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    Ability Guide by MShaw

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           Kirby 64
                     Ability Guide
           By: Mike Shaw (Folx Numeroso is my nickname)
    I.    Version History
        Version 1.0: 7/01/00 I created this guide
        Version 1.1: 7/14/00 I added the statue's abilities and rated all of the
        Version 1.2: 8/17/00 I fixed the dynamite power and added the enemy list.
    II.   Basic Abilities
          Copy- Kirby's most basic attack.  He basically sucks his enemy into his
    mouth (button B), as in all Kirby games.  He can do a few things while the
    enemy is in his mouth.  1) Kirby can Swallow the enemy (down on D-pad) and
    gain it's power (if it has any).  2)Kirby can Spit the enemy out (button B)
    and hit other enemies with it.  3)An added feature (probably based on the
    Suplex power from Kirby Superstar for SNES) Kirby can lift the enemy on top of
    his head (L,R, and C buttons). While lifted, the enemy can be thrown upward
    (L,R, and C buttons) or forward (button B).  Some enemies will do special
    things while you hold them (Ex. Bumber slows your descent, like the Parasol
    power in other Kirby games, and Fishbone shoots while you hold him).
        Rating: 9: great, can't fly with an enemy, though (aside from a few that
    fly themselves on top of your head)
          Burn- A.k.a. Fire. Kirby basically turns into a fireball and flies
    forward (button B), destroying anything in his path.  The attack lasts longer
    in air than on the ground. Surprisingly, you can use it underwater!
        Rating: 4: fair, but it leaves you vulnerable after the attack
          Stone- Kirby turns into a rock (button B).  Unlike other Kirby games, he
    rolls if he was moving and can even walk (left/right on d-pad) while in a
    petrified state!
        Rating: 7: pretty nice, but you can't jump or go up hills and it slows you
    down considerably.
          Ice- A.k.a. Freeze. Kirby Spins and blows cold air (button B), freezing
    all enemies that the cold air touches. He can then knock the frozen enemy into
    another enemy, destroying them both.
        Rating: 9: great, but it slows you down
          Needle- A.k.a. Spike.  Kirby basically covers himself in spikes (button
    B). If Kirby is in the air while he uses this attack, he spins.
        Rating: 9: only drawback is that it slows you down
          Bomb- BOOM!  Kirby throws a bomb (button B), then it explodes and
    destroys all enemies that the explosion touches.  The longer you hold B, the
    farther the bomb goes.  Simple enough.
        Rating: 9: this skill is hard to master, but once you do…
          Spark- Surrounds Kirby with a barrier of electricity (button B).  Kirby
    can move while using this attack, but it's really slow, and that barrier gets
        Rating: 9 (almost 10): slows you down
          Cutter- Kirby sends a boomerang (button B) which is actually part of
    himself!  Simplest explanation I've had to do yet.
        Rating: 4: you can only send out 1 cutter, it slows you down, can't fly,
    can't go up ledges, and leaves you very vulnerable
    III.  Combining
          There are a four ways to combine abilities.  I'll explain.
          1)Swallow two enemies with special powers.
          2)Spit one enemy with a special power into another enemy with a
    special power.
          3)Throw an enemy with a power into another.
          4)Throw a power star into an enemy with a power. (push L/R/C buttons
    while you have a special power or get hit enough)
    VI.   Combined Powers (I made up all of these names)
          Burn + Burn = Big Burn- Same as burn, only bigger and longer lasting.
        Rating: 7: leaves you vulnerable.
          Burn + Stone = Volcano- Kirby shoots stones out of his head    (button
    B). The stones go straight up unless you redirect it (d-pad)
        Rating: 5: short range + leaves you vulnerable, annoying to use sometimes
    (slows you down considerably)
          Burn + Ice = Steam Spin- As the name suggests, Kirby shoots steam out of
    his sides and spins as he melts a block of ice.
        Rating: 1: short range, vulnerable, low chance of hitting enemy, slows you
    down, etc.
          Burn + Needle = Fire Arrows- Shoots Flaming Arrows (button B).  The
    longer you hold B, the farther it shoots.
        Rating: 10: hard to master, but once you do…
          Burn + Bomb = Fireworks- Kirby explodes (B). The explosions look like
    fireworks.  You can push B up to 3 times in a row to make the explosions
        Rating: 9: use it above a cliff/ hole and you'll se the only reason that
    it's not a 10.
          Burn + Spark = Friction Burn- Kirby rubs his head with paper (hold B).
    Sparks fly until his head lights on fire.  Then, he runs with his head on
    fire. That's it.
        Rating: 6: not very good, slows you down, but it is very efficient.
          Burn + Cutter = Flaming Sword- This one's cool! Kirby pulls out a big
    flaming sword (B) and swings it (B) at enemies.  Push up and he'll hold the
    sword up. Press B while the sword's up, and he'll throw it!
        Rating: 9: he can't fly with it
          Stone + Stone = Big Stone- Big version of Stone.
        Rating: 9: fast, efficient, but you can't jump or go up hills
          Stone + ice = Hockey Puck- Kirby turns into a hockey puck (?) and slides
        Rating: 7: slows you down, leaves you kind of vulnerable, but it's
          Stone + Needle = Drill- Kirby hangs on as a drill drags him behind it.
    Let go of B to shoot the drill.
        Rating: 10: master this and you're invincible!
          Stone + Bomb = Dynamite! - Kirby throws 3-sticks of dynamite. Probably
    THE Biggest explosion you'll ever see in the game! Hold down after you throw
    the bomb to put on a hard hat.
        Rating: 7: slows you down, don't use it in the air, Can damage you!
          Stone + Spark = Magnetic Boulder- Kirby plays tetherball with a
    magnetized rock.
        Rating: 8: master this and you have a pretty good skill. But it's hard to
    keep it moving and you can't control where it goes
          Stone + Cutter = Statue- Kirby turns into a statue. Each Statue can do
    different things. The cat can do flips to jump farther. Bouncy can jump. The
    owl (forgot his name) can fly. Kine just sits there. Here are the useful ones:
    the small bird can fly (quickly) and roll when it touches down. Rick can climb
    up walls (pressing a repeatedly while touching and facing the wall).
        Rating: 10: NICE!! The only drawback is that you have to wait for a good
    statue to come up, but that's not a problem!
          Ice + Ice = Snowball- Kirby turns into a giant snowball and rolls over
        Rating: 10: almost no drawbacks!
          Ice + Needle =Snow Flake- Kirby turns into a snowflake (hold B)that
    grows really big and freezes everything it touches.
        Rating: 7: REEEEEALY SLOW!!
          Ice + Bomb = Snowman Surprise!- Kirby puts a bomb on his head, turns
    into a snowman (B), and in a few seconds.. KABOOM!!!
        Rating: 4: can't set it off yourself, generally bad!
          Ice + Spark = Fridge- Kirby turns into a refrigerator and spits out food
    (B). The food Heals Kirby!!! =^D
        Rating: 10: the food kills enemies, too!
          Ice + Cutter = Ice Skates- Kirby gets some ice skates and goes skating
    (B). Stop (B) or change direction to attack. You can also jump to attack (WOW!
    Kirby can REALLY ice skate) (Triple axle X 21)
        Rating: 9: Short range
          Needle + Needle = Swiss army Knife- Basically, a bigger needle attack.
        Rating: 9: just a tiny bit better than needle.
          Needle + Bomb = Gordo- Kirby turns into gordo (B) and can move around a
    little. After a few seconds.. Bang!
        Rating: 8: REALLY SLOW!
          Needle + Spark = Lightning Rod- A spike sticks through Kirby's head and
    a bolt of lightning hits.
        Rating: 7: slows you down, is kind of annoying sometimes!
          Needle + Cutter = Antlion Attack- A pair of pincers chomp anything
    directly above or to the side of Kirby.
        Rating: 9: slows you down a bit, still, it's really good.
          Bomb + Bomb = Missile- Kirby shoots 1-3 heat seeking missiles.
        Rating: 10: Perfect attack!!!
          Bomb + Spark = Light bulb- Kirby turns into a light bulb and eventually
        Rating: 7: not very good, slows you down.
          Bomb + Cutter = Ninja Star- Kirby throws a black star.  When it hits, it
        Rating: 10: master this for a deadly skill!
          Spark + Spark = Megavolt- A big version of spark
        Rating: 10: awesome attack! Slows you down a bit, though
          Spark + Cutter = 2-Sided Light Saber- just like Darth Maul's Saber, but
    it's yellow.
        Rating: 9: can't fly with it
          Cutter + Cutter = Big Cutter- Giant version of cutter.
        Rating: same as cutter
    V.    Enemy list
             I'm going to tell you the enemy's name, special power, and what
    happens when you hold (L/R/C buttons while in mouth) or throw them (B Button
    while held)
    1.	Whispy Woods- Boss
    2.	Whispy Woods Jr.-Boss
    3.	Pix- Boss
    4.	Acro- Boss
    5.	Magman-Boss
    6.	HR-H-Boss
    7.	HR-E-Boss
    8.	Miracle Matter-Boss
    9.	O2-Boss
    10.	N-Z- None- Nothing
    11.	Rocky- Stone- nothing
    12.	Bronto Burt- none- He flies when held, taking you up with him. When
    thrown, flies upward after about 1 second.
    13.	Skud- Bomb- When thrown, he shoots like a missile.
    14.	Gordo- can't be killed or eaten.
    15.	Shotzo- can't be killed or eaten.
    16.	Spark-I- Spark- when held, shoots 3-way shots.
    17.	Bouncy- none- nothing
    18.	Glunk- none- when held, shoots upward at an accelerated rate.
    19.	Slushy- none- when held, swims (very slowly).
    20.	Chilly- Ice- when thrown, splits in 2 pieces.
    21.	Propeller- Ice- when held, flies straight up.
    22.	Glom- can't be killed or eaten.
    23.	Mahal- none- nothing
    24.	Poppy Bros. Jr.- Bomb- Nothing
    25.	Splinter- can't be killed or eaten
    26.	Gobblin- none- when thrown, falls to the ground and slides.
    27.	Kany- none- when held, pinches anything in the air above and in
    front/back of Kirby.
    28.	Bivolt- can't be killed or eaten
    29.	SirKibble- Cutter- nothing
    30.	Gabon- none- nothing
    31.	Mariel- none- nothing
    32.	I3- can't be killed or eaten
    33.	Snipper- can't be killed or eaten
    34.	Blowfish- bomb- when thrown, swims like a torpedo. When held, explodes
    after too long.
    35.	Bonehead- none- nothing
    36.	Squibby- none- nothing
    37.	Bobo- fire- nothing
    38.	Bo- none- when held, it disappears.
    39.	Punc- Spike- when thrown, curls up into a ball.
    40.	Mite- none- when thrown, goes a very short distance and then digs
    41.	Sandman- none- when held, it dissolves.
    42.	Flopper- none- when held in water, it swims.
    43.	Kapar- cutter- nothing
    44.	Maw- can't be eaten
    45.	Drop- none- when held, it disappears.
    46.	Pedo- bomb- torpedo throw.
    47.	Noo- can't be eaten or killed
    48.	Tick- Needle- when held, attacks at an accelerated rate.
    49.	Carin- stone- when thrown, splits into 3 pieces.
    50.	Pompey- stone- nothing
    51.	Hack- stone- when thrown, he spins
    52.	Burnis- burn- when thrown, he flies in a straight
    53.	Fishbone- cutter- when held, he shoots at an accelerated rate
    54.	Frigis- ice- same as Burnis
    55.	Sawyer- cutter- when thrown, he spins
    56.	Turbite- spark- nothing
    57.	Plugg- spark- nothing
    58.	Ghost Knight- needle- nothing
    59.	Zoos- spark- nothing
    60.	Kakti- needle- when thrown, he spins
    61.	Rockn- bomb- when thrown, he flies like a missile
    62.	Chacha- none- nothing
    63.	Galbo- burn- when held, he attacks at an accelerated rate
    64.	Bumber- none- When held in  the air, he acts as a parachute
    65.	Scarfy- can't be eaten
    66.	Nruff- none- nothing
    67.	Emp- ice- nothing
    68.	Magoo- burn- short arch throw
    69.	Yariko- none- nothing
    70.	Flutter- can't be killed or eaten
    71.	Wall Shotzo- can't be killed or eaten
    72.	Keke- can't be killed or eaten
    73.	Sparky- spark- nothing
    74.	Ignus- none- nothing
    75.	Flora- none- while held in the air, she acts as a parachute for a few
    76.	Putt- none- nothing
    77.	Pteran- none- when held in air, he flies you at a slightly descending
    rate in the direction that you are facing.
    78.	Mumbies- can't be killed or eaten
    79.	Pupa- can't be eaten
    80.	Mopoo- none- nothing
    81.	Zebon- can't be eaten or killed
          That's all for now!
          Any Questions?  E-mail me at folx_numeroso@yahoo.com
    VI.    Legal Stuff
          This Guide is Copyright 2000 Mike Shaw (Folx Numeroso). All attempts at
    forgery will be considered criminal and are punishable in a court of law (or
    something like that)(Oh, great! I screwed that one up!).  If you want to copy
    parts of this guide, ask me for permission first, and give credit where it is

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