws a bomb.
    Bomb + Bomb
    Kirby will pull out up to three homing rockets and shoot them.
    Bomb + Spark
    Kirby turns in to a light bulb which explodes after awhile.
    Bomb + Cutter
    Kirby throws explosive stars at his enemies.
      _____                  _    
     / ____|                | |   
    | (___  _ __   __ _ _ __| | __
     \___ \| '_ \ / _` | '__| |/ /
     ____) | |_) | (_| | |  |   < 
    |_____/| .__/ \__,_|_|  |_|\_\
           | |                    
    Spark +
    Kirby zaps all nearby enemies.
    Spark + Spark
    Kirby has giant rings of electricity surrounding him that begin to shrink 
    when he walks.
    Spark + Cutter
    My favorite weapon.  Kirby pulls out a double-bladed light sword that will 
    destroy enemies.  Push down to get rid of it.
      _____      _   _            
     / ____|    | | | |           
    | |    _   _| |_| |_ ___ _ __ 
    | |   | | | | __| __/ _ \ '__|
    | |___| |_| | |_| ||  __/ |   
    Cutter +
    Kirby throws half of himself at an enemy.  o_0
    Cutter + Cutter
    A giant version of the cutter attack.
    *****2.02: Characters*********
    You have five characters in this game.  
    Kirby is the star of the game.  He swallows enemies for their powers.  He can 
    fly.  He hails from Pop Star.  WHERE FOUND: Um...start the game
    Ribbon is the damsel in distress of this story.  She attempted to save the 
    crystal, and is trying to regain all of its shards with the help of her brave 
    new friend, Kirby.  WHERE FOUND: She falls to Pop Star during the intro, so 
    you have her from the beginning.
    Waddle Dee is Kirby's "Best Friend" (odd.  In all of the other games, WD was 
    an enemy =P).  He will help you with any transportation issues you might 
    have.  Example: boat.  WHERE FOUND: He is the boss of the first level.  Dark 
    Matter is controlling him.  Beat him to get him.
    King DeDeDe was the "main enemy" of most Kirby games.  In this game, though, 
    he HELPS you.   Sometimes you'll get to ride on his back and control him, 
    while other times, he'll come and destroy some blocks.  WHERE FOUND: He is 
    the boss of the last level of Pop Star.  Beat him, and he'll join you.  Dark 
    Matter is controlling him.
    Adeleine is a painter.  He can paint something and it'll come to life.  
    Example: 1up.  WHERE FOUND: He is the boss of the second level of Pop Star.  
    Dark Matter is controlling him.  Beat him.
    The enemy of the game.  He hails from an unknown galaxy and wants to take the 
    Crystal.  STOP HIM AT ALL COSTS!
    ******2.03: Story*************
    One day, Dark Matter invaded the peaceful Ripple Star.  He wanted the power 
    of the Crystal that was housed there.  Fearing for the Crystal, a fairy named 
    Ribbon took the Crystal and fled Ripple Star.  Dark Matter pursued her.  He 
    shot balls of himself at Ribbon.  One of them destroyed the Crystal and 
    knocked Ribbon to the planet below.
    Meanwhile, on Pop Star, Kirby was gazing at the stars.  Suddenly, he found a 
    piece of a crystal.  Ribbon fell to the planet (she had kept a Shard).  When 
    Kirby found her, she explained everything.  Kirby agreed to help her find the 
    shards of the shattered Crystal.  First, they decided, they should look 
    around Pop Star for them.
    *****2.04: FAQ****************
    Q: How do I save?
    A: The game saves automatically.
    Q: Do I get anything if I beat the mini-games on intense level?
    A: No
    Q: Can I combine more than two powers?
    A: Nope
    Q: How do I combine two powers?
    A: First you inhale an enemy.  If you swallowed it, press C, R, 
       or L to bring the star over your head.  Throw it at an enemy.
       That enemy's power will be combined with the power star you 
    Q: How do I get different colored Kirbys?
    A: You can't.
    Any more?  Send them in!
    *****2.05: Controls************
    Start- Pause
    B- Inhale, Spit Out, use ability
    C/L/R- Hold energy star or item over your head.  This is how you gain a 
    double ability
    Up- Climb
    A- Jump (in the air, press again to fly), swim
    Down- Squat, Swallow, fall through some ledges, Slide (have to be holding the 
    "A" button down as well).
    Left/Right- Move in said direction
    Z- N/A
    ****2.06: Items***********
    Enemy Info Card: This is found at the end of the level picnic.  This gives 
    you the information for one enemy.  The information can be found in the 
    options menu.
    Food: They restore life
    Lollipop: It makes Kirby invincible
    Maximum Tomato: This fully heals your life
    Star- If you gain 30 of these, you get an extra life.  There are four kinds: 
    Yellow (1 star), Aqua (3 stars), Red (five stars), Big blue (10 stars).  The 
    blue stars are found by going back to the location of a previously collected 
    Crystal Shard
    1up- You gain an extra life
    III. Walkthrough
    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere we go!  At the end of each level, there is a bonus game 
    where you try to get an item.  Make Kirby face the way you want him to.  The 
    farther back his hands are, the farther he'll go.
    *****3.01: Pop Star***************
    >>>>Level 1<<<<
    The first level!  At the start, go left to pick up a star, and then go right.  
    On this path, get a fire and needle combo, or a fire and cutter.  Continue 
    along, making sure to break open blocks to get stars.  Soon, you'll see a 
    glittering thing in the air.  Touch it.  This is a crystal shard!  Ribbon 
    will come out and grab it.  Now, continue along.  Make sure that you pick up 
    the Maximum Tomato.  In the cabin, you'll fight a giant N-Z. If you lost your 
    power, suck in the little n-zs and shoot them back out.  Once you've beaten 
    him, leave the cabin.  Soon you'll come to some shotzos.  Go under them, 
    picking up the items.  When you see them, swallow a Poppy Bro Jr. to get the 
    bomb power.  Continuing along, you'll see three stars above a black rock.  
    Use the bomb power on the black block to get the second shard.  Continue 
    going right until you reach a fence.  Here, you'll see a cutscene: Waddle Dee 
    will find a shard, and Dark Matter will find him.  Dark Matter will possess 
    waddle Dee, and you'll have to fight him.  NOTE TO KIRBY VETS: This guy looks 
    like Waddle Doo, eh?  Anyways, dodge his attacks, and use the stars to attack 
    him.  After a few hits, Dark Matter will leave him.  You'll get the shard, 
    and Waddle Dee will join you!
    >>>>Level 2<<<<
    At the beginning, go right, killing enemies, and collecting some powers.  I 
    personally recommend getting two stones.  Once you reach the tree, begin to 
    go upwards, taking out the Pupas.  At the top are some stars.  Exit this tree 
    to the right to run in to Waddle Dee.  He has some sort of a platform waiting 
    for you.  Once you jump on, the platform will begin to move.  Gather as many 
    stars as you can.  When you see a line of three stars, jump off the platform, 
    and follow the line downwards to collect a shard.  Now, fly up to the 
    platform.  Once this is done you are in another tree.  Take out the Glunks, 
    and go downwards.  Before you reach the hole, get the 1up and Maximum Tomato.  
    Once you are in the hole you are facing a giant Bouncey.  Take him out by 
    sucking up the little Bounceys and shooting them.  Once Big Bouncey is gone, 
    you'll get Crystal Shard #2 of this stage.  Now continue to the right.  Now 
    you'll see a scene where the painter Adeleine finds a Shard.  As expected, 
    Dark Matter possesses her, and you have to fight her.  First she'll paint 
    some enemies.  Inhale them and exhale them to defeat them.  Now comes a 
    painted Galbo.  Inhale/Exhale the ice chunks to beat it.  Now comes the 
    Mumbies.  Take it out by inhaling/exhaling the little mumbies.  Now Adeleine 
    attacks.  Just run in to her to beat her.  Now you get the third Crystal 
    Shard, and Adeleine joins you!
    >>>>Level 3<<<<
    Here you are outside of a castle.  If you haven't figured it out, this is 
    King DeDeDe's castle.  Go left to get a star, then go right, destroying all 
    blocks to get stars.  Make sure that you get a double cutter power along the 
    way.  IN ORDER TO GET SHARD #1, YOU MUST HAVE THIS POWER.  Now, enter the 
    castle.  In the entry hall, you'll find some Ghost Knights that are easily 
    disposed of by your double cutter.  In the next room, you'll think that 
    you've reached a dead end--there is nowhere to go.  Stand on the edge of the 
    platform, and it'll start moving.  Once you are done with this ride, there'll 
    be Sir Kibble waiting to greet you.  Take care of it, and then go to the next 
    room.  Fly to the top, but watch out for Gordos!  If you've taken any damage, 
    go left to get a Maximum Tomato.  Now, proceed right.  Jump down the hole in 
    the castle wall.  Here, you will see a shard protected by a dark green brick.  
    So, use your double cutter power to get rid of the brick, and get Shard #1.  
    Now, go through the door.  In the next room, you'll see Adeleine.  If you are 
    at full life, she'll give you a 1up.  Otherwise, she'll give you food.  Now 
    you are at a large stairway.  Go up the stairs, collecting the stars.  At the 
    first curve of the stairs, you'll notice a shard above the doorway that you 
    came in.  So, run back down the stairs, and fly up above that doorway to 
    collect another Shard.   Now, continue climbing the stairs until you reach a 
    chain at the top.  On the second floor, go around until you find the chain 
    that has light coming from above.  Climb this chain.  Now you'll see King 
    DeDeDe.  He'll find a shard, and Dark Matter will possess him.  If you have 
    your double cutter power, this is easy.  Even if you don't, he still is easy.  
    He'll run around, swinging at you with his hammer.  When he misses, a star 
    will come out.  If you don't have the power, use this.  After he's done with 
    the hammer, he'll fly around, shooting balls of Dark Matter at you.  Inhale 
    these (or use your double cutter) to finish him off.  Once he's gone, you can 
    get the Shard.  At first, he doesn't want to join you, but he'll come along 
    after you leave!
    >>>>Pop Star Boss: WHISPY WOODS<<<<
    This is the first REAL boss.  If you STILL have the double cutter power, use 
    that to take out all of the Whispy Wood Jrs.  Otherwise, use the apples that 
    Whispy Woods shoots out.  Once all three of them are gone, Whispy will get 
    REALLY mad.  He'll start using VERY sharp roots.  Use your double cutter 
    power.  Otherwise, wait for him to create a lot of apples.  The apples fall 
    close to each other.  So, inhale two at a time and fire them at the roots.  
    Also, watch out for the puffs of clouds that he shoots.  Once you've taken 
    him out, you'll get the last shard from Pop Star!  Now, a vortex will open.  
    You are pulled through it and arrive at your next destination: Neo Star!
    ****3.02: Rock Star***********
    >>>>Level 1<<<<
    The first thing to do is get rid of your double cutter power if you haven't 
    already.  The power that I'd recommend you get is the Fire and Needle power.  
    Go right until you reach a building.  Enter this building.  Walk through the 
    building, destroying blocks and enemies.  When you reach the l3 block, fly 
    OVER the blue block.  Above the second set of blue blocks is a shard.  Grab 
    it, and continue on.  Make sure that you get a stone power before you leave 
    this part of the building.  Once you get the stone power, fly up to the blue 
    blocks, and out of the room.  Now you are in a room with a giant Kacti.  Jump 
    as you climb the hill, watch out for the two smaller Kactis, and take out the 
    giant one.  Once he is gone, you will receive another shard. As soon as you 
    enter the next room, RUN to the right. Sand is filling the room, and you 
    could be crushed.  Work your way up to the top of the room.  It looks like 
    you are trapped.  Game over...if not for your friend, Waddle Dee.  He'll 
    punch a hole in the roof so you can fly out.  Go down the path, up the hill, 
    and back down the hill.  At the bottom, throw the stone power at the Sparky 
    to get the combination power of Spark and Stone.  Now, go all the way back to 
    those blocks that were yellow and brown.  Use your power here to break open 
    the tomb and get the third Shard.  Continue going all the way right until you 
    clear level 1.
    >>>>Level 2<<<<
    Go left to get a star, and then go right.  Soon you will run in to four 
    pillars.  When you run in front of them, they will fall, so be careful.  When 
    you come to the stone arches, watch out!  Rocky is ready to fall on you from 
    above.  Jump as you go along to collect stars, and remember to watch out for 
    Rocky.  When you reach a temple-like structure, fly through the openings, 
    using your power to take out the ghost knights.  Fly to the top to collect a 
    1up.  Fly to the place directly under where you got the 1up.  The floor will 
    collapse.  Walk to the right and fall.  Drop off the pillar, through the 
    floor, and in the hole to get a shard.  Go back out the way you came.  
    Continue going right, grab the cake if you want, enter the cave, and get rid 
    of your power.  Fly straight up to get a 1up.  Go up three steps, drop, get 
    the Shard, and fly out.  Continue to go up the stairs and out of the room.  
    Right before you leave the room, fly up to get a Maximum Tomato.  In the next 
    room, you'll encounter a giant pool.  Jump low and land on the crates.  If 
    you jump too high, a Bronto Burt'll hit you.  Once you cross the pool, watch 
    out!  If you step on the gray blocks, you'll be smashed!  Once you reach the 
    fifth elevator, ride it up to the broken staircase near the ceiling.  Now, on 
    the battlements, get the stars, but watch out for Shotzos!  Once you reach 
    the door, King DeDeDe will come in, and have you jump on his back.  Now you 
    get to control him!  Hammer through the first block, climb the chain, climb 
    to the right, break through the second wall to your right, and take the 
    ladder down to reach a Maximum Tomato.  Climb back up, and return to the 
    first chain.  Swing to your left, climb up the closest chain, and jump to 
    your left.  Break through the next wall and climb the ladder.  On the ladder, 
    make sure to avoid the Galbo's fire.  At the top, jump right, and then jump 
    again over the hole.  Break through this wall to get a Shard.  Return to the 
    original chain, climb it, jump left, climb this chain all the way to the top, 
    jump right, and enter the door.  The stage is now complete!
    Before proceeding, go back to level one of Rock Star, and get a double rock 
    power.  You will need it to get one of the shards.
    >>>>Level 3<<<<
    At the beginning, go left to pick up a cake, and then go right.  Watch out 
    for quicksand!  Now you'll see a crystal Shard inside of a giant mouth.  
    Climb up on the mouth, and stand on the brown spot.  Use your double stone 
    power to break it, and get the shard.  Now continue right until you reach a 
    whirlpool.  Jump down in it.  Now you have two whirlpools to pick from.  Take 
    the left whirlpool, battle the fishbones (and the giant one), fall through 
    the trap door, and get the Shard to your left.  Now continue right to fall 
    down yet ANOTHER whirlpool.  Continue right, watching out for the snappers 
    that will jump out at you from the pools, until you reach a deep pool.  Swim 
    down the hole at the bottom.  Here, go down, collecting stars, and dodging 
    fishbones.  When you see the opening, swim right.  Otherwise you'll be 
    killed.  Now you are going up.  Collect the stars and watch out for 
    fishbones.  When you get near the top, fossil chunks will start falling 
    toward you.  Dodge them.  When you get very close to the top, swim left to 
    see/get another Shard.  Now swim right and out of the level.
    Before entering the next level, go find a bomb + spark combo.
    >>>>Level 4<<<<
    Go right and avoid the skud.  Get on the large, glowing, purple platform to 
    enter a spaceship.  As you ascend, Shotzos will be shooting at you.  Make 
    sure that you dodge the cannonballs.  In this room, you have moving 
    platforms.  Make sure that you time your jumps correctly.  Once you get to 
    the top, climb down the middle to get a shard.  Now go to the ceiling, and 
    exit this room.  In here, you find Adeleine.  You see three black boxes.  Use 
    your bomb + spark to light up the room and look at them.  REMEMBER THEM IN 
    THEIR ORDER.  In the next room, you'll find raised platforms.  Activate the 
    platforms that have the same picture as the pictures you saw in Adeleine's 
    room.  Go right without activating any more blocks to get another Shard.  
    Climb up the ladder.  In this room, you have moving platforms.  Time your 
    jumps to get to the end.  The last block will take you to a room with a large 
    Spark-I and two small spark-Is.  Take them out and collect the Shard.  In 
    this room, fly from platform to platform until you reach the hole in the 
    roof, which is the exit.
    >>>>Rock Star Boss: PIX<<<<
    As this starts, you are on an elevator.  Soon, a red crystal comes up.  To 
    avoid it, simply duck.  Now a green crystal comes up.  This is a little 
    harder, as the crystals' sword spins around.  Dodge them.  Now a blue crystal 
    joins them.  Now they go up and down.  Real easy to avoid.  This, the red, 
    green, and blue crystals, makes up Pix.  Now you will find different colored 
    atoms.  Shoot them at their corresponding crystal.  Pix has several attacks.  
    He can spin around, or do the up and down movement.  Anyways, about five-
    seven hits on each crystal, and you get the final shard of Rock Star!
    Now Kirby & friends are having a nice little picnic.  Afterwards, it's on to 
    Aqua Star!
    *****3.03: Aqua Star**************************
    >>>>Level 1<<<<
    At the beginning of the level, go right, destroying enemies, and collecting 
    stars.  When you get to the holes, watch out for Flappers!  When you get to 
    the bridge, swim under it to get stars, a Maximum Tomato, and cake, and then 
    enter the cave.  Now you'll see a green bubble type thing called Zebon. He'll 
    bounce you up to another Zebon.  Enter this Zebon, and go to the next one.  
    Continue this until you are done with the fourth Zebon.  Fly down to get a 
    Shard.  Jump up along the platforms to reach the exit of the cave.  In this 
    next chamber, make sure to swallow the Emp.  You'll need its ice power.  
    Watch out for the collapsing bridges, and the Gloms that are hiding in the 
    caves.  At the end of this room, you'll find a Poppy Bros. Jr.  Throw your 
    Ice power at him to get the Ice/Bomb power.  Continue right.  Here, climb to 
    the top of the waterfalls BEFORE YOU ENTER THEM to get the food and stars.  
    Watch out for the Squibby, who you can barely see within the waterfall.  
    Continue right and out of this room.  In this room, you have a large Tick and 
    two small ones.  Use your power to take them all out, and get the shard.  
    Carry on.  Outside, you'll find Adeleine, who will paint you something.  Grab 
    it and continue on.  Now you are on a bridge with a lot of Ticks.  Take them 
    out with your power and move toward the bottom level.  Here, use your power 
    to take out the blue and black block.  Jump on to the Zebon to be bounced in 
    to the next shard.  Now you are back on top.  Continue right and exit the 
    >>>>Level 2<<<<
    Get rid of your combo, go right, and destroy enemies.  On the bridge, swallow 
    the Cairn to get the Stone power.  Continue right in to the tunnel.  Go 
    right, and across the stone bridge in a series of _HOPS_.  Otherwise, the 
    bridge will collapse.  As you continue, you will see a bobo.  Throw your 
    stone power at him to get the stone/fire combo.  Continue right to come in to 
    a room with a large Kany and two small ones.  Take them out with your combo 
    power.  Now, you're probably wondering why you didn't get a shard.  You did.  
    Get on the top platform, and use your power on the Red and Brown block to get 
    your Shard.  Continue down to the bottom right, and leave this room.  Now you 
    see Waddle Dee, who has a "boat" waiting for you.   Climb in to this "boat."  
    As you go along, jump to collect stars, but, when Waddle Dee has a "!" that 
    appears over his head, make sure to jump.  As for the enemies...RUN THEM 
    OVER!  When you get to the first waterfall, wait until you are about to fall, 
    then jump to collect the shard.  Continue down the river.  Soon, you'll be 
    thrown from your boat.  Don't worry about it.  Grab the lollipop, and RUN!  
    You are invincible.  Watch out, as it runs out of power quickly.  Watch when 
    you are jumping down waterfalls--a Shard is hidden in the last one.  Grab it, 
    and go right.  Now you are swimming upstream.  Watch out for the splinters, 
    bronto burts, and galbos.  MAKE SURE that you avoid the splinters (the big 
    logs of wood).  When you see three splinters at once, you are almost there.  
    Fly past them to complete the level!
    >>>>Level 3<<<<
    Before you start, go back to the beginning of the previous stage to get a 
    bomb/cutter power.  Now go right, destroying enemies, and flying WAY over the 
    sand pits.  Enter the sand castle.  Now you'll come across a series of 
    Shotzos.  Time your jumps as to get the stars, but not get hit by the 
    cannonballs.  Walk through the deep water, and continue right.  Be careful as 
    you walk across the bridge, as some have geysers underneath that shoot you up 
    in to some Bronto Burts.  Fly to the top of this rock formation, and enter 
    the hole.  At the left, you see a green and black rock formation.  Use your 
    power on it, drop the power, collect the tomato, inhale the block, and ride 
    the geyser up to the top of the rock formation.  Press start, and try again.  
    Make sure that you get the Stone + Cutter combo this time around.  Work your 
    way back to the rock formation.  Go right, across the bridge.  A plank with 
    the Gordo's shadow on it will shoot you up in to said Gordo.  Continue right.  
    King DeDeDe will catapult you over to the next island.  Jump from post to 
    post, being careful not to let them sink too far down.  On this island, jump 
    down in to the hole.  In here, take out the giant Kapar to get another shard.  
    Drop in to the hole.  As you fall down, you will notice a shard to your left.  
    This is why I had you go back and get a stone + cutter combo.  Destroy the 
    wall on your left.  Now, fly up to the ledge with the 1up on it.  Use the 
    power until you get Rick the Hamster.  Now you must double jump up the wall.  
    Face the outer wall and press A.  The trick is to jump just as Rick/Kirby 
    begins to fall.  It is a slow process, but you'll get it.  Now fall back down 
    to the bottom.  Go right.  Swim to the ledge on the left.  Climb the 
    platforms and watch out for Splinters.  AT the top, destroy the Kany, and 
    jump down the chasm he was guarding.  Try to collect as many stars as 
    possible, and swim out the exit to the right.
    >>>>Level 4<<<<
    You begin this stage in a chasm.  Swim to the bottom, but watch out for 
    sqibbys!  At the bottom, dodge the Glunks, and go right.  Take out the Kany 
    and the three Floppers here, and then swim over the rock bridge.  Watch out 
    for falling rocks!  Go to the right, dealing with all the enemies, and exit 
    the area.  Swim up and to the left.  Swim through the rock formations, 
    dodging enemies, and trying to stay to the left.  Get the stars if you can.  
    At the top, swim to the ceiling.  From there, go in to the depression where 
    the shard is.  Grab it, and exit to the right, dodging Blowfish.  In this 
    room, dodge/inhale/exhale to defend yourself, and try to grab as many stars 
    as possible.  Now climb down the coral pole, and walk right.  Stand in front 
    of the second rock from the right, and jump.  You should be able to get the 
    shard.  Continue to swim up.  In this next channel, dodge the Fishbones, 
    Gordos, and Blowfish.  In the next chamber, you face a giant blowfish and 
    four Glunks.  Use the Glunks to take out the Blowfish, and exit right.  There 
    is no shard.  The last room of this level is a channel with a swift current.  
    Dodge the enemies, and, about halfway through, fall in to the depression, and 
    pick up the shard.  Continue along, and exit to the upper right.
    >>>>Aqua Star Boss: ACRO<<<<
    This is probably the hardest boss fight in the game (no pressure, of course 
    =P.)  Inhale and exhale the boneheads and fishbones he fires at you, but 
    watch out for the Gordos.  Once hje gets to the wall, he could...
    Hit you with his tail
    Jump and land on the floor, taking you with him
    Repeat this process until he's destroyed.  Done?  Not yet!  Now you fight him 
    in a vertical chasm.  Inhale and exhale what you can, but stay very close to 
    the wall.  This way, you can dodge his attack (he swims down, then up really 
    fast).  After you get him a couple more times, you can collect the final 
    shard of Aqua Star!
    After a funny scene (which has made me stop skipping rocks =P), you go to the 
    next star, Neo Star!
    ****3.04: Neo Star***********************
    This is a forested planet.
    >>>>Level 1<<<<
    Go right, through the jungle, taking care of all the enemies.  When you reach 
    the wooden platforms, fly over the discoloration on the ground, because 
    otherwise you'll fall.  When you reach the second wood _column_, jump down on 
    the discoloration.  You will fall right on to a shard.  Exit this area 
    through the tunnel on the right.  In this area, jump down, and to the right.  
    Get the shard and head upwards.  On your way up, watch out for the Pterans, 
    Galbos, and Yarikos.  Jump to the branch below the ledge; take out the 
    Pteran, and the enemy on the ledge.  Continue on to the top, and exit.  Play 
    Tarzan, and swing along the vines, picking up the stars as you go.   Avoid 
    the Pupas, and exit.  Now you are faced with a giant Galbo and two Yarikos.  
    Take them out and exit the room.  Now you have vines AND platforms.   Make 
    short hops.  As you swing toward the first wooden platform, fly up over the 
    platform to grab the final shard of the stage.    Continue on until you can 
    exit this area.  In this area, grab the lollipop, and run as fast as you can.  
    Remember to make short hops between the small platforms.  Once you reach the 
    tunnel, you have completed level one of Neo Star!
    >>>>Level 2<<<<
    Make sure that, before coming here, you go back to the second stage of Aqua 
    Star to get the Bomb + Stone power.  At the beginning, you are in a pit.  
    Make sure that you fall to the left, and make short flights to slow your 
    landing.  Soon you will see a shard.  Fly up to it, and grab it.  Now you can 
    fall all the way down.  At the bottom, you will find Waddle Dee, who has a 
    mine cart waiting for you.  As always, run over the enemies, and jump when 
    Waddle Dee has a "!" over his head.  On your third jump, time the jump so 
    that you grab the shard.  Continue on this ride.  Soon, you'll be at the 
    end...of the ride, that is.  Watch out for the L3 blocks and the Gloms.  At 
    the top of a stack of blocks is a 1up.  Make sure to get it.  Avoid the rest 
    of the enemies, and exit the room.  Here there are shotzos on the ceiling, as 
    well as Drops falling down.  Also there is a waterfall.  Once the pedestals 
    get small, you are near the end.  In this room, make your way through the 
    shallow pools, collecting stars, and destroying enemies.  After the final 
    drop-off, use the bomb + stone power to destroy the wall, and get the shard.  
    GET RID OF THE COMBO, and exit to the right.  Make your way through this 
    moving platform room, and exit the room.
    >>>>Level 3<<<<
    At the beginning of this level, go right, and swallow the Punc to get the 
    Needle power.  Combine the needle power with the Cairn to get the Needle + 
    Stone power.  Now, continue right, collecting stars and food, and taking care 
    of all enemies you come across.  Soon you'll see a shard trapped beneath a 
    rock ledge.  Use your power to get rid of the orange + brown slab to get this 
    shard.  Come back up, and continue to the right.  Take your time when you see 
    Pterans.  Let them fly by, and then defeat them.  Soon you'll come across 
    some VERY narrow columns.  Take your time, and then you'll come across 
    Adeleine.  She'll either paint a top hat, an umbrella, or a pizza.  Refer to 
    the graphs below to find out exactly what your block puzzle should look like.  
    The star represents a block.
     *** ***
     *** ***
     *** ***
    Top Hat:
      ** **
    The shard will appear in the center, where the hole is.  Inhale and exhale 
    the blocks to reach the shard, and then go right.  Now you are faced with 
    stone platforms.  Make short jumps, and watch out for enemies.  Now you are 
    at VERTICAL platforms.  Climb them, collecting food/stars, and watching out 
    for enemies.  Once you are at the top, fall down the ledge in between the 
    green and red rocks.  Grab the star (and the shard right below it), and fly 
    back up.  Continue to the right, making short jumps.  Watch out for Bronto 
    Burts!  Continue right through the rock formation that spells Kirby (o_0), 
    and exit the stage.  One more stage to go!
    >>>>Level 4<<<<
    ...Okay...we're in a volcano.  Go back to stage one of Aqua Star, and get the 
    Ice + Bomb combo.  Now, RUN right, as falling rocks are everywhere.  In the 
    next area, you'll find Burnises dropping rocks.  Parts of the floor break off 
    to carry you across the lava.  When jumping across the pillars, jump with 
    care, as the lava will damage you very badly.  In this area, King DeDeDe will 
    come in, and have you jump on his back.  Use his hammer to smash large stone 
    columns, but remember: jump over the lava flows!  Attack the Galbos before 
    they wake up and attack you.  Smash both halves of the column after the 
    second Galbo to get yet another shard.  Grab it, continue, and exit to the 
    right.  Now DeDeDe will take you off his back.  You are on your own (without 
    DeDeDe, of course).  Carefully go over this bridge, watching out for enemies, 
    collecting food and stars.  Now you run in to four "lavafalls."  Fly over 
    them, and watch out for the Galbo at the end.  Exit this room.  In this room, 
    you see a red and black pedestal.  So the logical thing to do would be to use 
    that power.  That is not the case.  Use your bomb + ice combo (you DO still 
    have it...right?) to break open the pedestal, freeze the lava, and get the 
    shard.  Exit this room, and go right, destroying enemies.  Not to long after 
    you start, you will hear a sort of explosion from behind you.  This is a 
    giant wall of lava.  RUN!  Keep running right, and, when the path begins to 
    curve, know that you're almost done.  In this next room, fly up and top the 
    left, as lava is flowing in.   A ways up, you will see a shard.  Grab it, and 
    move toward the center (still going up of course.)  Keep flying up, past the 
    blocks, past the fishbones, and out the volcano.
    >>>>Neo Star Boss: MAGMAN<<<
    Magman has several attacks:
    1) He'll send his tentacles out and just have them stand there for a moment.
    2) He'll send his tentacles out to push your platform up to the lava ceiling.
    3) He'll send his tentacles out and they'll bend down.
    After the attack, Magoos will fly in to the air.  Inhale them.  When Magman 
    does another attack, fire the Magoo at his tentacle.  Repeat until he is 
    done.  As it was with Acro, he has yet another attack.  Now he'll come up 
    from the side.  When he opens his mouth, and sucks energy in, DUCK right in 
    front of him.  Now he'll melt in to a pool of magma, and switch sides.  
    During this, he'll release some enemies.  Inhale them, and exhale them at 
    Magman when he comes back up.  Repeat this process until Magman is defeated.  
    Grab the shard, and you are done with Neo Star!  Now off to Shiver Star!
    ****3.05: Shiver Star*******************
    If you catch a cold, Ripple Star has a drug store that sells aspirin for 
    $9.99/pill.  Expensive, but...where else are you going to find any 
    painkillers around here?
    >>>>Level 1<<<<
    At the beginning of this stage, go right, destroying enemies, and making sure 
    that you get a Fire power.  Soon you'll arrive at some ladders going up 
    cliffs.  Climb up the ladders, collect the food, watch out for Pterans, and 
    reach the top.  Here, we find our old friend, Waddle Dee, waiting to give us 
    a ride.  Again, jump when you see "!" over Waddle's head, and remember: 
    enemies are destroyed by merely running over them.  Inside the igloo, try to 
    collect all five stars.  As the ride continues, grab the shard in your path.  
    On this last set of jumps, make sure to be careful.  Now you crash in to a 
    snow mountain...and you're in an igloo.  If you still have the Fire power, 
    take out the giant chilly and two Noos, and get the Shard.  If you don't have 
    the Fire power, restart the stage.  Now you are out on VERY slippery ice.  
    Soon you'll come to four hills.  You have to fly over them, but be careful 
    not to be hit by the chillys.  After the third hill, go under the ice, 
    through the tunnel, and right.  Near the hill, you will find a shard.  Past 
    the shard is a small cave with food.  Now go back up to the surface, and 
    right.  Now you are faced with Putts that roll Ignuses down the hill.  Avoid 
    it, and take out the Putt.  Avoid the Maws, and exit the stage.
    >>>>Level 2<<<<
    Walk up the hill, jump over the hole, go to the other side, collect the star, 
    and return to the hole.  Jump in it, to land on a Zebon.   It'll shoot you up 
    in to the air, and in to the clouds.  Continue on.  Jump from cloud to cloud, 
    navigate the platforms that move up and down, and jump down the hole below 
    the Brunto Burt.  On this cloud, walk to the left, and pick up the shard.  
    Walk right, fly up, and go right.  Continue right until you enter a door.  
    Now we have yet another Zebon.  Jump in to it, and now you are in a cloud.  
    Go right, and in to yet another Zebon.  This Zebon bounces you to another 
    Zebon.  When the Zebon look at the upper left corner of the screen, press A.  
    You're bounced in to a shard, and to another Zebon, that takes you back to 
    the original Zebon.  Now bounce in all the directions EXCEPT UP.  After 
    you've tried all directions, go up, and in to the next area.  Go right, and 
    be careful of the Mopoos.  After some more cloud hoppin', swallow the Tick, 
    and go to the next cloud platform.  Take out the Scarfy, and continue up.  Go 
    right, and watch out for the enemies.  Grab the stars, but make sure to dodge 
    the Maws.  Continue right, and combine your needle power with the Spark 
    power.  Now enter the door.  Use your power on the box in the middle of the 
    room to collect the shard, and take out the giant Mopoo.  Go right, and 
    finish off the level.  
    >>>>Level 3<<<<
    In this level, go right in to the building.  Ride the conveyor belt up, 
    dodging all enemies.  At this top area, grab the shard (on the leftmost 
    area).  Go right.  Now you are on an elevator that goes up.  Take out the 
    enemies, and go right, on to the next elevator.  Ride this elevator up, take 
    out the Gloms and Fishbones, and go up this elevator.  Take out these 
    enemies, and go to the next elevator.  Dodge the Gordos and l3s, and ride 
    THIS elevator up.  Dodge the cannonballs and the bombs, and cross this area.  
    Exit using the door.  In this chamber, take out the giant Pupa.  After you 
    finish it, grab the shard, and go through the next door.  Here you find 
    Adeleine.  She has drawn three pictures of different fruit.  REMEMBER THESE 
    FRUITS.  In this room, there are different colored switches.  Activate the 
    switch that corresponds to the fruit.  So you'll have to hit three switches.  
    Following is a chart that shows which color corresponds to which fruit:
    |Fruit    | Color |
    |Cherries | Red   |
    |Grapes   | Purple|
    |Acorn    | Brown |
    |Melon    | Green |
    |Orange   | Orange|
    |Peach    | Pink  |
    |Lemon    | Yellow|
    Grab the shard, and go through the next room.  Dodge the enemies, and go to 
    the next room.  Dodge the falling bookcase, and go to the right.  Swim 
    through the aquarium.  Dodge the Sawyers and turbites, and go to the next 
    room.  Watch out for the Bivolts that occupy that poles, and keep going.  In 
    this room, dodge the cannonballs, and exit.  One more stage to go!
    >>>Level 4<<<
    Before entering this stage, go to Rock Star's second stage, and get the 
    Needle + stone power.  In this stage, enter the large factory.  You begin to 
    fall down a hole, and Kirby will grab a ladder.  Go down so that you avoid 
    the Gordos.  At the bottom, avoid the Sawyer, and continue right.  At the 
    bottom, take out the brown and yellow boxes to get the shard at the top.  
    Carry on.  Now you are on DeDeDe's back.  Use his hammer to take out the 
    closed doors, but watch out for enemies.  Make your way through this room, 
    making sure to get a cutter + spark combo.  Now, use your power to take out 
    the cage at the top.  Go to the bottom, take out the Burnis, fly back up, 
    collect the shard, and exit.  Now you are in a room with large presses that 
    kill Kirby if he's caught under them.  Work your way through here, stopping 
    at the pits, and clearing the presses.  In this room, dodge the Pluggs, and 
    fly up.  Run to the left, and fly up before the energy wall smashes you.  
    Repeat this.  Now go right, and grab the shard, then QUICKLY run left, and 
    fly up.  In the next room, run left, and jump on the wall.  Wait for the left 
    robot to back up, then fly through the left grate.  Go right, and exit.
    >>>>Shiver Star Boss: HR-H<<<<
    At the beginning, run to the right.  Dodge the laser beam, and stay in the 
    corner.  Dodge his arm swing.  Wait for him to shoot the rockets.  Swallow 
    the rightmost rocket.  When he claps his hands, shoot the rocket it at him.  
    Continue until he's beaten.  That was easy!  Too easy... Now HR-H transforms 
    in to HR-E, and is on your platform!  When he fires rockets at you, inhale 
    them, and shoot them back at the black part of his body.  Soon this guy is 
    Now for Ripple Star-- Ribbon's home planet.  
    ****3.06: Ripple Star*****************
    This is it.  This is a short world compared to the others.  There are three 
    stages and a boss.  However, these stages aren't exactly easy.
    >>>>Level 1<<<<
    This looks like level 1 of Pop Star.  Go right, collecting stars, and 
    destroying enemies.  Have you heard that before?  Soon you will come to a 
    shard that has two Ghost Knights near it.  Grab the shard, take out the first 
    one, and swallow the second.  Continue on.  Cross the stream, grab the 
    tomato, and enter the building.  Use your needle power to take out the Sawyer 
    and Brono Burts, grab the shard, and carry on.  Make sure you get the bomb 
    power as you go along to have the needle + bomb power.  Soon you'll arrive at 
    an orange and black pedestal.  Destroy it and grab the shard.  Continue on 
    out of the stage.  That was easy.
    >>>>Level 2<<<<
    Before coming here, go back to the first stage of this star, and the third 
    stage of Shiver Star to get the Spark + Cutter power.  Go right through the 
    first passageway.  You will see Kekes in the background.  Don't worry about 
    them.  Jump down the hole near Waddle Dee.  At the bottom, use your combo 
    power to get a shard.  Exit through the door on your right.  Now you are in a 
    large rock formation with lots of water.  Collect all the stars, watch out 
    for the fishbone, swim up, and out of the rocks.  Go left, grab the sandwich, 
    and go right.  Continue right until there is a cave-in.  DeDeDe, however, 
    comes to save the DeDeDe (haha...am I not the funniest?  On second thought, 
    don't answer that).  Go right avoiding enemies.  When you reach a Kapar, 
    swallow it to get a Cutter power.  Drop through the hole.  Defeat the Ghost 
    Knight, go left, and destroy the blocks.  Continue taking out enemies and 
    dropping.  Now you are in another large rock formation.  Get the stars, and 
    the shard in the upper-left area, and then exit to your right.  Now Adeleline 
    paints you a lollipop.  Use it to break through the blocks.  Soon you will 
    see a shard behind a green pillar.  So go back to that Kapar from whom we got 
    the original cutter power, and get a double cutter power.  Come back, take 
    out the blocks, grab the shard, and head out of the area to your right.  Take 
    out the Ghost Knight, enter the room, and board the platform.  Now you are 
    out of the stage.
    >>>>Level 3<<<<
    Welcome to kiddy world!  Go right through the door.  You will enter a battle 
    room.  Enemies will appear.  Take them all out.  Once you've gotten them all, 
    grab the shard, and then go right.  Climb the stairs, avoiding enemies, and 
    collecting shards.  Now you have another battle room.  Take them all out, 
    then carry on.  There is no shard in this room.  Climb this set of stairs, 
    doing the normal thing for going around an area (collecting stars, destroying 
    enemies, getting food).  Now for another battle room.  Make sure that you get 
    the fire + needle power during the fight.  After you take them all out, use 
    your newly acquired power to shoot an arrow at the large target.  The middle 
    section will fall away, and you can get this shard.  Onward.  Climb these 
    stairs, but watch out for the Rockys on top of the boxes.  Now for yet 
    another battle room.  Clear it and continue onward.  For this set of stairs, 
    take out the boxes so that the Gordos fly higher, then carry on.  Now for the 
    final battle room.  Take out the enemies, grab the shard, and exit.  In this 
    room, climb the stairs, and take out the N-Zs.  Once at the top, you are 
    >>>Ripple Star Boss: MIRACLE MATTER<<<<
    This is the final boss.  Miracle Matter will change in to all of the seven 
    bass powers of the game.  This is my personal favorite boss.  I will describe 
    each form, and how to avoid it.  Note that each power can only hurt itself.  
    IE: An arrow tip from the needle power cannot hurt the ice power.
    This is quite simple.  When it starts shooting out needles, stay in the 
    corner.  Swallow the arrow tip left by a retracted needle, and shoot it back 
    at the main form.
    It'll shoot out an ice barrier.  Allow the barrier to circle around once, 
    jump, inhale, and exhale.  With any luck, you'll get more than one crystal in 
    one gulp.
    Miracle Matter will fire an electric beam in your direction.  Avoid it.  
    It'll come back on the opposite side of the screen.  Keep dodging until it 
    gets really small.  Then inhale it, and shoot it back.
    Stay in the corner, and, when it passes you, inhale the tail.  Shoot at its 
    Probably the hardest.  First it'll shoot out bubbles.  Dodge the bubbles.  
    This is much easier said than done.  When the bubbles pop, inhale their 
    contents, and exhale them.
    One of the easier ones.  It'll hover over you, and drop two rocks.  Then, 
    it'll fall, and the two rocks near it will turn in to objects which you can 
    inhale.  Get close enough so you can get both, dodge its rolling around, and 
    exhale it.
    It'll keep changing.  Soon you'll beat out every power.  The end?
    If you followed this guide (got all 100 shards), read on.  If not, go to the 
    first ending, and check back over to make sure you didn't miss anything.
    ****3.07: Dark Star************************
    This is made up of one simple level.  Go right, dodging the N-Zs, and enter 
    the hole that Waddle Dee makes for you.  In this next floor, take whatever 
    Adeleine gives you, and make your way over to DeDeDe.  He'll send you up to 
    the final boss...
    This is the true final boss of the game.  You and Ribbon are together.  B 
    shoots crystal shots.  At the beginning, circle around, shooting.  Soon, 
    he'll turn so that his head is facing toward you.  Shoot at the halo until it 
    breaks.  Now he'll turn upside down, and you'll have to shoot his... umm... 
    third arm (too...many...young...kids), which will damage him.  Now he'll turn 
    back around, leaving you to repeat this process.  After awhile, you will 
    obliterate O2, and beat the game.  Congratulations!  You've just beaten Kirby 
    IV. Mini-Games
    In Kirby 64, there are several mini-games.  This will tell you about them.
    *****4.01: 100 Yard Hop**************
    If you press B, your character will hop one space; if you press A, your 
    character will hop TWO spaces.  When you jump, make sure that you avoid 
    obstacles.  Say there is a pool of water two spaces in front of you.  You 
    jump one space, and then you jump too to clear it.  Simple!
    *****4.02: Bumper Crop Bump*****************
    The object of this game is to collect more falling crops than your opponent.
    If you are beside your opponent, press A to switch places with them.  Watch 
    out for bombs!
    ******4.03: Checkerboard Chase***********************
    This is my favorite game.  You are trying to knock your opponents off of this 
    big checkerboard.  Press A to shoot a bolt that destroys all blocks in the 
    row/column of the direction you're facing.  Every time you knock out a 
    person, the entire edge falls off.  If you are on this when it falls, you 
    die.  Everyone gets five lives.
    *****4.04: BOSS BATTLE*************************
    I put this in caps because I can, and because this isn't exactly a mini-game.  
    You battle all of the bosses with no powers, one life, and no recovery in 
    between battles.  Below is the order of the bosses, and beside them is the 
    MAXIMUM amount of times you should get hit by them:
    Whispy Woods (0)
    Pix (0)
    Acro (1)
    Magman (1)
    HR series (0)
    Miracle Matter (1)
    O2 (2)
    If you can stick to those guidelines, you will beat it.
    V. Final Section
    [Insert funny thing here]
    ****5.01: Endings********************************* 
    There are two different endings to this game.  
    If you did NOT collect all the shards:
    You beat Miracle Matter, you have saved Ripple Star, and there is a huge 
    celebration.  Kirby and friends board a space shuttle to leave Ripple Star 
    for Pop Star, with Dark Matter vanquished.  After they leave, the queen of 
    Ripple turns to us, and gives us an evil glare...
    If you DID collect all the shards:
    It is the same thing, but, after a ceremony, Kirby blasts the Queen with 
    energy from the now completed Crystal.  As it turns out, Dark Matter had 
    possessed her.  Dark Matter leaves and forms the final planet--Dark Star.  
    After conquering Dark Star, O2 will explode.  You will see Dark Star 
    squirming around, and then it explodes.  Back in Ripple Star, there is a huge 
    celebration.  Everyone gets Crystal Shard necklace-turned-medals, and Ribbon 
    gives Kirby a kiss.  He...um...overreacts to it, stumbles backwards, and his 
    friends go to help him.  Now the credits rolll
    *****5.02: Copyright Information******************
    Kirby 64, and all characters, stages, items, and other related things are 
    copyright HAL 1988-2001.  This guide/FAQ/walkthrough is copyrighted (c) 2002 
    to Trace Jackson, and is the intellectual property of Trace Jackson. This 
    guide/FAQ/walkthrough is protected under International Copyright Laws, and it 
    is prohibited to take any piece of this document and reproduce it in anyway 
    without the written consent of the author. Any website or other medium found 
    to have this document without permission will be dealt with to the fullest 
    extent of the law.  Feel free to print it, or any part of it FOR PERSONAL USE 
    ONLY.  Please contact the author (Meowthnum1@hotmail.com) if you find this on 
    ANY SITE but GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com), contact the author ASAP.
    ****5.03: Revision History******************
    Version 1.0: The initial release of the guide.  Everything is complete except 
    for the walkthrough, which is complete up to the end of Aqua Star.  
    Version 1.5: Added the endings section, and finished the walkthrough up to 
    the end of Neo Star.
    Version 2.0: Finished the walkthrough up to Shiver Star.
    Version FINAL: Completed the walkthrough.  Everything is done.
    Version 5.0: Took down final version.  Added the ezboard address, and took 
    out my email.
    ****5.04: Credits***************************
    -Devin (DMorgan) (http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/3579.html)
    -Colin (CMoriarty) (http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/4280.html)
    -Dallas (http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/3855.html)
    -Matt (MHulbert) (http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/4150.html)
    -Alex (Pop) (http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/7659.html) 
    -Steve (Psycho Penguin), 
    -Dingo (DJellybean) (http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/2226.html)
    -AstroBlue (http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/4127.html)
    -Alaska Fox (http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/7818.html)
    For being such great people, with whom I seem to be able to talk to about a 
    lot.  They are all great, and you should check out their work sometime!  
    Thanks guys!
    -CJayC for being a great guy, and putting so much time in to GameFAQs.
    -Blastoise Master for giving me some Frequently Asked Questions
    ****5.05: Conclusion*********************** 
    Thanks for reading!  I hope you enjoyed it.

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